Mudtoberfest 2001 Opening Ceremonies

Mudtoberfest Pavilion(#4096RVaJ)

           |                          |           
           |                          |           
           |          ______          |           
           |         /      \         |           
           |        |R   D   |        |           
           |        |   VGT E|        |           
           |        | W V    |        |           
           |         \______/         |           
           |                          |          
           |                          |          
           |                          |          
            ---|     |----------------           

Present: Rhayden, Grinna, DavidBOT, Vadiv, Elvira, Trispis, Viila, Walker.
Things and pets: Fairgrounds Map.
You can leave the Pavilion in all four directions. (North, East, South, West)

Trispis ahems again.
Rhayden says, "Ahem?"
Trispis steps up to the podium, turns off the microphone, and speaks, "Before we begin, I ask you all to share with me a brief moment of commemorative virtual silence (textlessness), not only for the victims of that now-infamous event of 09/11, 2001, but also for people like those at The Onion, who aren't afraid to stand up and shout, 'STUPID!', on those rare occassions when it really is appropriate."
Trispis takes one step back from the podium, signaling the start of a silent moment.
Dave has arrived.
From the south, Grizzo the Dragon enters the fairground of the MUDtoberfest!
Trispis steps back up to the podium and turns the microphone back on.
Announcement: Trispis shouts, "The MUDtoberfest Opening Ceremony is beginning now at the Fairgrounds!"
Grizzo the Dragon approaches from the south.
Grizzo the Dragon lands beside Dave and releases his grip on knight.
Grizzo the Dragon purrs contentedly.
Grizzo the Dragon drops knight.
knight brushes himself off.
knight says, "Oh, I say!"
Vadiv hrms.
Grinna says, "The night needs a desc"
Trispis says, "Hi, everybody. And welcome to MUDtoberfest at M*U*S*H. Let's get down to business..."
Viila cheers!
Walker applauds.
Dave @descs :)
Dave wooos!
Trispis says, "The PPL (PennMUSH Public Library)."
Rhayden w00t!
Trispis says, "Last year at this time, this project was already partially underway. But, it wasn't until this past February that the PPL (PennMUSH Public Library) became an official fixture on the M*U*S*H landscape."
Trispis says, "Although the PPL Charter equalizes all of its board members, I think it's fair to say that Kyieren did a fine job of leading this project. Kudos to Ky and all the PPL folks who worked so diligently to get the PPL online and operational. It is a welcome addition to M*U*S*H."
Trispis pauses to adjust his notes.
Myxtery has arrived.
Rhayden hasno clue.
Rhayden likens Vadiv to Kirk.
Dave lols.
Myxtery says, "Hehe. Hello."
Viila waves.
Grinna waves.
Kyieren has arrived.
Kyieren materializes in a *shimmering* transporter beam.
Rhayden waves.
Myxtery says, "lol. A knight and a dragon."
Kyieren waves.
Trispis says, "One of the more recent and significant developments at M*U*S*H in the last year has been the implementation of periodic 'Town Meetings'."
Myxtery waves
Trispis says, "Once every couple-three months, or so, we have a community get-together, in which players come and express their views, discuss projects they're working on or would like to see, and so on and so forth."
Myxtery says, "Cool."
Trispis says, "These meetings are open to all M*U*S*H citizens. And, at the end of each meeting, a new moderator is selected (from those in attendance) to organize and coordinate the next meeting."
Trispis says, "The whole idea here is that these meetings are *for* the players and *by* the players (admins *and* mortals, together as a community)."
Myxtery shys away.
Trispis says, "The logs of the town meetings are posted to the M*U*S*H website ("
Trispis shuffles his notes around some more.
Trispis says, "Scrabble..."
A mysterious wind ruffles Trispis's notes, but they stay put.
Trispis says, "JT won the MUDtoberfest2k Scrabble tournament last year. Congrats, JT!"
Grinna applauds
Kyieren cheers.
Trispis says, "JT also coordinated the recent '4th of July' Tourney, which Walker won."
Kyieren applauds again.
Myxtery says, "Well done."
Grinna says, "Woohoo!"
Walker bows, thank you.
Trispis says, "Walker, in turn, is coordinating this year's MUDtoberfest Tourney (You can read about the coming tournament in the bboards and the gda)."
Rhayden w00t!
