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Jules is awake, but might not be in the condition for haiku. Javelin says, "Ok, welcome to the haiku slam. If you've got haiku to read, would you please signify by clapping with one hand?" Javelin claps three hands, one for himself, one for Oni, and one for collette (who sent theirs to be read in absentia). Jules claps one hand. Ah, the power of text. tramp has arrived. tramp appears from a puff of smoke which quickly dissipates, but leaves a very faint hint of ... mild cherry cavendish pipe tobacco? Tramp absently adjusts his T-shirt, dusting and straightening his sleeves. Javelin makes a lineup, arbitrarily in reverse alpha order: Oni, Jules, Javelin, Collette Javelin says, "Anybody else I should be adding in?" Molikai might if he thinks of one. Javelin nods, puts you at the end to give you time? Javelin starts with Oni's contribution, then: Once upon a time, there was a fool named Oni. He drank from fountains. Jules LOL Javelin snaps his fingers in approval. Javelin says, "Next, we have Jules!" Sketch doesn't smile, but nods. Jules says, "I have forgotten" Jules says, "how to write haiku. How many" Jules says, "syllables, again?" Javelin cheers for the self-referential! Javelin says, "Guess it's me. I have two. One serious, one less so." Javelin says, "Dormant cicadas" Javelin says, "forsake sunny appointments" Javelin says, "for dark loamy dreams." Jules oos. Mysteriousy. Javelin says, "(That's dedicated to the stupid 17-year cicada swarms that's coming up in every suburb but mine apparently :). And the less serious:" Javelin says, "Give a musher fish:" Javelin says, "one meal. Teach him how to fish:" Javelin says, "and he'll want chicken." Sketch says, "Ain't it the truth." Jules hahaha. :D Jules claps. :) tramp chuckles. Javelin says, "And now, two from collette..." Pubchan politics Brings out the worst in us all What did you expect? Javelin says, "And, for number two:" Tiny or PennMUSH? @version will tell you which. Code will not transfer. Sketch grins. Javelin says, "Which reminds me of those error message haiku." Javelin wonders if the #-1 in "#-1 PERMISSION DENIED" counts as any syllables? tramp always reads it as 'error' Javelin says, "Molikai (or anyone else present), want to favor us with something extemporaneously composed?" Jules says, "Yes." Javelin reads it as "At-minus-one", and yes, I know that "#" isn't "@". Sketch says, "Interesting." Jules says, "'Hash' or 'pound' are both one syllable anyway. :)" Sketch says, "Yet I somehow feel my life is more complete, knowing that. :P" Javelin giggles. Molikai says, "Fire burns bright within Cold as winters lightest touch Paradox Ensues" Sketch cackles. Jules laughs. :) Javelin snapsnaps. Molikai says, "Think I got the syllables right." Javelin nods, just took me a couple reads to stop reading it as "fire burns bright within cold / as winters... Jules says, "My power cable" Jules says, "has become disconnected." Jules says, "Battery is low." tramp says, "do you pronouce the @ in @pemit or @set, etc?" Javelin sniffs. Javelin usually pronounces it as a silent @ :) Javelin says, "Pee-mit" Jules same. :> Javelin says, "Sometimes, At-Pee-mit" tramp chuckles. Javelin says, "But usually not" Molikai says, "Madness Rules Within Javelin is not here now What can we do now?" tramp pronouces @pemit 'at pee emit' Javelin chuckles ... gratefully? :) Jules says, "I should start my own" Jules says, "Style of MUSH server and call" Jules says, "it 'JulesMUSH'. That would rock." Sketch says, "I ate a burger It tasted like morning dew AUGH MAD COW DISEASE" Jules feels like a hack now. D: Molikai says, "Penn Tiny or Rhost Must never touch TinyMUSH Horror wil lensue" Sketch is so retarded. Arg. :) Javelin hmms, is Rhost one syllable or is it Arr-host? Molikai couldnt' resist. Sketch says, "I've never known how to pronounce it at all." Javelin has no idea. I guess it's short for Rhosthyl, which means it's probably one syllable. tramp says, "if it's derived from Rhostshyl, I'd say Rhost is one word." Molikai was thinking it was one. tramp