Announcement: Trispis shouts, "MUDtoberfest Opening Ceremony will begin in 5 min. +bbread 16/11 for instructions on how to get to the fairgrounds pavilion."

Trispis steps up to the podium (the one you're all pretending exists) and begins shuffling his note cards.
Brody marvels at the solid construction of the podium, leaning back to observe.
Paul smiles, "As opposed to the tent we are all standing in, that really does.. okay." :o)
Halatir doesn't like crowds so finds a better place a little away from the pavilion.
Halatir goes to the east.
Halatir has left.
Sar'gon approaches from the south.
Sar'gon has arrived.
Trispis says, "Okay. It's now 3pm according to +time, so let's get started..."
Nina claps then looks embarressed and over keen
From the south, Javelin enters the fairground of the MUDtoberfest!
Javelin approaches from the south.
Javelin has arrived.
Trispis shuffles his deck of notecards one last time, bridging the shuffle like a professional card shark.
Trispis says, "Oh, the advantages of having an outdoor activity on a MUSH."
Zyon says, "Don't drop them!"
Brody nods. "Might not have numbered them."
Javelin mutters, "Is that what card sharks do? I thought it's what we bridge players did."
Trispis says, "No rain, no sunburn, and no mosquitos."
Trispis says, "Shalom."
Paul says, "But alas, no beer either..."
Trispis says, "Welcome, everyone, to the Second Annual MUDtoberfest at M*U*S*H!"
Brody hides the keg.
Talek takes Fairgrounds Map.
And there was great rejoicing.
Sar'gon says, "Yay"
Audumla moofs!
Brody applauds :)
Sar'gon cheers.
Balerion says, "Huzzah!"
Javelin whistles.
Brody puts on his beer cap.
Trispis says, "The master schedule for this week-long, celebratory event is bulletin board group 16 (+bbread 16). I have been diligently keeping it udpated with the most recent, most accurate schedule information. (Please report any errors to me via @mail and I'll get them fixed ASAP.) The last message in this group will show you the timestamps of all of the messages."
Trispis says, "Last year around this time, shortly after the Innovations Conference, Matt (one of our semi-retired admins) piped up with an interest in hosting a MUDtoberfest."
Trispis says, "Ironically, he immediately thereafter had to depart for university."
Grinna snickers
Trispis says, "Nonetheless, with his initial guidance and our diligent followthrough, M*U*S*H managed to pull together a small festival."
Trispis says, "The world hasn't been the same since. (:"
Zyon snickers.
Trispis says, "A couple months ago, talk began to circulate about the possibility of doing another Innovations Conference. Maestro initially stepped forward to try to throw something together, but RL obligations have pulled him away."
Trispis says, "Well... one thing lead to another... until one day I woke up and realized it was October and we don't have our festival plans started."
Grinna senses a trend here.
Trispis says, "eep"
Trispis says, "I panicked for a few minutes for good measure, then started knocking on doors. Javelin was the first one I approached, but order quickly became moot. Within 24 hours, I had 4 events planned (that's more than half of the week's activities). A few others fell into place in the following day or so. And, well..."
Zyon says, "The rest is history?"
Grinna says, "Hurrah?"
Trispis says, "... like I said at the beginning: Welcome to the SECOND ANNUAL MUDtoberfest at M*U*S*H!"
Nina cheers
Brazil clapclaps and sits down.
Brody woos and guzzles from his beer cap.
Sar'gon whistles.
Trispis says, "Ah, but... what else has happened on M*U*S*H in the year between then and now?"
Grinna stomps and claps
Paul cheers and heads for that beer during the distractions..
Brody looks around for the Oom-pah band.
Zyon hasn't a clue cause he's not been around :)
Grinna giggles.
Trispis says, "For one thing, the festival and innovations conference last year prompted me to write a little global called +activity (you can read about it in our +help)."
Trispis says, "+activity -- As nifty as it is, it was quickly overshadowed by (and debugged by) the four LARPs we hosted. Talk about crowdpleasers!"
Trispis says, "In no particular order, here are the LARPs we held at M*U*S*H..."
Trispis says, "The Final Voyage of the Mary Celeste by Jim MacDougal (hosted by Javelin)."
Trispis says, "The Marin County New Age Society Cocktail Party by Jim MacDougal (hosted by Javelin)."
Trispis says, "The Curse of Whately Manor by Frank Branham (hosted by Javelin)."
Balerion mutters, "Capitalists."
Trispis says, "And last, but not least..."
Trispis says, "An adaptation of Vouloir C'est Pouvoir by Louise Parker and Tonia Walton (hosted by Maestro)."
Trispis says, "They were all HUGE hits!"
Grinna says, "Yay!!!!"
Brody claps!
Trispis says, "Rumor has it, Javelin has a couple more planned too (this line wasn't in my script, btw)."
Trispis says, "I'm certain the log of Mary Celeste survived and made it to the web, but I can't make any promises about the others."
Grinna says, "Heh"
Balerion sniffles.
Trispis says, "Additionally, M*U*S*H has opened a small RP environment called Vale. There is a log of the kickoff RP session available on the M*U*S*H homepage."
Trispis says, "See? We really do RP here! And, for a social MUSH, pretty often too!"
Trispis says, "Over the course of the past year, we've also seen some administrative changes here at M*U*S*H; some wizards changing to royalty, some royalty changing to wizard, some new admins being hired, and still others going on to other activities. The net additions to our admin corps being: Marretta, Raevnos, and Rhysem."
Javelin cachkles.
Zyon oohs @ +activity/ansi!
Grinna says, "Pretty, isn't it? :)"
Trispis says, "The 101 Schoolhouse crew also underwent some changes. Net additions to the 101 crew include: Kyieren, Vexon, Paul, and Nammyung (and Raevnos, who is also a new admin). (Due to RL pressures, Maestro recently resigned his position at the Schoolhouse. His contributions have been greatly appreciated!)"
Zyon says, "Very :)"
Trispis says, "It's been a very dynamic year here, administrative-wise."
Zyon says, "Don't forget me being nukes for idleness:)"
Zyon sniggers.
Grinna grins
Trispis says, "Oh, yeah... Speaking of the 101 Schoolhouse, several new logs have been added to its website."
