Topic: MUDtoberfest 2002 Opening Ceremony
Author: Walker, et al
Summary: The Opening Ceremony from M*U*S*H's MUDtoberfest 2002, including a
skit called Cat on a Hobbiton Roof, presented by the Oh-Brother-Place Flayers.


Mudtoberfest Pavilion(#4096RaJV)
	   |			      | 	  
	   |			      | 	  
	   |	      ______	      | 	  
	   |	     /	    \	      | 	  
	   |	    |CJLJMABK|	      | 	  
	   |	    |FMGDPHLC|	      | 	  
	   |	    |HTGVZEAT|	      | 	  
	   |	     \______/	      | 	  
	   |			      | 	  
	   |			      | 	  
	   |			      | 	  
	    ---|     |----------------		  

* is your current location.

Present: Raevnos, Vadiv, Nadja, Kyieren, Walker, Cheetah, Teliver, Ambrosia,
Elvira, Zebranky, Viila, Grinna, Trispis, Huz, Colchek, Legolamb, Hirgon,
Packrat, Dolfan, Letters, Gandulf, Mimsy, Fiji, Bilbuh, Aragawrsh, Marretta,
Julian, Javelin, China.
Things and pets: Robot Drone, Holly Valance, Brucey Willis, Fairgrounds Map.
You can leave the Pavilion in all four directions. (North, East, South, West)
Walker blinks in the sudden silence as everyone quiets down.
Teliver holds the tub of popcorn in his lap.
Walker says, "Ok, everyone, Hello and welcome to MUDToberfest 2002 Opening
Letters says, "YAY!"
Kyiren cheers
Walker says, "If everyone would stop spilling their popcorn over the floor, we
can get started here. ;)"
Walker says, "This last year has been a great time here at M*U*S*H. Anyone
Grinna grins.
Walker fingers an @nuke as he looks for dissenters.
Zebranky starts to raise his hand, but... ;)
Walker says, "Excellent =)."
China smiles happily.
Zebranky sticks his head between his knees.
Cheetah raises his left hand, but his right hand slaps it and pulls it down.
Sketch says, "ow"
lvr says, "well, it was great except for that Walker guy... um.."
lvr ;)
Letters :)
Walker says, "We've had a lot of changes here, and a lot of players have come
and left. New places have come up and old places have gone away."
Walker says, "First, I'd like to introduce the newest admin: Kyieren and
K'Alan Bryce. They were added to the admin team recently to shift some of the
blame... err... the work from the shoulders of the retired admins."
Javelin fingers his "Admins who need to retire" clipboard.
China claps for the new admin. :)
Letters :)
Kyiren bows.
Grinna gulps
Walker says, "Trispis, fil, Vexon, and Rhysem have all retired. This does not
mean you should throw popcorn at them, however, they still get to throw it
back at you."
Letters D:
Walker liplicks as he sees what Javelin's doing, and hurries on.
Letters votes to keep Grinna.
Vadiv votes that Letters not be able to vote.
Letters :(
Walker says, "Many new events have occured this year."
Walker says, "The Easter Egg hunt ended with many broken and spoiled eggs
around the grid, but with everyone panting and exhausted over the race for the
Letters :)
China grins.
Walker says, "Elvira came in first, and won the golden basket. However, she
sold her basket for a joke."
Cheetah peers around and mumbles, "None of those rotten egg puns, please."
lvr says, "Actually, Ashen Shugar and Fiji won it from me ;)"
Walker says, "April fools made me, at least, feel like an idiot, and I'm sure
there are many of you who felt the same. Congrats to Javelin for coming up
with such a clever way to trim off the idiots (like me!) from M*U*S*H for a
Fiji says, "Yep."
Sketch says, "How?"
Marretta cheers at the April Foolery.
China laughs.
Ravnos grins. That was fun.
Walker says, "That was such an ego destroyer. *sigh*"
Vadiv was *so* close to the being the first one back.
Trispis applauds scoob for winning that one.
