Current M*U*S*H Administrators

Alan, M.G., and Maddie
Created: Mon Sep 2 16:56:24 1996

Who is Javelin?: In RL, Javelin's Alan Schwartz, Associate Professor of Clinical Decision Making in the Depts of Medical Education and Pediatrics at the University of Illinois at Chicago (a longwinded way to say that he teaches and studies how doctors make decisions). He's married to M.G. Bertulfo, a writer, and their family includes a school-aged son and a chocolate lab.
Why is Javelin on this webpage?: Javelin started M*U*S*H, and continues to serve as its God and Chief Brewer.
Javelin's current online activity: In addition to running M*U*S*H, Javelin runs, formerly moderated the USENET group, hacks a bit on the source code, and is otherwise overcommitted. But he doesn't maintain the Penn source any more!
Javelin's interests: Javelin's non-online hobbies include contract bridge, skiing, dog training, reading, brewing beer and mead, and eating well!


Created: Fri Feb 13 20:00:21 1998

Who is Raevnos?: Raevnos is sometimes known as Shawn Wagner, a former software engineer and paid programmer and currently an EMT-in-training. He lives in Seattle, Washington.
Why is Raevnos on this webpage?: Bribery. Don't tell anyone, but Javelin has a weakness for pink fuzzy bunny slippers.
Raevnos' current online activity: Besides M*U*S*H, Raevnos plays or hangs out or admins on a few other mushes, and currently spends far too much time snooping on LiveJournal. Always connected to those games he doesn't idle-timeout from, but not always at the computer. When in doubt, send @mail. He's one of the PennMUSH developers, and keeps meaning to, in his Copious Free Time, to get involved in some other open source projects.
Raevnos' interests: Non-computer-related hobbies include reading, walking around and exploring Seattle, trying to play a variety of musical instruments, traditional American and English dancing, and making Marretta drool over descriptions of his culinary skills.


Created: Sun Apr 5 09:31:37 1998

Who is Grinna?: Diane Thompson, part-time student and struggling divorcee. I love animals (especially cats - hence my online persona as Grinna), plants, crafts, computers (mostly) and life in general. At the time this is being written I live alone with my cat Felicity and a tank of seamonkeys. Jobs change and hopefully with enough schooling mine will be making steady improvements.
Why is Grinna on this webpage?: I helped Trispis build and run MUSH 101, followed him over to M*U*S*H and sometime after was asked to become an admin on M*U*S*H. I resisted becoming a Wiz for quite a while as I felt that my schoolwork didn't allow me enough time to do a good enough job. While I could not code my way out of a paper bag, there are times when I have ideas worthy enough for others to take up the thought and run with it. Other than that, I watch, I kibitz and I nag.
Grinna's current online activity: Grinna's online activity consists of taking care of my virtual fish, chatting to my friends from around the world, and being the occasional secretary for Trispis. Occasionnall I build, but since starting school I haven't done much of that.
Grinna's interests: In addition I would like to lay blame where blame is due. If not for my daughter (Crystalline @ CDI) I would not be online at all. If not for the occasional quirkiness of my mind I would never have spoken to Trispis and started what has been a great onine/personal friendship (one that will hopefully last many more years). If not for Trispis I would never have gotten involved in MUSH 101, and if not for MUSH 101 I would not be on M*U*S*H. If not for all these things my life would be devoid of the friendships that have occured along the way and I am GRATEFUL. Thank you one and all.


Created: Mon Apr 7 15:21:31 1997

Who is Elvira?: In reality, I'm Katharyne Harrnacker. I live on a rock called Guernsey in the English Channel between England and France. Accompanying me on this rock are my husband, Tim, our lovely daughter Autumn, our Persian cats, Bob and Fred, our parrot fishes, Polly and Bert and a load of other tropical fish. I gave up my work as a software manager a year ago and now I spend my time studying (currently working towards a degree - probably in psychology or social studies) and of course, looking after Autumn.
Why is Elvira on this webpage?: I used to play on Riverworld a long long time ago as Marilyn Monroe and from there I moved onto M*U*S*H. Although I'm emeritus, I'm still around and always willing to help new players and if time allows to join in with any interesting projects.
Elvira's current online activity: I've been MU*ing for about 8 or 9 years, most of those spent on World of Darkness MUSHes, letting the dark, gothic side of me hang out (ew!). I joined Rio: Manha de Carnival as vampire wizard recently which is a lot of fun. I've also spent time on sci-fi MUSHes, FurryMUCKs, Social MOOs and even *gasp* MUDs. I've worked in pretty much every capacity from player through to judge, storyteller, admin and even god but I focus on Rio now. I have plans for a Total Recall/Bladerunner crossover MUSH at some point in the future, but this probably won't be for many years!
Katharyne's interests: I'm a typical loud, fierce Leo, but I have a soft centre. My interests are entering and occasionally winning competitions, looking after our pets, music of any kind and if you stop by my gothic mansion, you may find out about my interests for the gothic and vampiric. My studies were based in English and drama so I like reading and the theatre too. I'd quite like to get back into programming, but right now I just don't have the time! I also help out on the local committee of the National Childbirth Trust, helping women who are planning home births.