Trispis says, "In our ongoing efforts to acknowledge player contributions, M*U*S*H reorganized some things in the beanstalk to better categorize the many code contributions (Great job, Raevnos!)."
Trispis says, "Also, we've implemented a M*U*S*H Urban Renewal Project, coordinated by both admins and mortals alike, in an effort to get some of the privately developed areas moved from the beanstalk to the main M*U*S*H grid. So, wander the streets of M*U*S*H when you get a chance, and see the new additions to the M*U*S*H landscape!"
Trispis says, "Board games! Tournaments!"
Trispis says, "Halatir got us started with a Scrabble game. We've held two Scrabble tournaments."
Trispis is the current champ, btw. (:
Javelin will beat Trispis one day!
Halatir claps!
Javelin twirls his mustaches.
Brody woos
Nina laughs
Trispis grins.
Zyon chuckles.
Trispis says, "Rhysem added an Othello game to our collection, and we held a tournament for it as well."
Trispis says, "Recently, Javelin traveled to the UK to meet Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie, the two artists who have been been using MUSH to explore a sort of fusion of textual and graphical expression."
Javelin hugs Nina.
Nina coughs
Trispis says, "I'm sure I've overlooked several significant events. And when they're pointed out to me, I'm also sure I'll blush and say 'Doh!'. But, time is limited and we need to keep moving."
Sar'gon cheers for M*U*S*H in general.
Trispis says, "It's time for the announcements portion of this ceremony, so let's get that started...."
Trispis says, "If you'd like to make a brief (less than 5 minute) announcement about an upcoming event or ongoing project or just a quick plug for your MUSH, page me the name of your MUSH/Project/Event and be ready to speak when I call upon you."
Zyon chuckles.
Trispis says, "While you're all spamming me with your announcement requests, I'll move on to the ones already scheduled."
Trispis says, "The first announcement, due to scheduling difficulties for the presentor, is being granted some extra time. I'm sure Nina would have gladly gotten up at 3am UK time to give a presentation on Tuesday, but that didn't really seem practical. So, let's give a warm welcome to Nina Pope as she fills us in on what she and Karen have been doing."
Trispis says, "Let's give it up for Nina!"
Jayvin claps!
Javelin gives it up.
Zyon cheers
Grinna applauds loudly
Brazil cheers.
Nina coughs and blows on the mike
Sar'gon say Yeah!
From the south, Mee cheers!
Brody woos and cheers :)
Paul grins and claps :o)
Balerion cheers!
Halatir says, "Whohoo!"
Nina rapidly puts down the pack lunch she's eating
Nina says, "well as Trispis mentioned Karen & I have been working on a new MUSH and I just wanted to intro that ..."
Talek cheers.
Nina says, "some of you may have already heard a bit about it, from when Javelin came over to visit us in the UK recently ..."
Nina says, "or you might remember when Karen and I were around on M*U*S*H a bit more regularly a few months ago and when we first began the project...."
Nina says, "We're both visual artists based in London and we've been wanting to make a piece of work about text based environments for about two years - fortuitously M*U*S*H was one of the places we came across when we were first 'researching' the piece, ..."
Nina breathes a sigh of relief that her notes now seem to be working!
Nina says, "some of you were around when we hosted a discussion here with Javelin about what we were trying to do and ideas people had about how visual information could feed into a project surrounding text based spaces!"
Nina says, "ANYWAY ... we went through lots of different phases with the piece and eventually we decided there was nothing for it - we wanted to start up our own space ... and then to later make a visual record of this."
Nina sorts her notes
Nina looks at the crowd & gulps
Grinna smiles.
Halatir stares back.
Nina says, "I won't say much about the visual bit here but I'm more than happy to answer questions or chat about it if anyone is interested ... it was more really that I wanted to invite people to come and have a look round the Island that become our MUSH ...."
Nina says, "The address is:"
Nina says, "Karen and I did a lot of the basic 'digging' and so it has the feel of a small scottish island mixed with a bit if the fens (Nina is not sure if this translates to a US audience?!)"
Nina says, "sorry of the fens"
Audumla says, "Swamps and sand"
(Javelin notes that those of you using Pueblo have seen images of photos of Nina and Karen's model of M*U*S*H in some of the rooms on the main grid.)
Javelin grins. There's fens in the U.S. in Florida at least. :)
Brody nods. "Lots."
Nina says, "thanks Jav ... I should have said that one of our early bits of research was to build a model of the middle of M*U*S*H"
Nina says, "so ...The spaces we first made were based on memories of where we both lived as children and are fairly rural in feel ... my 'end' of the island is a small village and Karen's a seaside town ..."
Nina says, "It's been running for about six months now and we've enjoyed the process of building it so much it seemed a bit odd inviting other people in at first!"
Nina says, "Now we are building up a small group of regulars though and it seems that from what people are choosing to build it may feel far more 'themed' to other people than we realised ..."
Trispis grins.
Nina says, "so ...the shops and other features people have added are very much in keeping with a Scottish Island."
Nina says, "Anyway, I don't want to go on too much here, both Karen & I are very much aware that we are still 'code' amateurs by most MUSH standards and we have found the struggle to master a space completely outwith our visual language odd, frustrating, amusing, strange and sometimes completely hilarious ..."
Nina says, "so with out further ado ,,,"
Nina says, "Without wanting to embarress Javelin I would say that if you do come over on the ferry and call at the Island be sure not to miss a few tourist high spots that he has created - including that great british game - crazy golf, the scenic rail journey, and promenade carousel ride ..."
Grinna says, "Ooooo"
Nina smiles and winks at Jav
Zyon says, "oooh. Crazy golf!"
Javelin might have to import crazy golf here one day. :)
Nina gets a bit flustered
Grinna would love that Javelin
Nina says, "I almost forgot the whole reason for doing this !!!"
Trispis says, "Just what we need... another game for me to waste my time playing."
Nina says, "I wanted to mention that we are going to have a car boot sale on the Island at the car park near Azure Cliffs Caravan Park"
Trispis says, "car boot sale?"
Nina says, "it's in two Sundays time on the 31st of October 3.00 pm UK time which I think is 9.00 am US (so maybe not many takers there)"
Grinna says, "White elephant sale, T"
Trispis says, "Ah."
Zyon says, "Like a yard sale."
