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M*U*S*H is an eclectic community of artists, experimenters, learners, and teachers. Here, players can create things that will move others intellectually or emotionally, explore uncharted territories in interactive text-based environments, and freely share knowledge and skills in a constructive and friendly setting. It's also where Javelin will beta-test new versions of PennMUSH, for what that's worth. It's located at mush.pennmush.org 4201

M*U*S*H is run by Javelin, who can be reached at dunemush@pennmush.org He is aided by the M*U*S*H administrators. M*U*S*H runs the latest (and sometimes beta) version of the PennMUSH server. M*U*S*H also hosts the "101 Schoolhouse", an incarnation of MUSH 101, a mini-MUSH devoted to teaching MUSH skills at all levels. Visit MUSHcode.com for lecture logs from MUSH 101.

Happenings at M*U*S*H

Renovations and Reimagings

M*U*S*H was closed from Sep 8 - Sep 14, 2007 while the administrators and a few players planned and implemented significant changes to M*U*S*H at a variety of levels, including:

Arts Festival - June 2007

M*U*S*H designated June 2007 to be an Arts Festival Artistic expression is a key component of M*U*S*H's theme. Here are some logs of events:

Teaching and Learning Festival - April 2007

M*U*S*H designated April 2007 to be "Teaching and Learning" Month. Teaching and learning are two key components of M*U*S*H's theme. Here are some logs of events:

Mudtoberfest and the Innovations Conference

Our annual Fall festival of MUSHing features a variety of events aimed at finding something for everyone. It began as a weekend in 1998, grew to a week in 1999, and has been the full month of October since 2000. The Innovations and New Directions in Textbased Gaming Conference (a separate event started in 1998) has since become an integral part of Mudtoberfest.

Mudtoberfest 2009 included:

Mudtoberfest 2007 included:

Mudtoberfest 2003 included:

Mudtoberfest 2002 included:

Mudtoberfest 2001 included:

Mudtoberfest 2000 included:

Mudtober fest 1999 included events that produced these logs: Mudtober fest 1998 included: The first Innovations and New Directions in MUSH/MUXing conference was held in August 1998, and the conference proceedings are available.

RP Events

M*U*S*H is a social MUSH, but many of our players enjoy the chance to roleplay. We've run a series of one-shot roleplaying events with prescripted characters that have been great fun. In addition to those run as part of a Mudtoberfest, logs from some others are here:


Scrabble is a popular pursuit with M*U*S*H players, thanks to Halatir's cleverly coded board. Regular tournaments are held. Here you can read M*U*S*H's "House Rules" for Scrabble tournaments.

Other Events

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