MUDtoberfest 2000 at M*U*S*H: Opening Ceremony BEGINNING OF LOG

Trispis steps up to the podium (pretend there's a podium, okay?) and shuffles his notecards like a professional blackjack dealer.

Nodoze wubbles to Col.
Squarejaw waves to himself.
Sir-Bashalot clanks in, growling and settles. *KACHUNK*
Nodoze removes a wand from it's bag of tricks, and waves it at Squarejaw.
* poof * Squarejaw is now Roundjaw!

Trispis glances out at the growing crowd and immediately breaks a nervous sweat.

[OOC] Squarejaw says, "Admin cheating!"
Sargon hoots.
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "I gots a ring of no changing on!"
Nodoze chuckles for a moment, then waves the wand again.
* poof * Roundjaw is now Squarejaw!

Trispis says, "Okay, folks. Thanks for coming. We have a lot of ground to cover in a very little timespan, so let's get started... shall we."

Nodoze finds a folding chair, and settles down to watch the festivities.

Trispis says, "Welcome to MUDtoberfest at M*U*S*H."

Brody settles into his bean bag chair.

Trispis says, "As this is our *third* annual MUDtoberfest, a few things have begun to emerge as "standard" events. This opening ceremony is one."

Walker takes a seat at a picnic table.

Trispis says, "Although M*U*S*H may not have an event happening every day of the year, anyone who has played here with any regularity can vouch for the fact that we do have a very lively and spontaneous environment, as well as a very dynamic community."
Trispis says, "Some significant events since last year's festival are as follows..."
Trispis says, "Caelum, Paul, and Vexon joined the M*U*S*H admin team. Congrats and welcome to them!"

Brody claps

Trispis says, "I (Trispis) retired from both M*U*S*H and the 101 Schoolhouse in December of last year. Vexon, Paul, and Matt stepped forward to provide leadership for 101."

Grinna applauds.
Nodoze yays.
Cheetah clapclaps.
Walker claps

Trispis says, "Katharyne came out of retirement and changed her name back to Elvira."
Trispis says, "M*U*S*H's website was expanded to include a page of admin biographies."
Trispis says, "Katharyne added a sculpture garden to M*U*S*H's main grid, over near the waterfall. The sign says contributions are welcome."
Trispis grumbles, "This is one of the more difficult ones to announce. *sigh* This past spring, Talek unseated me as M*U*S*H's reigning Scrabble Champion. Congrats, Talek!"

Brody chuckles

Trispis says, "Javelin presented the LARP "A Birthday Surprise"."

Cheetah snickers.

Trispis says, "Trispis and Cecily presented the LARP "Sidekicks Anonymous"."

Jamie was the bad guy. =)

Trispis says, "For those who were unaware, I'm Trispis. (;"
Trispis says, "Around the Spring Equinox (Easter, Passover) Raevnos coordinated an Egg Hunt. Having presented a hunt before, I can say without a doubt that, in order to win such an event, one really must know the landscape well. Congrats to China on her extensive familiarity with M*U*S*H's public areas!"

Cheetah puts on his glasses, seeing he's right.
Halatir waveth.

Trispis says, "There have been *two* mini-MUSH-meets: Elvira hosted in Europe, Grinna hosted in US Pacific Northwest."
Trispis says, "pennmush 1.7.3 was released (followed by several patchlevels already), adding lots of cool new features."

China girns, "I made a good map prior. :)

Trispis says, "Javelin coerced ... er... invited Halatir and Raevnos to join Talek and Trivian on his pennmush development team."

Grinna says, "Shhh, don't give away your secrets. ;)"

Trispis says, "Javelin taught a class on introductory Regular Expressions."
Trispis says, "Raevnos recently supplimented this with a lecture on pennmush 1.7.3 regexp functions."
Trispis says, "Raevnos has also taught introductory classes on TinyFugue and pennmush @locks."
Trispis says, "There have also been several Trivia sessions, which are always fun."
Trispis says, "I probably missed several things. Believe me when I say it wasn't intentional neglect. So, please accept my sincerest apology to anyone whose activity, acknowlegement, or other significant part of M*U*S*H I have overlooked."
Trispis says, "It's been yet another very exciting year on M*U*S*H!"
Trispis says, "Pardon the rough transition here, but it's time to move on to the main portion of my presentation."