Nina nods
Nina says, "any way we thought it would be nice if people wanted to come and browse or take a table to flog odd bits of MUSH code or junk they may have been carrying about for years ... never sure what exactly to do with them ...."
Trispis has an inventory full of that kind of thing. (;
Nina says, "and that's it really ... would you like to add anything Jav?"
Grinna thinks those times should be added to the MUDtoberfest schedule. Maybe??
Nina says, "that would be nice but they are a way off"
Paul ooos and thinks that sounds cool..
Javelin shakes his head.
Grinna says, "Still in October tho. :)"
Javelin has nothing to add.
Nina smiles
Nina says, "any questions?"
Trispis says, "Yeah..."
Trispis says, "Is Javelin as ornery in RL as he seems to be online?"
Nina looks for Trispis in the crowd
Zyon grins.
Grinna laughs
Brody chuckles
Trispis wants to meet him someday. (:
Nina laughs
Nina says, "we had a fairly eventful time in London ..."
Trispis cools. (:
Zyon says, "London is pretty cool. :)"
Nina says, "although we did get him to do more coding than siteseing!"
Grinna lol
Trispis grins.
Zyon chuckles.
Nina steps down from the podium
Sar'gon says, "London rocks."
From the south, Amberyl enters the fairground of the MUDtoberfest!
Amberyl approaches from the south.
Amberyl has arrived.
Nina hands the Mic back to Trispis
Javelin loved it.
Trispis returns to the podium, "How about a big round of applause for Nina!!!"
Brody cheers
Grinna claps loudly and stamps her feet
Paul cheers :o)
Zyon whistles loudly :)
Javelin hugs Nina.
Halatir whohoos!
Nina looks a bit embarressed and thanks everyone for the slot
Talek cheers.
Audumla moofs!
Balerion claps!
Trispis says, "That was, for those who lost it in spam."
Zyon jotted it onto a Post-IT note :)
Grinna added it to her connections on SimpleMU
Halatir did too.
Trispis says, "During Nina's presentation, a couple folks paged me with some announcements they'd like to make."
Grinna grins.
Nina sinks back into her pack lunch
Trispis says, "Next up is Jayvin ... with an announcement about what he's been doing."
Jayvin steps up to the podium and clears his throat.
Jayvin says, "I promise to keep my announcement very breif."
Jayvin says, "DynamixMUSH is a small social PennMUSH which I have been running for over three years now. I developed an original softcoded space system there, and recently I have been working on generalizing it and bringing it to M*U*S*H. I will be giving a presentation on it Tuesday evening."
Nina makes a note
Jayvin says, "I am happy to show anyone around my system any time you can find me on (usually during the day server time). I would also like some help making some good RP type areas to integrate into the system. I hope many will attend my presentation, during which I will go into greater detail. Hope to see you there!"
Halatir asks Zyon to hand out Post-IT.
Zyon applauds.
Grinna claps.
Jayvin says, "That's all, thanks for your time :-)"
Zyon can post them? "I don't have any VR- yet ;)"
Grinna giggles at Hal.
Jayvin steps down.
Paul smiles and claps.
Talek nods.
Halatir claps.
Brody claps :)
Sar'gon says, "yay"
Jayvin says, "Oh!!!!"
Jayvin steps back up for a moment.
Zyon chuckles.
Trispis returns to the podium, briefly, "Next up is Grinna. She's going to make some comments about the Pet Show next Saturday (another crowdpleaser on M*U*S*H!). Grinna... "
Sar'gon cheers.
Grinna waits for Jayvin to finish first. :)
Jayvin says, "You are also welcome to visit DynamixMUSH! We are at 4201. We are built primarily by the players, and have lots of interesting places to visit."
Zyon yays!
Jayvin grins.
Jayvin steps back into place... ;-)
Trispis apologizes to Jayvin and will make adjustments to the log.
(NOTE: I did make some adjustments, but not to this section.)
Grinna says, "Sure you're done now Jayvin?"
Jayvin says, "Sorry, it was my interruption :-)"
Trispis asks sheepishly, "Is it okay now?
Jayvin nods and smiles.
Grinna says, "Okay"
Trispis says, "Okay... A warm welcome for Grinna, please..."
Zyon applauds!
Grinna takes the mic and gets suddenly very nervous. *blush*
Jayvin cheers...
Halatir @whohooos!
Grinna says, "I just wanted to make a clarification about the Pet Show as I've been getting so many questions."
Grinna says, "First of all the Show will be held here in the Fairgrounds next Saturday."
David approaches from the east.
David has arrived.
David wanders in, late as usual.
Grinna says, "Now, the question I've been asked the most is what is meant by 'find' and 'recognize friends'."
Nina makes more notes
Grinna says, "Find means to actually 'find' a person online as long as that person is not set unfindable or is in an unfindable room. For the pet show, finding someone in the NEXT room will be sufficient"
Sar'gon says, "How many exits will there be? :*)"
Grinna says, "Well, it'll be here. So you have a choice of 4 directions."
Trispis translates: Find someone in the fairgrounds.
Halatir says, "Always words(lexits(here)) :)"
Grinna says, "As for 'recognize friends'...this is a list of ppl that your pet will recognize as a 'friend' and will perform tricks for. This is contrary to just anyone using a command and having your pet respond or having your pet only respond to you."
Grinna says, "So, prepare to have one of the judges give your pet a command and have it respond for them as one of the pet's friends."
Trispis now understands those things and will stop lying to people about them. *smirk*
Grinna says, "Also. As a nicety for your pet.... If it would 'wear' a 'tag' that told it's name and basic commands that it knows. It would be great."
Grinna giggles.
Zyon chuckles.
China approaches from the south.
China has arrived.
Nina looks sad at the amount of preparation left for her cat
Grinna says, "As for any other commands... code them at your discretion."
Trispis says, "discretion"
Grinna says, "That's for advanced coders only Nina. :) There are also Novice and Intermediate levels."
Halatir says, "You have a cat too?"
Nina nods
Grinna says, "I think that's about it, unless there are questions?"
Halatir has one too. :)
Trispis looks around for questions...
Grinna looks too...
China sighs, having gotten tied up and comming in late.
David hides his question under a rock, so no one can see it.
>From the south, Belgart enters the fairground of the MUDtoberfest!
Belgart approaches from the south.
Belgart has arrived.