says, "er. one syllable." Molikai /pronounces/ it 'rost'. Javelin is now going to think of it as Roast MUSH. :) tramp concurs with Molikai's pronunciation. tramp says, "but, I'd defer to Ashen if he corrected me." Jules always thought of it as pronounced Roast. :> I thought it was a funny pun. Like, Rhost MUSH (room) Jules says, "But kinda h-ish. An exotic pronounciation of 'roast'. Wow, we're so off topic now. D:" Javelin says, "These garden poems" Javelin says, "bloom in rainfall or sunshine" Javelin says, "in the soil of mind." Molikai says, "Mirror shows me True But is it just illusion Every world the same?" Javelin says, "I suppose I ought to go count the number of haiku currently in the tea garden, as they're all up for replacement with the ones from tonight." Javelin oohs at Molika. Javelin oohs at Molikai, even. Molikai feels that one is nice and profound. Javelin offers a companion: Mirror shows me light / reflected off silvered glass / Every world the same. Jules says, "Mine, they often stink" Jules says, "Because I suck when I try" Jules says, "writing with any style." tramp tries. (first line pronouced: number minus one) #-1 Which one? Or are there many? #-2 Javelin grins. Jules smiles. Molikai notes that when he played L5R, if we wanted t osay a Haiku IC, we had t owrite one OOC. It's just a matter of getting that bit of my brain warm again.. Ooh. I like. Javelin grins. Jules has a tough time remembering what L5R is now. Bleh. SAVE: Here lies M*U*S*H, smothered by Sholevi's ego. Javelin considers demanding haiku in the dbsave. Javelin says, "Ok, I think it's time for some prizes?" Javelin says, "Everyone go through your scrollback and pick a haiku (other than your own) that made you laugh, think, snort, or whatever, and tell us all which one and what prize you would give it." Jules says, "Prizes?" Javelin nods. Jules ahhs. :) Jules says, "Out loud, or paged?" Javelin awards the "JulesMUSH" haiku the Off-By-One Buffer Overflow Prize! Javelin says, "Out loud. :)" Molikai likes Jules, for the Ironic. Molikai says, "THe 'hoe t owrite Hsaiku' one, I clarify." tramp says, "I liked Molikai's mirror. Not sure what award, I'd offer... something about it reminded me of a quote I read the other day 'You become what you imagine yourself to be. Be careful what you imagine.' or something like that." Javelin says, "The I have forgotten one?" Javelin suggests the "Reflection Prize" :) tramp says, "sounds good to me." Jules says, "Off-by-one? Jules has two syllables, doesn't it? I ended up with 5 7 7. I don't know what I was thinking, honestly. X)" Jules says, "Anyway... I award Sketch's MAD COW haiku the Most McDonald's prize. Molikai's cold-fire gets the Most Paradoxical prize. Oni gets the DYWYPI Prize..." Javelin thinks Jules has one syllable, as he says it. Jules huhs. Muses if it can be both. Off by #-2 PRONOUNCIATION prize! .. yeah, I lose. :) I'm making these up. Javelin giggles. "Sketch is asleep, so we can't ask for his now, but he can tell me later." Javelin says, "Thanks to all for participating. all these haiku will be installed in the tea garden shortly (all your haiku are belong to M*U*S*H?)" tramp chuckles. Jules awards Javelin's blooming poem the Most Botanical prize. Javelin says, "Don't miss next weekend's event: InTheBand, where you get to play MUSH instruments and here real sound." Jules also notices.. 'replace'? Jules says, "What of the old?" Jules says, "Or do haiku wilt as flowers? :(" tramp also wondered about that. Jules says, "... BTW, that was another haiku." Jules says, "Jules also notices," Jules says, "replace? What of the old?" Jules says, "Or do haiku wilt as flowers?" tramp says, "are the old ones going to be discarded?" Jules says, "I'm getting too much into this. ;D" Jules errs. Moves 'or do' to the previous line. Javelin answers with a haiku: Haiku, like flowers / will break if held too closely / all ephemeral Jules pulls open a dictionary to look up ephemeral. Javelin says, "But I'm a packrat, so the old ones will more likely be archived." Jules yay. :D -- Logging stopped at Sat Jun 09 21:27:20 -0700 2007 --