Brody waves to Chalice :)

Trispis says, "There is a book by James P. Carse called _Finite and Infinite Games_. Although I cannot do justice to this book in the time we have available to us today, I'm going to summarize the book as follows..."
Trispis says, "There are basically, two types of games: finite and infinite."
Trispis says, "In a finite game, such as chess, the number of possible variations may be excessively large (virtually infinite - or at least inconceivably many), but the number of outcomes is finite: win, lose, or draw."
Trispis says, "Finite games are characterized by words such as "competition" and "victory" in their common, everyday meanings."
Trispis says, "Infinite games, on the other hand, are characterized by words such as "continuation" and "expansion"."
Trispis says, "In an infinite game, the objective isn't necessarily that of "defeating one's opponent". In fact, in an infinite game the concept of an "opponent" only applies to the notion (and anyone promoting it) of "conclusion"."
Trispis says, "In an infinite game, the goal is to continue playing and to increase opportunity for further play, not only for oneself but for others as well."
Trispis says, "Most MUSHes fall into the category of INFINITE gaming. That is, in MUSHing, one's goal isn't (or shouldn't be) to "defeat one's adversary". The goal in MUSHing is to participate in, and contribute to, an ever-unfolding storyline."
Trispis says, "Regardless of the administrative style of a game's god(s) -- for example, the storyline may or may not have some preplanned structure -- the goal of the game (both it's players and its administration) is to perpetuate play and optimize enjoyment."
Trispis says, "So... Is it possible to "win" an infinite game?"
Trispis says, "Of course it is!"

Jamie says, "yes."
Jamie grinz

Trispis says, "Victory, however, takes on a different meaning in an infinite game."

Cheetah says, "Is it possible to "win" in life?"

Trispis says, "In an infinite game, one achieves victory not at the expense of someone else's success, but through maximizing enjoyment, not only for oneself, but for all players. Furthermore, this type of victory is enhanced through increasing the number of players who reap this type of reward."
Trispis says, "The notion of "playing for the love of the game" holds an even truer meaning in infinite games, games like MUSHing."
Trispis says, "MUSHing, therefore, isn't about "winning" in the traditional sense of the word."
Trispis says, "For the new player, this concept can be quite difficult to comprehend. And some players never manage to understand it."
Trispis says, "New players, when first attempting to grasp the design of MUSHing as a "game", initially begin by competing for the attention of the game's gods and other leadership positions (feature characters, popular players, etc.)."
Trispis says, "It is this initial attempt to "compete for attention" which creates problems. Competing for attention usually succeeds... it succeeds in getting one the "wrong kind" (tm) of attention -- the kind of attention that one doesn't necessarily want (such as suspect scrutiny)."
Trispis says, "For the purpose of illustrating the confusion and conflict which can arise when players attempt to "conquer" an infinite game through competition or agression, I have invited an acting troupe to portray (all in good fun) a mockup of a generic MUSH situation of this type."
Trispis says, "So, without further ado, I present to you an acting troupe renown throughout many lands (mostly for tax evasion, charlatanry, and excessive monologuiing), The Oh-Brother-Place Flayers, who will be performing an original presentation called "A Day In The Life Of The Court Of MUSHtopia", a skit in one axe ... er... act."

Grinna woohoos and stomps her feet and applauds!

The lights go down and the players take their places on the stage.

Nodoze runs a quick last minute check of it's props as it stands off-stage.

A voice speaks overhead: "On the Day of the Griddle Hopping Frog, in the Season of the Dizzy Accountant Wandering Through the Woods With A Broken Calculator, in the year of Stinky Legumes, the people of the kingdom of MUSHtopia are invited into the castle to meet their monarch and his court, to share their thoughts and concerns during the Annual Kibbutz With King Klutz..."

China grins.
Trispis chuckles.
Grinna laughs.
Cheetah snickers.

The lights come up, showing King Klutz and his court - a weary looking wizard, a rather grim knight, a chef, a jester who seems all too serious. And they seem to be...waiting.