Brody nods to Gart :)
Belgart says, "Yo :)"
Grinna says, "Well, I don't see any questions so I'll turn the podium back over to Trispis."
Nina claps as Grinna leaves
Halatir watches Trispis nodding to sleep.
Trispis says, "Thank you Grinna!"
Brody claps for Grinna
Paul cheers Grinna.
Grinna steps back to watch Trispis.
>From the south, Colchek enters the fairground of the MUDtoberfest!
Colchek approaches from the south.
Colchek has arrived.
Brody waves to Colchek.
Trispis says, "If there are no other announcements, I'll move on to my little whine to the developers..."
Javelin activates his anti-whine filter, and hands one to Amberyl.
Belgart says, "you want crackers with it?"
Grinna covers her ears
Zyon . o O ( Feedback is good! )
Trispis says, "Okay... everybody race to the following URLs..."
Nina looks nervous
David says, "Argh, and me with no cut and paste."
Zyon opens up Netscope.
Javelin . o O ( Feedback is great. Wine is tasty. Whine is another thing. :)
Zyon chuckles.
Trispis says, ""
Trispis says, "or..."
Trispis says, ""
David wanders over and unplugs the speakers, to stop all this feedback.
Jayvin is at the first url! :-)
Zyon icks at the domain. (Mega-slow!)
Belgart says, "second url doesn't work for me"
Trispis says, "Either one will do for my presentation today, but the first one seems to be the most technically prepared for what I'm about to discuss."
Zyon oohs. "that one isn't!"
>From the south, neil enters the fairground of the MUDtoberfest!
>From the south, neil says, "hi mee"
neil approaches from the south.
neil has arrived.
Trispis says, "Okay, folks. When I first discovered these little programs, I completely obsessed on them for about 10 minutes,... then immediately started using them on logs from M*U*S*H."
Trispis says, "Um... to avoid beating around the bush, I'll just say this plainly: When you start grinning and getting giddy and anxious to figure out how to link it to your client, please know I've been there... and now I'm here dealing with that situation. So, if you have comments about your excitement (or disappointment) with the program, please keep them to yourself during this presentation. But, if you have comments you'd like to contribute to this 'plea to developers', be patient until I finish and I'll open the floor for public discussion."
David . o O ( I bet he made me speak in a silly voice. Probably like a duck.)
Zyon fdl!
Grinna laughs.
Paul smirks.
Audumla actually has a speech synth client. Says the damnedest things :)
Trispis says, "Basically, what we have here is a situation in which several different code developments are sort of bumping into each other. The MU server (a text-based gaming environment), the MU client (an interface for that text-based environment), and text-to-speech programs."
Trispis says, "The MU server determines, stores, and/or generates player information (description, gender, etc.). The client handles the text flow to and from the server. There is a natural, symbiotic link between these two -- they're developed around each other's existence in many ways, but both share a common bond to the 'text base'."
Trispis says, "The text-to-speech program is separate. Although it too shares the bond to the 'text base', it has not yet been included in the symbiotic interaction of the player with the MUSH (as the server and client have been)."
Trispis says, "As many of you already know, Chaco ceased development of the Pueblo client. ... after it had earned the special privilege in the MU server community of having functions specifically developed for it. So, I can understand some skepticism about attempts to expand MU* beyond plain text."
Trispis says, "HTML is great. As the new photographic descriptions around M*U*S*H indicate in the Pueblo client."
David starts coughing.
Zyon says, "Quiet down front!"
Trispis says, "But it stopped progressing many, many months ago and is falling OUT of use as fast as it ever grew... or faster."
David says, "*cough* HTML *cough* sucks *cough* *cough*"
Trispis says, "But, IMO, this is a different can of tuna altogether."
Zyon says, "Nah. It'd need a mouth for that."
Trispis says, "On one hand, we have a naturally grown, text-based environment. And a community which continually explores the extremest limits of this environment (plain text). This community, moreso than many other related environments and communities (chat rooms, IRC, etc), has explored the realms of human expression in text -- Emotions, aggressions, activities, and inflections are all quite at home on a MU*. We take advantage of standardized symbolisms that have evolved naturally from the medium: CAPS TO SHOUT, *asterisks for italics*, _Underscore Enclosures For Underlining_, smilie faces of many varieties, and so on and so forth."
>From the south, Sidney enters the fairground of the MUDtoberfest!
Trispis says, "On the other hand, we have a text-to-speech program which reads (nominally intelligible) plain text in spoken form -- monotonal, but spoken nonetheless. This program, however, has not yet explored the text medium quite as thoroughly as MU* has. As such, it seems to cry out to the MU* community to HELP IT. Help it to incorporate human expression... and to be able to do it from it's native environment (text)... that VERY SAME environment that MU* has become a master of. This program begs us to tell it how to speak! It pleads to us, "Oh, great gods of textual expression! Please show me the way!""
Sidney approaches from the south.
Sidney has arrived.
Talek blinks, having thought that *asterisks*
Talek blinks, having thought that *asterisks* were bold, and /slashes/ were italics.
Zyon shrugs. "Same difference ;)"
Javelin blinks at the great gods of textual expression bit. :)
Trispis says, "Yeah, yeah... whatever."
Trispis says, "I said these three (server, client, and text-speech) were close. I explained some of that closeness, but how close is 'close'? Well... I would speculate that Nick Gammon's MUSHclient is one of the closest. But, when all is said and done, one (at present) still must manually copy/paste text from the client to the text-speech program."
David says, ""
David says, "Stupid enter key."
Zyon grins
Trispis says, "The first step that needs to be made in order for this auditory phenomenon to occur is for the client developers to master a seamless feed to the text-speech program (This might require some cooperation from the text-speech program developers, too. But, if one were to explain, as I did above, how closely related our purposes are -- our text-based human interactivity and their need for the text-speech program to be able to reflect human emotion and inflection from a raw text source -- I'm sure they'd be willing to cooperate in developing the necessary 'live feed' hooks as well as the emotive/vocal descriptor hooks.)"
Javelin . o O (give me a unix client that can write to a FIFO and a unix speech program that can read from one and I don't need anybody else to change anything. :)
Zyon laughs.
Belgart says, "TF can probably do that Jav"
Belgart says, "Write the buffer at least"
Trispis says, "This brings us back to the MUSH, though... and the server..."