Walker says, "The 4th of july scrabble tournament was a huge hassle, with
players throwing tiles and more things at each other as the games got more and
more heated."
Walker says, "Javelin took home the championship of that tournament."
Viila waits for the inevitable belated rotten egg jokes ;>
Walker says, "china held a street fair this year, allowing many of M*U*S*H's
members, new and old, to showcase their coolest softcoded items. A big
Thank-You to China for hosting that for us!"
Javelin applauds.
Trispis applauds.
Grinna says, "And she's having another one. ;)"
China blushes.
lvr yays
Zebranky says, "Oh boy. More stuff to laugh at-- err, I mean compliment, of
course ;>"
Walker eyes everyone, "I must say - this is definitely a louder Opening
Ceremony than we've had in the past. ;). Lots of new people around here!
Zebranky says, "Are loud opening ceremonies bad?"
Grinna nodnods. "Full Pavilion"
Walker says, "Let's just say I'll be Deaf for a very long time after this ;)."
Grinna laughs
Sketch says, "You too?"
China laughs. "and blind."
Walker says, "And now - As many of you have the dents in your pocketbook to
show, Javelin participated in a walk-a-thon against Domestic Violence this
year. He's earned more than $80 from you loyal M*U*S*Hers!"
lvr cheers!
Kyiren cheers
Trispis applauds!
Hirgon applauds
Cheetah woohoos!
China stomps and cheers.
Walker says, "and a grand total of $3,000 for those victims of domestic
Bilbuh tips his pipe in salute.
Trispis applauds Javelin and those who donated sponsorships!
Walker applauds. "Way to go, Javelin!"
Viila applauds.
Walker says, "$3,000 - he must have walked quite a lot! I just hope I don't
have to transfer my name to him."
Legolamb tips his hat.
China whistles.
Dolfan woot woots.
Kyiren cheers
Walker says, "but 'Sitter' just doesn't sound the same."
Teliver says, "How about Setter?"
Trispis smirks.
Walker says, "And if you're up for some more exercise than just walking, you
can pick up a bat and take a swing at some balls at K'Alan Bryce's batting
Teliver says, "You wouldn't be Irish, by any chance?"
lvr shushes Teliver with popcorn
Walker says, "Well, that's about all I can remember about the last year -
Anyone remember other events?"
Walker says, "Well now - Trispis has a few words of goodbye! Speak up, Mr. T!"
China blinks.
Sketch pulls his hood over his head.
Trispis stands and clears his throat.
Aragawrsh bows his head in courtesy to Trispis.
Trispis says, "I will try to be brief."
Trispis says, "This is an important announcement, so please give sincere
consideration to what I am about to say."
Trispis says, "As you've probably noticed from some of my recent bbposts, I am
unable to actively commit to any MUDtoberfest events this year. This has
created an awkward situation for the Innovations in Text-Based Gaming (ITBG)
Conference. Vexon, who has traditionally hosted it in past years, is unable to
commit time to it this year. And although I had originally intended to fill in
for him, now I am unable to do so."
Trispis says, "I've asked around for volunteers, discretely hoping to get a
replacement coordinator without much fuss. But so far, I have not been
successful. So, now I'm making a public appeal."
Trispis says, "If you are interested, or if you know someone who would be
interested, in coordinating one of M*U*S*H's largest traditional MUDtoberfest
events, PLEASE ... contact me, or have that interested person contact me, As
Soon As Possible."
Trispis says, "If I have not gotten a volunteer to take over this event, it
will regrettably be cancelled."
Trispis boggles as the volunteers come so quickly.
Trispis says, "You people volunteering, please @mail me, so I can contact you
this coming week."
Trispis says, "OKay. Thank you eversomuch for your time and attention."
Walker applauds!
Trispis gestures back to Walker and returns to his seat.
Ambrosia cheers.
Kyiren cheers.
Grinna claps
Walker retakes the podium.
China applauds for Trispis.
Walker says, "ah yes, and I just remembered - in Mid-July, we had a M*U*S*H
meet located in Seattle!"