King Klutz slouches upon his throne, staring at the still closed doors with undisguised contempt. He glances toward Wizard Nodoze. "must we do this?"
Nodoze hobbles over to the king. He looks exhausted, with dark rings around his eyes and a constant tremor in the extremities. He nods his head jerkily, "I'm afraid so, sire."
Klutz grunts. He waves a pudgy hand at the gesture. "show the rabble in."
Squarejaw enters smiling grandly, but frowns upon seeing the group before him, he rolls his eyes, "Man...this trash again..." he mutter.
The jester blinks. "OOC You mean 'jester' right?'"
Nodoze turns, and makes a magical geasture at the doors. They suddently become much thicker.
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "Why we gotta do this EVERY year?"
Nodoze shakes his head, and makes the door disappear as it was supposed to.
Klutz glares at the jester.
The jester bows his head somberly and wanders over to the opening, waving Squarejaw, Lord Nitpickering, Farmer Growstoomuch and Merchant Wantsmore into the throne room.
Queen Mav laughs outrageously and says, "Meet me behind the Festering Boil Tavern." And then she blushes, eyes going wide as she looks around the court. "ooc mispage!"
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "C'mon people! I'm waitin to pose, let me in!"
Klutz snarls at the queen.
[OOC] Squarejaw snickers, "Good one queenie."
Nodoze plops down on the steps leading up to the throne. He claps his hands and mumbles some magic words. Before him a cup of latta springs into existence. He reaches out and grabs hold of the handle.
King Klutz grumbles to himself, then waves absently at the visitors. "welcome to mushtopia castle. we hope u think its kewl. u may approach the court, one at a time. let the kibbutz begin."
From one of the side rooms comes a loud clanking. In strides a positively tinny figure, all cheap armor and scowl. A knight, from the looks of it. In front of him comes a weary looking squire, who announces tiredly, "Announcing the entry of Sir Algernon Mulligatawny Bashalot, of the August Order of the Blackened Skillet, Acolyte of the Great and Glorious Goddess Pykha'Chu!"

China laughs.
Cheetah snickers.
Grinna rolls with laughter.
Walker covers a snicker

Farmer Growstoomuch steps forward, bows before the king, and then directs his attention to Wizard Nodoze. "While the field fertilizer you have provided is certainly helpful, the alliance of crop growers in Mushtopia would like to know when you're going to get around to irrigation, field rotation, weather control and a Spell of No Crows."
Lord Nitpickering, a thin, bean-pole figure of a man, enters with mincing steps, his prodigious nose held up high--perhaps to keep his head from falling forward on a scrawny chicken's neck--and stops in line with the others, awaiting his turn.
Nodoze leans forward, savoring the fumes of his java. After a few moments, he takes a long sip of it.
Nodoze shakes his head, and finally gets to his feet. He studies the rabble before him for a moment before he speaks.
Squarejaw walks in, and looks around. he walks over towards the king.
Chef Crumpet lays out a scrumptious buffet of pastries, roast moose and gibbon.
Klutz peers warily toward Squarejaw.
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "What? Why ya doin that?"
[OOC] Klutz says, "u don't just walk up to tha king."
Sir-Bashalot clanks over to his designated spot beside King Klutz's throne after soundly cuffing the beleaguered squire. "Do we have t'do this AGAIN?" he growls, gesturing wildly with one cheaply gauntleted hand at the peasants ushered in. "Look! Rabble! Mongrels! Varlets! DIRTY FINGERS!"
Nodoze scratches his beard, then addresses the farmer. "Growstoomuch, the items of which you propose will take much time to complete. And as for that spell, the Spell of No Mice seems of might higher priority..."
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "I do too! I'm the best RP'er in the land, I do what I want."
[OOC] Klutz sighs.
Klutz glances toward Bashalot. "nite! deal with this miscreant." He points at Squarejaw.
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "When you people gonna let me show my creative greatness?"
Klutz huffs, then looks at Nitpickering. "yeah, c'mon."

China laughs harder.

Lord Nitpickering tugs a bright red handkerchief from a sleeve as he sniffs, dabbing at his eyes before folding the cloth over his nose and giving a prodigious honk into it, the edges of the red fabric blowing outwards with the force of it. Sniffing again, he wipes miserably at his beak, moaning to himself in a high, nasal voice, "Oh, the travails I must endure to prop a world's dying sense of aesthetics."
Squarejaw smlies at Bashalot, "Sir, I would suggest you do otherwise good knight."
Nodoze reaches into his small bag, and pulls out a staff about six feet long. (Some majic bag of tricks!) He leans on it while listening to the lord.
Queen Mav blushes. "You want to put what *where*?" OOC Aiiiiieeee! Mispage!

Trispis laughs!

[OOC] Squarejaw says, "QUEENIE! Jeezus! C'mon controll yourself."

Grinna bol
China rotfl
Cheetah does a Muttley immitation.