Walker says,, "Just a reminder to everyone interested, +signup while you can ;-)"
Trispis says, "Speaking of the gda, we have a new combination global/personal coded calendar item here at M*U*S*H. Generically called the Digital Assistant (+help da), it is a calendar and scheduling widget with both global and personal features."
Trispis says, "The gda was a reaction to some requests for a public distribution of the +festival command I coded for MUDtoberfest last year. I'll talk more about the gda/pda technicalities later this month, during the ITBG conference (which I will be mentioning in a few minutes)."
Trispis adjust his notes again.
Trispis says, "There have been some administrative changes since last year."
Trispis says, "First, I'll mention that we got some new admins."
Trispis says, "Cheetah, fil, Viila, and Walker are the latest additions to M*U*S*H's admin team."
Grinna says, "YAY"
Viila bows. :)
Myxtery applauds
Trispis says, "There was also a change in the administrative structure at M*U*S*H."
Elvira clapclaps
Trispis says, "M*U*S*H now has a Head Wizard Team, which includes: Javelin (still god), Grinna, and Marretta."
Walker applauds loudly! ;-)
Trispis says, "What does this mean?"
DavidBOT says, "Once again, I am overlooked."
Grinna says, "Absotively nothing"
Trispis says, "It means that, although Javelin still has 'the final word' on any issues where he would so choose to exercise that perogative (being god and host and all that),... Grinna and Marretta may now be called upon to make important, sensitive decisions as well."
Walker finds the mute button for DavidBOT.
DavidBOT turns to mime.
Walker says, "Grinna, does my tie match my shoes?"
Trispis says, "That is to say... In Javelin's absence, Marretta or Grinna may also make 'final decisions' if time is of the essence. (it means more than that, but basically it equates them to 'the last word' in situations that warrant it)."
Vadiv claps.
Trispis says, "Congrats, Grinna and Marretta! And kudos on a job well done so far!"
Walker applauds! ;-)
Vadiv forgot to bring the kudos.
Trispis says, "Now..."
Trispis says, "If you're wondering *why* this new 'headwiz' thing even exists...."
Grinna blushes
Rhayden hands out Klondike bars, rather that kudos.
Trispis says, "It's because our beloved god, Javelin, recently became a dad!"
Dave screams and hates Klondike bars.
Kyieren cheers for Jav.
Trispis says, "Jav and his wife, MG, are the proud parents of a new baby boy!"
Rhayden booyahs!
Dave w00ts.
Viila cheers!
Trispis says, "Congrats to them!"
Grinna throws baby confetti.
Trispis says, "Knowing full well that his hands would be full with parenthood responsibilities, it was agreed upon by the rest of the admins to have him acquire some 'higher level' administrative assistance for M*U*S*H."
Rhayden throws baby confetti, all grown up.
Dave throws: baby, confetti.
Trispis says, "But, that's not all..."
Trispis says, "Javelin wasn't the only M*U*S*H admin to enter into the ranks of first-time parenthood."
Elvira grins, "Baby fever"
Trispis says, "Elvira became a mommy this year, too! Congrats to El and her husband on the birth of their daughter!"
Viila cheers some more!
Autumn waves and blows a raspberry
Walker pounds Elvira on the back in congrats ;-)
Trispis claps for both Javelin and Elvira, then shuffles his notes again.
Walker says, "Viva la baby!"
Dave grins.
Trispis says, "The gda calendar will be the official reference for MUDtoberfest events this year."
Dave can't wait to see em both on M*U*S*H :)
Viila says, "That'll take a few years ;)"
Elvira says, "Won't be long Dave, she's keyboard-grabbing already ;)"
Trispis says, "Because it is a new feature, it is also being (automatigically) mirrored in the MUDtoberfest Events bbgroup (through the magic of softcode, that group lists all events chronologically in the order they will be occurring)."
Trispis says, "I fully expect a few late entries to appear, because I know about them... that is, I know some events are in the works, but haven't been formalized yet. So, keep your eye on the gda and the bboards for updates as the month progresses."
Trispis says, "Our most noteworthy event of this year's festival is, without a doubth, the Andys"
Trispis says, "About a year ago, Wolfgang (of Vega4 MUSH, et al) decided it was high time to implement an awards ceremony honoring the contributions and efforts of MUSHes around the net."
Kyieren cheers loudly and wildly!
Grinna says, "WOOHOO!"