Walker says, "Raevnos, Marretta, Javelin+Gang, Trispis, Grinna, me, and more
all congregated in seattle for some fun scrabble playing, barbeques, and
Walker says, "Quite a gathering of our community!"
Walker says, "And speaking of Community, I believe Marretta has some words to
say on our M*U*S*H electronic community?"
Walker offers the Mic to Marretta.
Ambrosia applauds!
Kyiren cheers.
China claps.
Marretta takes center stage and smiles at the gathering.
Letters cheers!
Fiji snaps her fingers..
Grinna says, "Go Marretta!"
Marretta says, "MUDtoberfest is a celebration of the Mu* community. To me, the
word community conjures up images of cement sidewalks, trimmed hedges,
sprinkled lawns, and children playing jump-rope in the local park. While I'm
sure we could @desc some hedges and code some sprinklers and jump ropers in
Omphalos Park, a more appropriate definition might come from +define : 

	A body of people having common rights, 
	privileges, or interests, or living in the same place under 
	the same laws and regulations."
Marretta says, "It is this thought of M*U*S*H, or any Mu*, as a community,
that has always infatuated me, so I've asked for some time to speak of it, and
perhaps wax nostalgic for a few moments."
Marretta blushes with sentimentality.
China smiles.
Marretta says, "In my mostly normal real life and at my mostly normal real
job, I have been in the position a time or two to try to explain what M*U*S*H
is or what a mu* is. I never really explain it well. Mostly people think about
the random chat rooms they've visited or heard about on AOL."
Walker wipes a tear from his eye as he remembers year after year of his
grueling torture... he means all the fun... that he's had here.
Letters :P
Sketch says, "Yes."
Robot Drone waxes Marretta's nostalgic.
Marretta makes an icky face and rolls her eyes. Her voice slightly
exasperated, she continues. "That leaves me trying to re-explain it as a type
of on-line community. I try to impress upon them that I've made friends here.
That, because it is a social mush, we share our daily lives with each other.
We talk about various religious, political, and personal convictions. We talk
about girl friends, boyfriends, parents, children, homework.
Marretta says, "and let us not forget hours and hours of conversation about
our pets." She winks at Julian in the crowd, sharing an inside joke."
Teliver says, "and in my wife's case, all of the above. :)"
lvr shushes Teliver
Marretta giggles and winks at Elvira.
Teliver snugs and offers more popcorn.
Julian giggles, too.
Marretta says, "I came here three and a half years ago to check the place out
because I found it listed in my zMUD client. I stayed after getting pulled
into an inane conversation about my choice of names with a player formerly
known as David."
Grinna giggles.
Cheetah grins.
Marretta looks around the crowd for a moment until her eyes rest on Vadiv. "He
seemed quite sure that I was spelling my own name incorrectly." She stifles a
smile before beginning to pace a little and continuing with her speech.
China remember's David.
Kyiren says, "He smelled of tuna."
Letters smacks his forehead. Thaaat's right.
Marretta says, "I came back day after day to watch the antics of a number of
+P regulars like scoob and Octavian. Soon I /became/ one of the +P regulars.
It didn't take long before this became a little haven: a place I went to
unwind from my 'real' life. The interesting thing is that M*U*S*H has become
as 'real' a place as any I've ever visited. Omphalos Park, the Farm House, and
the Tea Garden are all vivid images in my mind."
Vadiv is glad that David's gone.
Robot Drone cheers Marretta's use of the word 'antics'.
Letters sees the places too.
Marretta stops pacing and pauses for a moment before continuing. "Like some
sort of neighborhood watch, the citizens here often look out for the community
and for each other. They offer reminders of polite behavior, encourage each
other in coding or personal projects, share knowledge and expertise, offer a
hard-nosed dose of reality when necessary, and provide sympathy when
lvr nods along
China nods agreeing wholeheartedly.