Klutz nods to Lord Nitpickering, after sparing a snarling glare for Queen Mav. "go on. whassyer problem>?"
Sir-Bashalot glowers at Lord Nitpickering and draws his puny little chest up. "You!" he thunders - or thunders as much as he can in his high falsetto. "VARLET! Aesthetics my roly-poly pudding tin!" With that he tries a dignified stride over to take care of said Lord. He grabs at his sword handle - which promptly falls off and completely ruins the effect.
Lord Nitpickering blinks as the King looks toward him, and hastily tucks his handkerchief away, bowing jerkily. "Oh my, yes, yes, your pardon, Your Majesty." Harrumphing as he clears his throat, his voice becomes even more high and nasal as he (tries to) project, "Your Majesty, I, humble Lord Nitpickering, would like to put before you the ever reasonable and more than necessary proposition of installing green marble into Mushtopia's castle." He abruptly falls silent after the pronouncement, blinking expectantly. Or maybe it's just to clear the tears in his eyes as he sniffs again.
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "Do something RIGHT people c'mon!"
Klutz piffles at Nitpickering. "y should we?"
Squarejaw snickers at the knight, "Don't worry, I'm a god."
Nodoze makes a good show of looking down at the floor, cieling, and other aspects of the room. "Lord Nitpickering, I'm not sure that's really that necessary. The gray slate we use now is quite servicable, and blends in better with the colors of our tapestries. Besides, wouldn't that be highly expensive?"
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "Is this change gonna affect my character?"

China lol
Grinna groans and laughs.

[OOC] Klutz says, "don make me pop u"
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "learn to type."
Lord Nitpickering's mouth drops slightly, reddened, puffy eyes widening. "Why...why...why because the castle in Mushylvania has them!" he declares with indignant surprise, before abruptly adding contritely, "B-but of course, Your Majesty must already knows this..." Focused on his appeal to the king, the lord barely notices anything else that is directed toward him, clumsy knight and unreasonable wizard included.
Queen Mav giggles and says, "Well, I've never done *that* before...ok!" OOC OOPS! 8P
[OOC] Squarejaw @baps the Queen, "Hush you."

Grinna laughs too hard.
China rotfl

Sir-Bashalot, momentarily discomfited by having to pick his sword handle up and stick it back in place, teeters on the brink of a collapse by imbalance, his clunky armor a distinct disadvantage. With heroic resolve he draws himself straight again and this time manages to draw his sword properly, waving its glorious aluminium length at Lord Nitpickering. "Decease you infidel or I threaten you with the wrath of the Great and Glowsome Goddess Pykha'tchu of venerable memory!"
Klutz grunts at Nitpickering. "no. we stick with gray slate. gray slate's nice. i don't kare how they do it at mushywhatiss."
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "What can you do to me? What spells you got? What's that sword's rating?"
Merchant Wantsmore shuffles forward, bows before the king, and then also looks toward Nodoze. "I'd like more goods to sell in the bazaar, and perhaps a charm spell cast on the bazaar to draw a larger customer base. Also, a curse on chronic hagglers. Not like you have anything more important to do, eh wot?"
Squarejaw waves his hand dismissivly at the knight, "Leave me be. I MUST talk to the king."
Lord Nitpickering grimaces as he draws out his handkerchief again, dapping at his eyes. "No, no, you don't understand, Your Majesty," he continues over the merchant's proposition, voice verging dangerously on a whine. "And wave that thing elsewhere, fool!" he declares to the knight. "You might put someone's eye out with that!"
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "Yeah, his own. ;)"
Klutz glowers at squarejaw. "nodoze!" he practically shrieks. The shriek is enough to make Chef Crumpets muffins collapse. The chef is displeased.
Nodoze glowers at the merchant. "Wantsmore, I have allready given you much allready. Your mills produce the finist flours in the land. Your fields grow crops at an outstanding rate...." He turns quickly as the king shouts, "Yes sire!?"
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "OOOHHHH.....I'm really scared of mr. wizzy...yeah..."
Klutz snerks, then points at squarejaw. "turn him into a toad."
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "You can't do that! I'm wearing the braclet of anti-toad spells, and a necklace of reflection, it'll just bounce off onto you wizzy."
Nodoze looks around confused for a moment, then sees the person in question. He shakes his head, and lifts his staff. He begins to chant a magical incantation.
"Fool? FOOL?" The knight's voice raises to a blackboard screech as he shrieks, "I'll show you fool!" He then waves his sword even more furiously at Lord Nitpickering and intones, "By the great and glorious Goddess, I curse you with toad feet!" Right under his breath he mutters, "Pykhapykhapykhapykha..."
Squarejaw sticks his tounge out at Nodoze.