DavidBOT mimes cheering.
Trispis says, "The Semi-Annual MU* Excellence Awards (aka/fka "the Andys"), as their name implies, occure twice a year... once in the spring, and once in the fall."
Walker chants, "M*U*S*H! M*U*S*H!," stumbling over the unpronounceable *s.
Trispis says, "Last spring, M*U*S*H was nominated for four awards: Best Social MU, Best Overall MU, Most Newbie Friendly, and Most Helpful Staff."
Trispis says, "We won the award for Best Social MU. (Woohoo!)"
Grinna applauds!
Walker applauds racuously!
Viila cheers!
Trispis says, "The competition was stiff, however, and many other awards were offered and won."
Vadiv chants, "em-asterick-you-asterick-ess-aster...oh, forget it."
Trispis says, "Otherspace won the award for Best Overall MU. (Congrats to them!)"
Viila snickers... "That's what we chanted on the balcony last Andys ;)"
Grinna says, "Yay!"
Walker nods.
Trispis says, "As a result of winning Best Overall, Otherspace was charged with the responsibility of hosting, or arranging for hosting, of this fall's Andy Awards."
Walker applauds for OSMush. we'll beat 'em out this time around ;-).
Vadiv says, "Beat them like a horse!"
Trispis says, "We here at M*U*S*H have always appreciated the fine work and the high caliber playerbase at Otherspace, and we have always had very amicable relations with them. As such, we offered to host the Andys in conjunction with MUDtoberfest."
Trispis says, "Brody and his (motley?) crew have been diligently preparing for this year's Award Ceremony to be held here on M*U*S*H ... NEXT SATURDAY!!!"
Grinna giggles.
Walker applauds!
Kyieren cheers and puts on his Executive Producer hat.
Trispis says, "One of the rules of the Andys is that you can't win an award twice in a row, so M*U*S*H is not eligible for Best Social MU (although we do hope to be nominated again next spring!)"
Kyieren tries to look as important as possible.
Trispis says, "This year, however, M*U*S*H is nominated for Best Overall MU (again!)."
DavidBOT copies Kyieren and puts on an invisible hat, then struts around.
Grinna grins at Ky
Trispis says, "Any MUSH nominated for any award is also, by default, included in the running for Most Newbie Friendly and Most Helpful Staff. So, in all, we're nominated for three awards!"
Elvira realises she's wearing an invisible dress and panics
Trispis adjusts his notes again.
Walker thinks Elvie's wearing the emperors new clothes.
Grinna says, "LOL"
Trispis says, "There are a few last minute things I need to mention..."
Trispis says, "First, Vexon is still taking submissions for ITBG (Innovations in Text Based Gaming) conference entries. @mail him if you have some innovative new thing (tm) you'd like to share with the MU community."
Trispis says, "Second..."
Trispis says, "Every year, we tend to get a whole new crop of players entering their pets in the annual Pet Show (one of the original MUDtoberfest events which has established itself as one of the reliable favorites, along with the ITBG). And each year, that new crop manages to come up with new ways to stump and amuse our experienced coders."
Trispis says, "So, as a 'filler' event this year, we're going to have a series of coding tutorial sessions. These will be somewhat informal (come and go as you please). The basic idea is as follows..."
Vadiv says, "Do not eat the blue pills. I repeat, do not eat the blue pills."
Grizzo the Dragon flares his nostrils.
Vadiv dohs as lag ruins his joke.
Trispis says, "If you have some coding experience and are willing to oversee a question-and-answer session or otherwise assist fledgling coders with their pets, contact China via @mail. (China has graciously agreed to coordinate these tutorial sessions.)"
Viila eats the blue pill.
Trispis says, "If you are a newbie coder and want some help with your pet, watch the gda (+help da -- yes, da, no 'g') for when these sessions will be occurring."
Walker eats the Flinstones Chewable pill.
Rhayden eats the red pill and kisses the lot of ya goodbye.
Trispis pauses again to adjust his notes.
Rhayden eats the notes?
Dave says, "mmmm Flintstones Chewable Morphine."
Trispis stares blankly at one of his notecards.
Trispis says, "That about covers everything on my notes. Don't forget to check out the gda and bulletin boards for details about all of the events, as there are some scheduled that I haven't mentioned here (e.g., Jav and Mar's Spiritual Retreat, the theme of the Pet Show, etc.). And check again frequently, because some things haven't been posted yet."