Trispis says, "Now... When I talked to Javelin about this, he made the point that most of this could be handled by the client feeding a FIFO script which the text-speech program reads, with little or no modifications to the client and server."
Talek . o O (the Festival speech engine already can read from a dynamic source...)
Trispis says, "However..."
Trispis says, "However... we want to be able to tweak voices... We want to be able to determine how characters sound."
Trispis says, "And, if you don't mind other's being able to determine what you sound like in their own client, he's probably right that it could all be handled between the client and the text-speech program."
Trispis says, "But... like my description and my gender (and many other things about my character), I want to determine how my voice sounds."
Belgart says, "but it would be kewl to be able to set your octaves and stuff..."
Trispis says, "Rather than Javelin being able to make me sound like Chewbacca in his client, I'd like to be able to make me sound like Yoda via some sort of on-MUSH settings. A sort of 'voice profile' to feed to the text-speech program along with the things I say."
Grinna says, "or make David sound like Daffy duck"
Belgart nods slowly as he gets the drift :)
Trispis says, "I rarely talk to Javelin about PennMUSH development issues, so take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt."
David says, "We need some sort of marked up text..."
David hushes.
Trispis says, "I don't know for certain what will be in the next release of PennMUSH, but rumor among the avid enthusiasts and 'release watchers' says there will be better support for flags ... ease in adding them and such. If this is the case, it would be relatively simple for the client AND server developers to come to a concensus on how to dedicate server resources to voice profiles. Perhaps a single VOICE flag which indicates the presence of a @VOICE attribute (which behave similarly to the STARTUP flag and @STARTUP attribute). In this attribute would be stored that character's necessary voice profile settings for the text-speech program, which it would send silently/invisibly to the client. The absence of such an attribute/flag would let the client handle defaulting as it deems best, based on character gender (and any other known variables)."
Trispis says, "And all the while, it's all still a 'plain old text' environment... i.e., you can always turn off the sound and read it yourself."
Javelin . o O (Actually, just have a VOICE attribute - no need for the flag.)
Trispis says, "MU* is what these text-speech programs need to further their growth. They need our experience with being expressive in text."
Javelin . o O (The STARTUP flag, in fact, is going away, as its becoming faster to check for the attrib directly. :)
Trispis says, "Likewise, text-speech is what MU needs to be able to further expand the boundaries of its medium (text)."
Trispis thinks . o O ( VOICE could be a reserved attrib in the server settings, then? Like STARTUP? )
Trispis says, "Okay... I've covered all of this in a sort of whirlwind. And I can assure you, my mind has explored it far deeper than this presentation has (example: creating a new kind of document with voice formatting stored in it, like macros and other formatting stuff)."
Trispis says, "(perhaps with some XML variant?)"
Trispis says, "But, before I open the floor for discussion, I have one thing to say in closing..."
(Javelin reminds himself to program his client to override voice hints and make Tris sound like Chewbacca anyway.)
Zyon wonders why everyone MUST use XML????
David says, "XML!"
David cheers wildly.
Trispis says, "As you're attending the events this week, or as you go about your own MU-life when you leave here... think about how totally COOL it would be if this text were being READ to you. A default narrator voice for poses and other comments, and individual voices for each character's spoken words."
Trispis says, "Think about how totally cool it would be to be able to surf the web while your computer reads to you what is happening on the MUSH."
Trispis says, "Think about how totally cool it would be if each name had a distinct voice, in addition to its other text-based distinctions."
Trispis says, "But, most of all, think of how easy it is to send an email to the developer of your favorite client (or server) with a brief plea to pursue expansion of their product in this direction."
David says, "And, think about how totally cool it would be, if, like you could override T, and make him sound, you know, like a valley girl."
Amberyl says, "Because writing an XML DTD is easier than writing a full-fledged SGML DTD. :)"
Grinna says, "Yeah, so I could be in the kitchen and T could still yell at me!"
Trispis says, "Okay, folks. That pretty much covers what I wanted to say today."
Audumla does so on her client :)
neil applauds
Brody cheers for Trispis.
Halatir cheers loudly!
Belgart grins
Grinna claps. :)
David says, "The fun thing is, if we use XML, we can do other neat stuff too."
Trispis says, "The schedule in +bbread 16/2 will be updated soon to reflect some minor changes to Tuesday evening. Other than that, it should be current."
David claps too.
Belgart says, "Dang it, you got my mind spinnin already!"
Zyon says, "I must say this: Although it sounds like a pretty cool idea, how often will it be used in reality? Could it keep up with a large and rapidly flowing conversation? I think I'd personally find it annoying, but that's just my feelings on the matter."
Javelin says, "Umm... sending that kind of email to the developers of pennmush will very likely earn you a 'we think that belongs in the client' response and slow us down on development that belongs in the server, but do as you think best. :)"
Trispis grins at Belgart. (:
Balerion applauds, "Good stuff, Trispis. That's a cool idea. :) Though the first client that supports it better have a way to disregard the voices of certain players. ;)"
Trispis says, "One final note."
David says, "That's why I said, XML. We need to be able to send *lots* of information with each line."
Belgart says, "well, since I'm a tf freak, I think that a series of add-in macros could probably be written to facilitate this with a small amount of mods on the server side, ala Pueblo"
Javelin thinks 'voice' should be a triggerable thing per-player you want to hear speaking, Bal. As it would be with tf. :)
Talek hrms, looking around. "Looks like a packed house."
Trispis says, "Yes... this text-speech thing needs to begin at the client (making the live feed part work)... after that, it needs to be standardized for voice profiles... and in that respect I think all developers should agree on the details (lest we end up with incompatibilities and more work for the client devs)."
Zyon says, "Surely it would be easier to cache a lot instead of resending lots of unnecessary data?"
Trispis says, "Anyway..."
Trispis says, "Welcome to the Second Annual MUDtoberfest at M*U*S*H!"
>From the south, Meta enters the fairground of the MUDtoberfest!
Javelin promises, if someone writes a good client, to talk to Amberyl and other developers before choosing something like an attribute name. Of course, if someone writes a good client and publishes a spec for it, those decisions might be made for us. :)
Meta approaches from the south.
Meta has arrived.
Belgart says, "sorta makes me wish I was a programmer :)"
Zyon chuckles.