Grinna giggles.

Klutz leans over and mutters to nodoze. "not road, mind ya. toad. remember last time."

Trispis snickers.

[OOC] Squarejaw says, "Hey! I'm countering with my amazing charm, you can't turn someone as awesome as me into a toad."

Cheetah grins widely.

Nodoze finally completes his incantation, and throws his arms forward at Squarejaw.
* poof * Squarejaw is a toad!
* poof * Sir-Bashalot has toads feet!
Lord Nitpickering turns back to the king, casting a brief scowl at the merchant. "Oh, Your Majesty! Yoo-hoo, the marble?" he calls while waving the red kerchief over his head. At the knight's bellow, he winces and rakes watery blue eyes up and down his figure. "Oh, puh-leaze. Come back when you've grown a few more inches and get a decent wardrobe."
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "BUT NO WAY!! WE HAD A DEAL!!"

Grinna LOL
China laughs.

Chef Crumpet spots the transformed Squarejaw and his eyes go wide. "My, that's a tasty lookin bugger." He grabs a server cover and sneaks up behind Squarejaw, clanging the critter on the noggin.
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "I'm the hero, Just you wait until I post a log of this all my friends'll quit playing!"

Halatir snickers.

"INFIDEL!" Sir Bashalot gives a yelp of rage as he turns on the beleagured wizard. "CRUMPETS and clapper toads! CHANGE ME BACK!"
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "You're nothin without me! Ya hear me? Nothin!! Just you holding this conference is enough to prove that, ADMIN CHEATING!!!"
Chef Crumpet snatches up the bonked frog and carries the meaty creature off toward the kitchens. "Aye, a fine stew this'll make."
Nodoze puts his staff back down, leaning on it once more. He turns as the knight begins to complain. "Sir Bashalot, what happened to your feet?"
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "That's impossible!!"

China lol

Queen Mav lifts her skirt just enough to show a scandalous amount of ankle. "And there's more where that came from..." OOC DOH!

Grinna bol.

Klutz stands, raising his sceptre above his head, and cries, "Enough of this silliness. Let us now adjourn for porn!"
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "I hope you all go to rot with out a playerbase! Everyone loves me."
Sir-Bashalot dances - well, or at least tries to dance - on his changed feet. "Your spell misfired you dolt and donkey! I'll smite you with the auspicious wrath of Jyg'lypaph!"

China LOL

Squarejaw yells, "Aint that right?" in toad.
And with that, the curtain draws down and the lights dim.

China applauds loudlly.
Grinna claps. :)
Halatir claps
Trispis applauds with vigor. (:

Nodoze shakes his head, and points the staff back at Sir-Bashalot. His feet begin to cycle through a series of animal feet, until they finally settle on Sir-Bashalot's normal extremities.

Cheetah clapclaps while grinning widely.

Klutz summons forth his fellow players as the curtain rises once more.
Klutz bows.
Squarejaw bows deeply, "Thank you all!"

Halatir waves to Violet across the pavilion.

Klutz sneers at Squarejaw.

Violet meeps.
Balerion applauds!

The farmer and the merchant bow.

Arathas takes notes.
Paul applaudes and cheers ;o)
Trispis says, "Let's give a big round of applause to these folks who have contributed freely of their time for this presentation."

Chef Crumpet comes running out with a wriggling toad and bows.
Lord Nitpickering gives a truly foghorn blow on his red kerchief as he whines, "But...Your Majesty, the green mar--" At the applause, he blinks at the audience. "Oh, it's over?"

Marretta woos!
Grinna claps some more. :) :)

Nodoze joins the cast on the stage. He lifts his arms into the air, and bows sharply at the waist. But half-way down, his back cracks. He stands up, or tries to in pain.

Nymeria claps. :)
China applauds even louder, if possible.
Arathas claps.
Cheetah claps and grins some more.

Nodoze mutters those oft-used words of healing, and walks off the stage.

Grinna feels a tad like Nodoze today.

Sir-Bashalot clanks back, glowering at Nodoze and mumbling, "Pykha-stew. I'll turn you into Pykha-stew." And with that he exits stage left, pursued by a bear.