Marretta seems to share a private look of understanding with individuals in
the crowd as she speaks her next lines. "I've watched friends here graduate
from high school, graduate from college, go to war, fall in love, get dumped,
get married, have babies, find jobs, change careers, have mid-life crises, and
celebrate or grieve all the small things in our lives worth celebrating and
Dolfan chuckles.
Marretta says, "As Walker mentioned, this summer I had the opportunity to meet
several M*U*S*H people in real life. It was a wonderful week of gatherings,
and it has done much to confirm something I have believed all along: there is
a significance in the relationships that are forged here that go far beyond
the boundaries of text.""
Grinna nodnods.
Legolamb nods
Marretta sweeps her hand out toward the audience. "I ask each of you, as a
member of the Mu* community, to spend some time during October's celebration
thinking about the characters and the players you've met in your tenure here."
She smiles. "Some of those people you have found helpful. Many have been
entertaining or amusing. A few may have been annoying, frustrating, or
infuriating. Most have probably been interesting in one way or another."

What have you learned from them? 

What, of yourself, have you given them?"
Sketch says, "Who said that?"
Robot Drone coughs at 'annoying, frustrating, or infuriating'.
Marretta smiles at Sketch. That probably would have been me.
Marretta smiles at everyone else, too, her eyes twinkling before she gives the
stage back to Walker. "Welcome to MUDtoberfest."
Letters cheers!
Robot Drone cheers loudly.
Kyiren applauds heartily.
Teliver applauds.
Bilbuh tips his pipe.
China GRINS, then stands and applauds Marretta!
Ambrosia claps :)
Grinna cheers and stomps and applauds.
Hirgon clap-claps
Viila applauds.
Legolamb cheers as he stands.
Walker applauds.
Trispis applauds.
Walker retakes the Mic.
Walker says, "Two more things: First, Kyieren has a few words to say about the
Andy's awards (of which last year, M*U*S*H took home the "Most Helpful Staff
award! hurrah!). Ky, the stage is yours."
Kyiren steps up to the stage looking great, as usual. I mean, that hair and
those clothes. Did he just step out of a magazine? It's almost too much to
scoob has arrived.
Grinna rofl.
MUDtoberfest Watcher Robot coughs.
Letters :D
China grins.
Walker closes the "Politics Weekly" magazine that he stepped out of.
Kyiren looks at the crowd and says, "Well, it's hard to think I'm supposed to
say anything meaningful after a speech like THAT. I mean, come on. Give it up
one more time for Marretta!"
Kyiren cheers loudly.
Letters cheers!
Grinna applauds!!!
MUDtoberfest Watcher Robot gives it up!
Ambrosia yays and claps! =)
Trispis applauds.
Walker cheers for Marr.
China cheers and whistles.
Bilbuh tips his pipe enthusiastically.
Marretta blushes
lvr cheers for Marretta's speech
Hirgon whoots
A ringing sound comes from where Sketch's hand is.
Mimsy clapclapclaps!
Kyiren says, "Okay, down to my little bit. You may have known I've been
involved with the Andy's since the very first ceremony in April of 2001 (for
better or for worse) and you may have also noticed the last time they were
held was October 2001."
And the momeraths are outgrabe!
Kyiren says, "Well, it's been a long year. We've had to deal with a lot, a
bad economy driving bad times, not to mention growing up and changing
responsibilities. We simply haven't had the time and I apologize."
Kyiren says, "However, Wolfgang and I believe the Andy's are a benefit to the
community and I wanted to assure you that they will be returning."
Trispis thinks . o O ( I was hoping there'd be a "however" )
Grinna says, "Yay"
China grins, happily..
Kyiren says, "There will not be a ceremony this year, but we plan to begin
work on the third ceremony this spring, hopefully for a summertime ceremony.
But we will need your help."
Kyiren says, "The Andy's are a huge effort. There are a lot of games out
there that want and deserve recognition, and we need people to evaluate,
coordinate, and help us out."
Letters doesn't know a =thing= about the Andy awards.