Brody grins at Gart
Trispis steps away from the podium and lets the discussion continue, "Brody? Where's that keg?"
Mee approaches from the south.
Mee has arrived.
Grinna wants Root Beer.
Belgart says, "but this text-speech thing would be a good start to an open source gui game"
Trispis returns to the podium one last time, "Oh, almost forgot... Thank you all for attending!!!!"
David says, "I think we just need to move to a new paradigm beyond this (Did I just use the word paradigm?) simple text based stuff. We need more communication."
Sar'gon cheers.
Grinna says, "Yay!!!"
Halatir cheers!
Grinna throws confetti.
Nina pats Trispis on the back
Talek grins.
Brody woohoos
Meta jumps off a bridge screaming, "MUDtober!"
Meta missed everything anyway...
Brody quickly drains the river.
Meta damns and thuds wetly into a pile of cod.
Trispis says, "It's all logged if you missed it and will be posted to the web in a few days."
Meta nods.
Nina smiles
Dyason asks "It's over???"
Paul hums, and talking of Clients, wonders when MUSHClient will get something akin to /gag ...
Zyon thinks that text-based is a better way of communicating than we have access to at the moment. We're still light years away from streaming broadcast voice.
David leaps up to the podium. "And, I'm not supposed to even by up here! Have fun people!" He leaps down and runs away.
Meta says, "I have MUSHclient, and your right Paul."
Balerion says, "So, Trisp, have you talked to Nick Gammon at all about working on this on the Win32 side? Think it'd be a great touch there."
Grinna says, "Just the opening ceremony is over Dy"
Talek notes to Paul that you can already do /gag-ish type things with MUSHclient's triggers.
Balerion says, "You have to do it by hand, Paul. Not always very useable."
Dyason asks "What else do we have today?"
Balerion nods.
Amberyl says, "I dunno. I don't think we're that far from streaming broadcast voice. :)"
China smiles happily that todays even will be posted.
Trispis hasn't talked to anyone, Balerion. This was a bomb I dropped on all of them today.
Paul nods and is looking over the help now to see if he can work out how ;o)
China says, "er 'event'"
Grinna says, "You are free to return to your games Dy."
Zyon says, "It can be done. It's just that the 'net would crawl to a halt."
David says, "Let's lynch Dyason to round this ceremony out now."
Dyason never left them Grinna.
Balerion grins. "Think I'll drop him a mail when the log is up."
Grinna giggles
David looks for a rope.
Meta snickers sinisterly.
Dyason asks "Tetrinet anyone?"
Mee has disconnected.
Zyon says, "The major stumbling block is lack of bandwidth. Especially transatlantic."
Brazil says, "Doing streaming voice with 150 people on a intense."
Trispis will be sending the log to both Nick Gammon and Kathleen MacMahon today.... they'll get a raw log, but at least it'll be timely.
Meta says, "We need to cover the world in fiber-optic T3 cables."
Balerion says, "Great. :)"
Zyon says, "Nah. E1 - it's faster ;p"
Amberyl says, "The world _is_ covered with fiber-optic T3 cables. ;)"
David says, "I think voices will work fine at first."
Amberyl says, "Or more precisely, much bigger pipes than T3s. :)"
Meta says, ""till you can't see the ground and mount Everest is dwarfed."
David says, "The world is covered in air, and that's the only thing it's covered in,."
Javelin says, "Psychologically speaking, you can only parse so many auditory conversations. The same is true for visual ones, but you ought to be able to do more in parallel visually, esp if you have access to things like color."
Meta says, "Yeah, a big glass wire that extends from Mount Everest to the moon."
Dyason goes home.
Dyason has left.
neil has disconnected.
Belgart nods to Javelin
Meta says, "Fine, replace the biosphere and atmosphere with fiber-optic wire."
Amberyl says, "Bandwidth is starting to become so cheap as to be practically free, in aggregated quantities."
Zyon nods. "Having a better way of colourising text would be far better imho.
Belgart says, "This room would probably kill any sort of response time with the setup"
Zyon says, "Not in the UK, Amberyl :/"
Javelin says, "But choosing to make a *specific* conversation auditory while leaving the others textual would certainly let you set one apart."
Trispis says, "Yeah, but wouldn't it be nice, as an admin, to be able to listen idly to your MUSH while you grade papers, Jav?"
Javelin hehs. To listen to the admin channel until someone screams "Twink!"?
Amberyl says, "The UK is an exception, indeed. It's not all that expensive in Germany, or Sweden, though, for instance."
Trispis chuckles.
David says, "I think the current ways of coloring text are fine."
Meta says, "Yeah!"
Zyon says, "Yeah. We have a monopoly in control. although it's slowly changing :)"
Balerion says, "Maybe the bandwith isn't expensive in Sweden, but being on-line a decent amount doesn't make for pretty bills, I'm afraid. ;)"
Meta says, "When Bill Gates and Disney take over the world Bandwith will be the currency in exchange for slave-like work."
Sar'gon says, "Its free here."
Zyon says, "Anyway, enough bandwidth talk.. We should really be talking about what T put forward :)"
Belgart waddles around on his cablemodem
Colchek has disconnected.
Meta says, "BTW, did you guys know it's actually 2499 and you're all a bunch of test subjects that Intergalactic Limited is testing it's remote sensory manipulation equipment."
Amberyl says, "Over cable modems, yeah, we could have a perfectly reasonable voice conversation, I think. :)"
David says, "Yes, Meta."
Belgart chuckles softly.
Meta says, "Good, just making sure."
Meta says, "Go ahead, pinch yourself. It just shows up as a bunch of lines on a graph."
David says, "Anyway, back to expanding beyond text."
Meta says, "Yes Yes, back."
Belgart says, "Meta, how did you obtain that information? You realize you just tainted 20 years of data?"
Meta says, "Experiments over today at five-thirty pm EST."
Paul would like to see HTML style <FONT> used in a client really, sure we have colour.. but not a really wide range.. and editing the look of text on a text based medium seems to make more sense then pictures etc, but seems to be, well, stepped over in light of doing more and 'better' things?