Grinna says, "Minus the healing."
Grinna rofl

Klutz wanders offstage, leading the troupe away.
Squarejaw grumbles, "You're nothin," as he walks off, defeated.
Nodoze harrumphs and minces his way toward the king. "About my paycheck...I was wondering if I can have it direct deposited instead...I mean, it would just be unseemly if I were seen standing in line with the rest of the rabble to deposit it..."
Klutz blarghs!
Nodoze removes his magic wand, and strips away Chalice's Nodoze disguise spell!
[OOC] Sir-Bashalot says, "And with that I return you to your daily scheduled programming. Thanks for enjoying the show! *POOF*"

Trispis whews as he catches he breath and clutches his very-sore-from-laughing sides, "That was quite fun." (:
Grinna says, "Very good. :) My cheeks hurt. ;)"
Chalice aieees!

Trispis grins and attempts to continue his presentation.

[OOC] Chalice says, "Sorry, Lord Nitpickering, rather than Nodoze. ;)"

Brody settles back into his bean bag chair.

Trispis says, "So, what things go into a successful infinite game? What elements contribute to a quality MUSH? What do I, as an individual player, need to do to achieve success?"
Trispis says, "We all want, at some inner level or other, to experience a feeling of "victory" from this type of game. We all want to revel in the euphoria of success. But how do we accomplish this, on an individual level, without compromising the success of the game. How does an individual player become a true hero for the kingdom?"
Trispis says, "If there's only one Superman, how can everyone share the experience of being the hero (not necessarily the heroes we saw in this skit)?"
Trispis says, "What does it mean to be a hero, anyway?"
Trispis says, "Playing on a MUSH can, in some ways, be likened to learning to play a musical instrument."
Trispis says, "When I was first learning to play the trombone in Jr. High School, I didn't pick it up and immediately know how to play the school fight song."
Trispis says, "I began with simple tunes like Mary Had A Little Lamb. Gradually we moved to more complex arrangements like Row Row Row Your Boat, involving several groups of instruments playing "in a round" (as Row Row Row Your Boat is intended). Then, later, even more complex arrangements such as Hickory Dickory Dock, involving intricately coordinated contributions from all instruments in the band."
Trispis says, "Eventually, I learned the "third chair trombone" part to the school fight song. By the completion of 8th grade, I had learned the first and second chair parts as well. And I had achieved the "first chair trombone" position in the Jr. High School Band."
Trispis says, "But, in my freshman year of High School, I was thrust back into playing "third chair" parts, because there were other trombonists of greater experience and skill than myself playing the second and first chair parts."
Trispis says, "And it is from this experience that I gained insight into the notion of "team play" and "infinite games" (even though I hadn't read that book yet)."
Trispis says, "No matter which part I played (first, second, or third chair), it was always just one small part of a larger "orchestral" arrangement. The "first chair trombone" part, by itself, wasn't the entire fight song. Furthermore, the fight song was sort of "empty" in a few spots if the second or third chair parts were omitted."
Trispis says, "The fight song required the participation of all members of the band. All parts had to be played, from the tiniest triangle "ting", to the loudest cymbal crashes, to the most fortissimo tuba blasts. It was all necessary. No part could be left out. No part was better or worse than any other. And no part was more or less important than any other."
Trispis says, "No individual musician was the "lead" (the hero). But when combined, each individual musician made a heroic contribution to the band's performance. The bass drum, the french horns, flutes, clarinets, saxaphones, trumpets, et cetera..."
Trispis says, "Playing our school's fight song made each of us feel heroic. Our parts were all significant, no matter how small in the larger scheme of things. And together we made music of heroic proportions."
Trispis says, "So, how does one achieve heroism in MUSH? Simple."
Trispis says, "By playing one's part, no matter how small it may seem in the larger framework of the game, to the best of one's ability. By playing "in concert" with one's fellow players. By following the lead of the conductor (the game god or TP Coordinator)."
Trispis says, "And when the fight song is over... when the RP session is over... don't ever forget that it couldn't have come to be without the effort of a knowledgable conductor... a loyal drum major... a dedicated TinyPlot Coordinator... a generous and responsible game god. And if you ever find yourself in one of the leadership roles (a feature character, the king, or even as god of your own game), don't ever forget that a game without players isn't a game at all."
Trispis says, "Don't ever take yourself so seriously that you forget about the others who have worked with you... for you... alongside you. No man is an island. Likewise, no instrument is an orchestra."
Trispis says, "You want to be a hero? Okay. Play third chair when no one else is willing to. Take the small role which makes the play complete. Or even better, be a stagehand, so that others can be on stage."
Trispis says, "Play the game not to win, but because you love the game."
Trispis says, "This year's MUDtoberfest offers many opportunities of both the finite and infinite varieties. From finite games to infinite educational endeavors. From competition to cooperation to investigation. No single event is more important than any other, and no single event comprises the entire festival."
Trispis says, "If we participate out of love of the game and if we play for the enjoyment of playing, we'll make this year's MUDtoberfest the greatest ever. And, in so doing, we'll all become winners, true heroes."
Trispis gathers his cards together again, "A very special thanks to Brody and the gang from Otherspace for putting together that skit on such short notice (they pulled that off in under 3 days prep time!!!)."
Trispis bows, "Welcome to M*U*S*H's THIRD ANNUAL MUDtoberfest!!!"