MUDtoberfest Watcher Robot says, "Question... is there a 'Most Annoying Person
During Opening Ceremonies Award'?"
Kyiren says, "So if you have some time, send a @mail to me here and let me
know if you want to be onboard."
Walker applauds!
Dolfan grins.
Kyiren simply smiles. "And watch the +bboards here and elsewhere for Andy's
Kyiren says, "That's it."
MUDtoberfest Watcher Robot cheers.
China nodnods, and applauds Kyieren. :)
Bilbuh tips his pip approvingly.
Trispis applauds.
Grinna claps
Kyiren waves and steps down, looking even more gorgeous than he did when he
went up there.
Marretta woots for the continuation of the Andy Awards!
Letters claps!
Sketch says, "I nominate Letters for the Most Annoying Person award!"
Letters says, "Hey!"
MUDtoberfest Watcher Robot says, "I second that nomination, though I wanted it
Walker retakes the stage.
Walker says, "And now, since you're all fed up with me, taking the stage are:
The Oh-Brother-Place Players! Who will present: Cat on a hobbiton Roof!"
MUDtoberfest Watcher Robot says, "Oh brother..."
Walker applauds and steps down to take a seat in the audience.
Grinna applauds!
China aplauds.
Kyiren applauds.
lvr claps!
Marretta hoots and hollers.
Letters claps!
Dolfan CHEERS.
The Oh-Brother-Place Players proudly - well, all right, maybe not proudly, but
with enough self-esteem to show their faces in the Kwik-E Mart around 2 or 3
a.m. if they're really desperate for pretzels - present...
	Cat on a Hobbiton Roof - With Apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien and
Tennessee Williams - But We Figured They Had It Coming
Marretta giggles.
Letters laughs.
China laughs.
Walker snickers.
The lights dim and the curtains rise on a stage that depicts the front porch
of an antebellum mansion, with thick white columns, three rocking chairs and a
porch swing. Several individuals sit on the porch, fanning themselves against
the oppressive heat, in the chairs and on the swing: Among them, some
halflings, an elf, a wizard and a human Ranger. The Fellership o' the Rang.
Hirgon applauds!
China grins.
"It's a might tawdry t'day, Brotha Gandulf," observes Bilbuh "Big Daddy"
Bigguns, lord of the manor and patriarch of Hobbiton. He undoes one of the
buttons near his collar. His armpits are stained with sweat. "No day tah be
settin' off on some damn fool trip off yonder to the Crick O' Dumb with That
There'Un Rang."
China lol
"Nawp." Replies the wizened Isitari, who happens to be lounging in a hammock
tied to the porch, and a nearby tree. His hat partially covers his face, and a
pipe smokes from his lips, "Don reckon it is."
Legolamb sits in a rockin chair. Chewin on his strand a straw. Pullin the
straw from bis mouth he pipes up to Bilbuh with "How about somethin ta wet our
whistlers with? Might rekon it would cool us off a bit."
Aragawrsh tugs on his suspenders, his gaze smoldering rebelliously for no
apparent reason as he leans against one of the columns.
"Why, of a certain, friend Legolamb, of a certain," the Hobbit patriarch
intones, leaning over his rocking chair arm to pick up a ceramic moonshine
jug, which he offers to the elf. "Wet yer whistle and call it good."
Gandulf glances out from under his hat at the exchange of spirits between
Bilbuh and Legolamb. He shakes his head slowly and exhales a smoke ring.
Taking the jug of moonshine his finger slipping into the handle. He pulls the
cork from it. Tilting it along his elbow he raises it to his mouth taking a
swig. Then lowering it once more he hands it over to Bilbuh. Shaking his head.
"Not bad."
Wiping a hand across her browm pushing aside the strays fall of her windswept
bags, the hobbit lass sashays out from the porch, a ultry sway as she lets a
hand hand draw along the porch rail. Mimsy Took watches the heavy ceramic
container as it passes, nodding once, sure a fiery. "Ahn pass tha jug here,
after ya'll are through."