Balerion says, "You could do it a bit dumbly, if you meant voice-for-RP. Voice to text client-side, transmit text to the server, then back to voice on the other client. I think it'd have the advantage of keeping things at a pace more conducive to roleplay manners. No speech-text-speech flying around at the sort of pace which actually requires trying to filter out several conversations at once. It'd be ... stilted. Or it'd define a new way of roleplaying, shaped specifically to seamlessly integrate speech carried through text."
Brazil says, "To make streaming voice useful, you have'ta do mixing at some point, and send the audio. So, if the user is talking, every client would have a stream going out and a stream coming back."
Brazil says, "if you were running on a set of servers, the mixing for a particular room would need to be done in one of those, but a different room could be done on another one."
David says, "Geez, how CPU *and* bandwidth wastefull."
Belgart says, "I don't think we're discussing streaming speech, but at least the speech>text>speech"
Brazil says, "The server could have it's own ambience source material."
Meta curses, "Gotta go. This'll be posted on the site, right?
Trispis says, "yes, Meta."
David says, "Erm...speech>text is about 2^10 power harder then text>speech."
Meta says, "Thought so. Just checking. Bye everyone."
Meta has disconnected.
David says, "I don't think anyone even mentioned speech>text"
Balerion says, "I did. ;)"
Belgart says, "okay, text->speech then :) but not streaming"
Zyon thinks that streaming speech is the wrong way to do this. Text->Speech client side is the correct implementation. :)
Belgart says, "that would knock most people that would use it completely off the idea"
Trispis nods to Zyon. With voice profile data.
Javelin says, "Dragon does speech->text very nicely, fwiw, in my use of it."
Zyon says, "But I do beleive that it will get tangled up if you are in a lengthy and rapid discussion, as I've already pointed out."
Balerion says, "Right, Jav."
David says, "No more tangled then normal MU*ing."
Javelin says, "But it would probably fall down if I were panted excitedly during a thrilling bit of RP."
Javelin says, "Er, panting."
Belgart says, "there are times when things are just gonna move fast and the speech program is gonna get lost"
Zyon nods to Belgart. "My point exactly."
Balerion says, "If the issue is getting voice conversation for RP, and bandwith is an issue (not that it really is anymore), but CPU speed isn't (which it isn't for many people), then that's how you solve it."
Sidney has disconnected.
Javelin is sure he can type faster than Dragon, though.
David says, "Do you *normally* get panted during...oh, nevermind."
Nina looks sheepish she has to log off and wash up!
Javelin knew someone would have to ask that, David.
Nina waves cheerio
Trispis says, "The idea I'm pushing for here is: streaming text. Both ways. With voice profile data stored on-MUSH to be used by everyone's clients."
Javelin writes down "David" in his little book.
From the south, Cam enters the fairground of the MUDtoberfest!
Cam approaches from the south.
Cam has arrived.
Trispis waves to Nina!
Zyon says, "Streaming text is bad. It *should* be all done client-side."
Brazil says, "Speech to text is still only 95% accurate. Requires lots of horse power. High-quality mics. Perfect sound environment."
David writes down "Tioautadfg" in *his* little book.
Zyon says, "s/text/speech/"
Paul chuckles at Jav, "Mmm, that also raises the point of having your MUSH speek to you is NOT really something he plans to try as long as he's stuck living a home... You never know what it might yell out." :o)
Nina has disconnected.
Belgart grins
Zyon thinks that if you're gonna do that, T, it should be done Speech->Text -> MU* ->Text->Speech.
Zyon says, "ie) all client side."
David says, "No no no"
Belgart says, "I think the first step would to be get support for a text->speech client"
Trispis says, "except the voice profile data storage."
Balerion nods.
Zyon notes that enough bandwidth is wasted by gifs and jpegs ;)
Balerion says, "Text -> speech is what's needed first."
David says, "We only *are* sending text."
Belgart says, "after that the support from the server for voice patterns can be added"
Zyon nods. "Yes. I'll give you that. :)"
Zyon says, "It shouldn't really be a difficult problem to add support in, IMHO."
Balerion says, "As to high-speed pose sessions ... that does present a problem. But you could always tinker with pace and tempo. Or just shut off the speech."
Zyon says, "Especially if you make it server-independant."
Belgart says, "it would probably be something like the pueblo addins"
David says, "And, to do text>voice, we don't need to hack a client to parse lines from the MU*, and figure out what is what..."
Balerion says, "It's certainly a great addition for quieter sessions with fewer people."
David says, "We *do* need to send the text marked up."
Zyon nods. "It would be done along the same lines, Belgart.
Belgart says, "And it would require something on the client side, because I wouldn't want descs coming through"
Belgart has seen some really long ass descs and reading them is bad enough, nevermind mono-tone hearing them
Zyon says, "It would be mostly client-side."
Belgart would bash his head on the keyboard
Paul mms, "Okay point to ponder.. Tris mention the Client Writers producing a spec 'forcing' the Dev team to do things a particulat way. But perhaps what would be better would be some 'indipendent' team to develop a spec and give that to several client developers AND the dev team.. Mmm, maybe it wouldnt work, I dont know, more a 'this is what we'd like' thing from the general populace.. Comments?
David says, "Let's kidnap developer's loved ones."
Zyon says, "That's probably a good idea."
Belgart says, "bribe them with Mt. Dew"
Zyon says, "Then the client developers won't do a M$ on it ;)"
Balerion says, "Folk could run NOSPOOF, since NOSPOOF is very nice here (not paranoid.)"
Zyon . o O ( Hog the spec and make ppl pay for it )
Balerion says, "That way you get an automatic tag of what's a desc and what's a pose/emit"
David says, "NO!"
David says, "BAD!"
David says, "You just have to keep hacking and patching and whatnot, to figure what is what, client side."
Zyon says, "If we use some kind of markup language for it, anything BUT chars speaking could be just displaye.d"
Trispis likes that Balerion, but would want to be able to configure the client for what to do with it.
Belgart says, "I think a small tag that says voice-enabled (sorta like the pieblo-enabled) would be better"
Zyon says, "Seen what that flag does?"
David says, "Not voice-enabled...*markup* enabled."
Belgart says, "and for any sort of communication, the server would be a <-V-> tag in there or something?"
Balerion says, "Right. But no need to come up with new ways for the client to determine what should be turned to speech and what not."
Trispis envisions a Narrator voice for poses, emits, descriptions, etc. and voice profiles for what characters "say".