Brody claps.
China applauds again.
Arathas cheers.
Halatir cheers loudly!
Chalice woos and throws confetti.
Grinna applauds. :) :)
Squarejaw cheers.
Violet yays!
Marretta woos and hurrahs.
Brody thumps Squarejaw, just for the hell of it.
Cheetah applauds, with still the hint of a smile on his face.
Grinna giggles.
Nodoze woohoos.
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "Hey! We had a deal!"
Brody grins
Halatir snickers.
Cheetah snickers.
Halatir @boots Squarejaw.
Grinna tsks at Hal.
Halatir grins.
Squarejaw frowns, "NNOOOO!!!" ;)
Nodoze looks over at the poor toad, and takes some mercy. He lifts is staff, and points it at him
* poof * Squarejaw is a frog!
Brody hrms. "Got anything more, I dunno - gecko-y in that bag of tricks?"
Chalice flees before the evil Pykha'Chu is brought up again. ;)
Squarejaw smiles, "Geckoman! He will live on!"
Nodoze turns to the king, "Well, I thought the frog legs would be more tasty than a toad... You sure you want him to be a gecko?"
Brody nods. "The king's cat likes geckos."
Nodoze shrugs, and rolls up his sleeves. He waves around the staff and makes a few magic geastures.
* poof * Squarejaw is now an major car insurance firm!
Grinna giggles.
Brody frowns. "Ah, well."
The king's cat chases after the rolled parchment of the policy.
Squarejaw eiiees, and attempts to fly away.
Nodoze shakes his head, and stuffs the staff back into its little bag. The bag oddly enough doesn't look any more full then before. He rubs his hands, and gets ready to try again.

You paged Brody with 'Please pass along my personal thanks to your crew.'.

The cat pounces on Squarejaw, it's claws poking holes though him.

Brody pages: Will do :)

<Admin> Chatty Marretta says, "Great Kick Off, Trispis. Glad Brody could help out with the troupe."

Squarejaw owwies.
Energy bolts leap from Nodoze's fingers, and strike the pair.
* poof * Squarejaw is now a holy gecko. ...He glows with a blue light!
* poof * The cat is now straddling a holy gecko.

<Admin> Trispis says, "Thanks. And yeah... Brody's crew are truly heroes in my book. (:"

Brody chuckles

China pages: that was a super Opening Ceromony, Trispis.

Squarejaw beats the cat senseless.
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "HA!"

You paged China with 'Thanks. (:'.

The cat hisses, and swats a paw, with claws extended, at Squarejaw.

Long distance to Brody: Trispis passes along the thanks and praises he's receiving in pages and on the admin channel. You guys were great. (:

Cheetah takes a taser from his pockets, and moves closer to Squarejaw.

China pages: I thought the play showed all the aspects of your meaning of 'team play ...and your explination of music just topped it off. :)

Brody pages: Glad to help out :)

Cheetah inquires, "Have a problem with cats, hmm?"
Squarejaw nods, "Many you big fuzzball!"
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "no cheating!"
Cheetah cheets.
[OOC] Squarejaw says, "Quit that you. don't ruffle my velvet."
Trispis waves to everyone, "Thanks for coming today! Look forward to seeing you all at other events throughout the month!"
Arathas waves.
Arathas says, "Thanks Trispis."
Halatir applauds T again and waves.
Nodoze *poofs*
Cheetah waves.
Brody rises from his beanbag chair, then applauds, and decides now might be a good time to come down from the ceiling.
Belkin stands applauding.
China applauds again, shouting, "gread job.. by all." :)