Viila says, "Ok, who has been using his crayons on T's notes?"
Trispis says, "I can't read my own writing, it seems. Gimme a sec..."
Trispis says, "Oh, Wait..."
Grinna says, "Hrm"
Grizzo the Dragon takes knight.
Knight screams in terror!
Trispis says, "One more thing..."
Vadiv says, "l"
Rhayden eats the crayons.
Vadiv sighs.
Trispis says, "About PennMUSH 1.7.5"
Trispis says, "The PennMUSH developers are chomping at the bit to get 1.7.5 released."
Trispis says, "But..."
Trispis says, "It being a new release, there are associated problems..."
Trispis says, "As with all new releases, they're expecting some initial instabilities."
Trispis says, "The timing of this is awkward, to say the least."
Vadiv says, "So we need volunteers to tranqualize the developers, until MUDtoberfest is over."
Trispis says, "The M*U*S*H theme includes the fact that it is the beta site for PennMUSH."
Dave gets out his Developer-handling gloves.
Walker shoots Vadiv with a Tranq, as he lacks a mute button too.
Rhayden tranquilizes himself in the chaos, and becomes a zombie.
Vadiv falls over.
Trispis says, "So, the developers have tried to compromise a bit here..."
Rhayden eats Vadiv's brains.
DavidBOT sadly is unable to make a joke.
Trispis says, "the release of PennMUSH 1.7.5 has been postponed until immediately after the Andy Awards."
Trispis says, "The next scheduled event after that is the ITBG... 10 days away. So, it should allow time for the devs to catch and squash the really obvious bugs."
Trispis says, "Okay... *now* that covers everything.... I think."
Trispis looks around to see if anyone wants to add anything... or point out anything he missed or overlooked.
Dave says, "You forgot the bit about appointing me President for Life."
Walker raises his hand.
Trispis turns the podium over to Walker.
Dave takes a position behind the grassy knoll.
DavidBOT sighs, and sets the podium back upright so Walker can use it.
Walker stands at the podium and signs into the mic, "I'd like to thank Trispis for doing a great job. He's really been under a lot of pressure with the gda and other things, and is still the best darned Mudtoberfest coordinator we can have."
Grinna applauds!
Rhayden w00t! for Trispis.
Trispis blushes.
Viila applauds!
Walker says, "Especially when dealing with a rowdy crowd like us."
Dave cheers for T.
DavidBOT watches the speakers feedback and punch Walker in the face.
Walker applauds for T!
Rhayden punches DavidBOT.
Grinna says, "Now now boys."
Walker steps down and calms the fight.
Rhayden punches himself.
Trispis looks around for anyone else who might want to add something....
Dave says, "Yeah, now now, not outside of a ring."
Viila thought that would start *after* we get to the drinking part...
Dave will organize a special MUDtoberfest Fight Night.
Grinna says, "No violence" has arrived.
Trispis says, "Okay... that wraps it up. Keep watch on the gda (I didn't mention all of the events, cuz they have good coverage on the gda: Jav and Mar's Spiritual Retreat, the Pet Show theme and details, etc.)."
Dave can't wait to whup you all in the scrabble tourney.
Trispis says, "Oh!"
Trispis says, "Almost forgot!"
Dave flexes his dictionary-checking muscles.
Trispis says, "Welcome to the FOURTH ANNUAL MUDTOBERFEST AT M*U*S*H!"
Viila cheers wildly!
Elvira hurrahs
Grinna throws lots of confetti and cheers
Walker pops champagne and offers the bottle to trispis.
DavidBOT mimes cheering again.
Rhayden mimes DavidBOT.
Trispis pretends not to accept the champaign, but whispers to Walker, "leave a bottle in my crate, okay?"
DavidBOT turns back off his mute button. "Fine, you be the mime for a while, I don't even like mimes."
Walker smirks at DavidBOT. Asking ME to be a mime?
DavidBOT says, "No, I was asking Rhayden."
DavidBOT says, "But wouldn't you like to be a mimer too?"
Rhayden stops being a mime, forcing DavidBOT into his prevous role.
Walker can out-mime anyone.
Trispis gathers up his notes and tucks them in his pocket, "Have fun, gang." (:
Rhayden becomes a mime-miner.
Rhayden always has fun.
DavidBOT says, "A mimer-fortyniner."