Bilbuh accepts the jug, smiling until he hears the voice of the female
arriving on the porch. His mouth falls open and he swings around to gape
directly at her. "Mimsy Took! What ya be doin' heah, girlie?"
Legolamb says, "Pass you the jug? In case you had not taken notice, you you
are suppose to be a " Cringe " female!" Legolamb looks back to Bilbuh shaking
his head."
Gandulf sits upright suddenly from his spot on the hammock, and promptly falls
out of it, "Wha-th...augh!" Comes the cry from the Wizard.
Aragawrsh just turns his rebellious, smoldering gaze to the female Hobbit. He
tugs meaningfully at his suspenders with his thumbs. And broods.
Intercepting the jug, Mimsy balances it both hands, a shake of her head clears
away her bangs, too look across to the Hobbiton patriarch, "Why Big Daddy,
becawse ah'm goin' on thiz kwest of yours, all tha way down to tha Mount o'
"No, Mimsay Took!" Bilbuh gets to his bare feet, tugging the pipe from his
mouth. "I say No, and no agayun! Yer a feeee-male. Yer a filly, not a feller.
And this heah's a fellership. Plain and simple." He pokes the pipe back into
his mouth, crosses his arms and harumphs.
Gandulf pulls himself from the ground quickly, and adds, "Mr. Bilbuh is mos
correct young lady. This journah is no for wimmen folk. Tis unlady like."
Legolamb looks from Bilbuh to Mimsy then to Gandulf sitting on the porch. "I
say no!" Shaking his his head. "You certainly couldnt wouldnt nor shouldnt
even think such things." He comes to stand beside Bilbuh crossing his arms.
"It's a might tawdry t'day, Brotha Gandulf," observes Bilbuh "Big Daddy"
"Now, see heah," Aragawrsh the Ranger says, smoldering rebelliously while
still tugging on his suspenders with his thumbs. "The way ah see it, we ah
likeleh to face many, many danguhs on this heah experdition. Ovah time, why,
like as not, we'll be written out, one by one, as the authah grows weary o'
us. I say: Let 'uh come along. The mah, the merriah!"
Trispis snickers.
Hirgon has connected.
Hirgon $#$#@!!
Walker smirks.
Mimsy sultrily slides up next to the tall human, one hand on his chest, the
other on his strong arm. "You speak words wise, Mister Aragawrsh ... for you
see ... " And with that she turns her gaze back to wizard and hobbit and elf.
"Ah have ahhlways depended on tha kindness of Rangers!"
Marretta laughs
Trispis laughs.
The lights come back up. The curtain fails. Emblazoned across it, the logo of
OtherSpace, urging the audience to take time to visit or 1790! The curtain then comes back for the cast to accept
applause or dodge flying veggies.
Letters :)
Trispis applauds!
Viila applauds!
Marretta woohooos!
Walker laughs.
Letters applauds!
MUDtoberfest Watcher Robot tosses flying robot parts.
Cheetah cheers!
lvr claps
Aragawrsh steps forward, bowing while smoldering rebelliously.
Dolfan claps :)
Walker says, "Viva la machoism!"
MUDtoberfest Watcher Robot grins and claps.
China laughs, and laughs out loud now, as she applauds wildly.
From the south, Sketch goes to the east.
Grinna woots!
Gandulf blows a smoke ring, steps through it, and bows.
Sketch approaches from the east.
Legolamb steps forward bowing his hat falls over his face.
Bilbuh waddles forward, tips his pipe and bows.
Walker coughs as the smoke ring edge passes through his face.
China applauds and applauds.
Walker applauds loudly!
Bilbuh turns and claps for Mimsy!
Walker picks up the mic and retakes the stage.
Packrat belatedly applauds!
Mimsy sashays forward, a bow and fingers pressed a moment upon her lips, a
thankful kiss blown across the audience! then she hides behind the big strong
Walker turns into a pig and blurts out, "Th-th-th-that's all, folks! Unless
anyone's got anything to add?"