Belgart mean the player was voice-enabled (Ie: can hear the speech)
Zyon grins. "Hey - we *could* do a /markup/ enabled and do speech/html as a combo?
David says, "Yeah. But no HTML, ugh."
Belgart says, "HTML wouldn't work"
Balerion says, "It'll filter out a look at a desc, for example, or at a room (of course, got to offer a way to select text and render it to speech auotmatically.)"
David says, "HTML is exactly wrong for this..."
Zyon says, "Whatever - you get the idea. We tie in OTHER textual representations."
Paul also notes something developed by a Client developer might, at some point come into problems when another client wants to inlcude the same 100 compatable functions.. Hence you get into a Puebloish rut?
David says, "Right, so all clients *have* to ignore totally anything they don't understand."
China says, "why not just have says in voice, and not poses. IF in RL your not 'looking' at a person you don't see their poses, but you can hear them talk."
Balerion says, "I shouldn't mind seeing poses done in a cool narrator voice."
Belgart says, "True, but it's a communication format, and it would be okayish"
Balerion says, "It'd be like a book-on-tape."
Trispis says, "Berl Ives. (:"
Belgart says, "because it's typically not a 20 line pose :)"
Trispis says, "for a narrator. (:"
Zyon giggles at the thought of a narrator saying 'From Afar, xxx says that xxxxx' :)
Paul likes the idea of Clients working like WebBrowers(Or rather, how Web Browsers Should!) with perhaps <> markup of somekind cos its stanadized?
(Berl Ives narrates the animated Rudolph The Rednosed Raindeer.)
David says, "Narrator: From afar, David says, *cut to duck voise* "Hey! What's up?""
Philip has connected.
Balerion says, "But make the client flexible. It shouldn't be hard to tell the thing to not convert poses, just speech. Or to convert only poses if you want."
David says, "Erm...why would you want them to look like web browsers?"
Balerion says, "Of course, folk have to be careful to hit those " and ' as needed. ;)"
Paul says, "Not LOOK like, work like.. as in, if it doesnt understand a markup, it just does what it knows how to do."
Paul says, "Rather then fall over."
Belgart says, "They way I'm picturing it would be you page me with 'Hey what's up' the mush sees if I'm voice-enabled, gets your voice patterns, and then sends them in front of the page ie: <- v - silly duck voice > From Afar:"
Javelin waves. HAve fun folks. Neat stuff. :)
Javelin goes to the south.
Javelin has left.
David says, "<SARCASM>Oh, yeah, web broswers have a *real* *good* track record of treating markup they don't understand correctly, *good* analogy.</SARCASM>"
From the south, Javelin leaves the fairground. (South)
Balerion remembers this neat story from Isaac Asimov, in which a fellow created a complex way to 'mark' speech with certain elements -- long pauses, triumphant lift of voice, etc. "If you could mark up text in an easy-to-do manner to accomodate that, that'd go half the way to making speech sound believable."
Paul also said like Webbrowsers /should/ :o)
Balerion makes that speeches
<Vale> Javelin has disconnected.
Trispis says, "Balerion, The Festival client already has that kind of support."
Belgart says, "okay, so who's gonna develop the speech markup language?"
Belgart says, "SML!"
David says, "Speech-XML. :)"
Belgart says, "kewlies!"
David says, "And you don't really need a 'language'"
Balerion says, "Does it? Cool. I only did some basic testing. ;)"
Belgart says, "about the frestival client"
Sar'gon has disconnected.
Belgart says, "well, html isn't a real language :)"
Belgart says, "but then I'd have to run my client locally *blah!*"
Jayvin goes to the south.
Jayvin has left.
From the south, Jayvin leaves the fairground. (South)
Zyon says, "A vast majority do, anyway"
Belgart says, "True :)"
Belgart says, "but it's nice to have your own server :)"
David says, "You just say, <VOICE name="David">Hey, there. What's up?</VOICE> Of course, you have to make sure you're informed the client David voice is 'ujcf8&*jd(', which, when translated, means 'duck-voice'."
Balerion says, "What section of the manual would it be in, Trispis?"
David says, "You may want to send the 'name' *and* the default voice each time, actually."
Trispis says, "No idea, Balerion, but it's on their webpage. One sec and I'll point you to the 'evidence'."
Trispis says, "Go to the first link on that page I gave you."
Trispis says, "the samples"
Balerion nods.
Trispis says, "Then, scroll down to the SSML stuff."
Trispis says, "Speech Synthesis Markup Language"
Grinna has disconnected.
Paul mms, and would also like to surgest we have a 'follow' up to this sometime maybe? Once people have had time to play with the software, think about things etc, and keep the ball rolling on this? Or is something like that in the lines?
Balerion says, "Ahh-ha."
David says, "Oh, they already have the encoding for types of voice done?"
Belgart really needs to make Netscape run wav files automatically
Trispis says, "Paul (and others), after you play with this stuff, send email to your favorite client developer."
Belgart says, "I like how they do the pronounciation break down"
Zyon says, "Why not ask the developers?"
Trispis personally likes the voices of ReadPlease better than Festival, but Festival is more technically advanced (with the markup language).
Paul nods, "Maybe at some point it might be worth trying to drag them into an open discussion online at some point?"
Paul's just bouncing ideas about as he gets them ;o)
Trispis would certainly be open to hosting another such discussion.
Belgart says, "I'd be willin to house a development site on my CM"
Trispis says, "But not until after the festival is over!!!"
Belgart nods
Balerion would like to see that. "I can't program, but I'd like to see where those who can want to take it. ;)"
Zyon can program, and would like to see this taken further.
Trispis idles a sec to send advance copies of the log to Nick and Kathleen.
Philip has left.
Balerion heads off with that. :)
Paul smiles, "Your an End User still Balerion.. so your imput counts lots..." (Gah, college is starting to rub off on me!)
Zyon icks.
Balerion grins. "That goes without saying. ;)"
Balerion goes home.
Balerion has left.
China goes home.
China has left.
Zyon says, "as well as a Tester. :)"
Trispis says, "Okay. log sent to Nick and Kathleen."
Zyon was checking out SABLE.
Paul wonders if there is a windows version of the Festival program? (Or if someone has a complied version about?)
Joshua stops logging and disconnects.