Letters :D
MUDtoberfest Watcher Robot feeds Walker his slops.
Walker says, "Alrighty! Let's adjorn to the after-party parties!"
Grinna applauds. :)
Walker says, "Anybody here hosting a party?"
China applauds Mimsy Took.
Letters says, "ME!"
lvr smiles, "Party at the Gothic Mansion.. anyone who wants to come along,
pile into the bug!"
VW Bug has arrived.
Viila takes a VW Bug from his pocket and sets it down on the floor. A small
car that.
MUDtoberfest Watcher Robot says, "I'm eating bread."
MUDtoberfest Watcher Robot says, "Toast."
Gandulf whoos, jumps into the psychedelic bug.
Elvira has left.
Elvira disappears into the bug in a flurry of black silk.
Letters says, "No fair Elvira..."
MUDtoberfest Watcher Robot has left.
MUDtoberfest Watcher Robot crams self into the bug.
China has left.
China crams self into the bug.
Teliver has left.
Teliver crams self into the bug.
Cheetah has left.
Cheetah takes a few steps back, then runs towards the bug and forcibly crams
himself inside.
From the VW Bug > China laughs.
Marretta has left.
Marretta crams self into the bug.
Julian has left.
Julian crams self into the bug.
Letters has left.
Letters crams self into the bug.
Gandulf has left.
Gandulf crams self into the bug.
From the VW Bug > Letters ?
From the VW Bug > China says, "I've never been to the mansion before. :)"
From the VW Bug > Letters says, "What happened?"
From the VW Bug > lvr woohs at China :)
Ambrosia has left.
Ambrosia crams self into the bug.
Viila says, "Last call for the bug! :)"
Sketch has left.
Sketch crams self into the bug.
MUDtoberfest Watcher Robot gets shoved out of the bug by several different
pairs of legs!
MUDtoberfest Watcher Robot has arrived.
Walker has left.
Walker opens the trunk, notices it's already filled, slams it shut, then dives
into the passenger window, leaving his feet flailing.
From the VW Bug > China says, "oh... er the cerimonies ARE over, aren't
they?!? :("
From the VW Bug > Letters drops Spyder.
Spyder rockets out of the VW Bug with his pants on fire!
Spyder has arrived.
From the VW Bug > Zebranky says, "Yikes."
Viila has left.
Viila crams himself onto the driver's seat.
Bilbuh has disconnected.
From the VW Bug > lvr says, "OW! Mind where that gear stick is pointing!"
Aragawrsh has disconnected.
From the VW Bug > Ambrosia climbs into her favourite seat again ^_^
Spyder has left.
From the VW Bug > Zebranky says, "That's not the gear stick."
From the VW Bug > Viila looks over from the driver's seat. "Everyone
comfortable? ;)"
From the VW Bug > Letters says, "No."
From the VW Bug > Sketch says, "NO!"
From the VW Bug > Ambrosia says, "Hit the street! Yay!"
Grinna laughs
From the VW Bug > China says, "er...hardly."
From the VW Bug > Viila says, "Ok. Then we go :)"
From the VW Bug > Ambrosia luvs it. Really. ;P
From the VW Bug > China says, "wait for Grinna."
From the VW Bug > Gildar fixes his desc and name.
Grinna looks perfect from here.
Raevnos goes to the south.
From the south, Raevnos leaves the fairground. (South)
From the VW Bug > Zebranky stretches out on to of everyone. Mmm, comfy.
From the VW Bug > Sketch says, "umm... don't touch my leg."
From the VW Bug > Letters says, "How does this thing work?"
From the VW Bug > Cheetah mumbles from inside the glove compartment, "Think
Grinna says, "No thanks. I've got dinner"
From the VW Bug > Walker goes home.
From the VW Bug > Zebranky says, "*top"
From the VW Bug > China says, "watch were your elbow's pointing. :p"
From the VW Bug > Viila says, "Hold on!"
VW Bug glows in all the colours of the rainbow for a few moments and then
disappears in the thin air.
VW Bug has left.