Created: Sat Jun 03 17:36:24 2000

Who is Cheetah?: In real life, Martin Schoenmakers is not a Cheetah, but rather a techie in training. He's done half a year of AI in university, but had to drop out at that point due to circumstances. That doesn't mean he hasn't learned anything since. In a 3 month trip to the states, he learned a lot about life, and even met some of the other M*U*S*H admin. Beyond that, he's learned a lot more about computers in general, and Linux in particular. At most of the times he's not needed elsewhere, he boots into Linux (whee) and messes with/pokes at/does a wide range of things.
Why is Cheetah on this webpage?: At one point, after having spent some time on IRC, Cheetah found out about MUDs and MUSHes by accident while doing a search for 'telnet', and ended up on M*U*S*H because he wanted to see Pueblo support. After sticking around for about a year, and having gotten some coding and general MUSHing experience, the admin rocked his world by offering him the red pill. Silly as it might be, he accepted.
Cheetah's current online activity: When online, Cheetah mainly hangs out in his usual places, tinkers with his server or his desktop (or his dad's, of late), reads stories or techie stuff, plays an old game (emulated), or goes about some other random activity. He also likes to help people if/when he can, preferably by helping them understand things they didn't see before.
Cheetah's interests: Besides tech stuff, Cheetah is interested in reading (sci-fi/fantasy), gaming (mostly older stuff), listening to a broad and at times unlikely spectrum of musical styles, and has a range of vague theories about just about anything he'll be happy to discuss.


Created: Fri Nov 03 21:08:01 2000

Who is Viila?: Viila is known to some as Toni Ylisirniö in this strange thing called 'real life' (Tony if it helps you think of him as a man :). When not being online he is a @poor student at the Helsinki University of Technology... What does he study then? You had to ask, computer science of course!
Why is Viila on this webpage?: Why am I on this webpage? That is a good question. I've been on M*U*S*H since September 2000 after Cheetah kindly introduced me to this yet another way to waste my time with. After ten or so odd months of +softcoding and general being around on M*U*S*H Javelin shocked him by offering a position with the staff Viila had come to respect and look up to.
Viila's current online activity: Viila's current online activities include overdosing on webcomic archives, IRCing, MUSHing, and wasting time on this online RPG called RuneScape... And of course general surfing of the net. He really spends too much time on the net, which is becoming a bit hard on his wallet. Luckily he's getting ADSL soon, so the phone company can't extort him for long with his dial-up costs.
Viila's interests: Err, besides wasting too much time on the 'net, Viila spends lots of time doing stuff with his computer. Mainly 3D rendering and modeling, but also coloring a webcomic and other artsy things. Minor points of interest consists of playing games (Thief!) and writing occasionally. (See a pattern emerging? I have no life ;). Oh and programming in C++, but that he hasn't done in ages (really ought to start again). In addition to all that he is supposed to be studying too... Could someone sell me extra hours for my days? :)


Created: Sun Sep 19 21:49:44 1999

Who is China?: I came to be called China for the first game I was in, TNGMuse back in '97 when I first came online, and needed 'a name'. I looked out the window my pc faces and saw the Chinaberry tree in the back yard. It eventually got nicknamed down to China.
Why is China on this webpage?: I came to M*U*S*H as friends were here, when they all left a mush we'd been playing on back in '99. Since then some of them have gone, but I stayed as the coding fasinates me even though I can't seem to learn it. I also like the people here. They're a nice group of friendly folks, and apparently some of them like me too, as I was invited to be an admin this year (2003).
China's current online activity: My duties as Admin on M*U*S*H are helping when I can ...and now being an 'Official' tester of objects needing to be known if they're user friendly, as IF there's anyone they won't work for ...they won't work for me.
China's interests: Outside interests I have vary and mentioning a few: Archeaology, having been on a couple digs, one being an underwater Oklawaha River Survey project for the state of Florida. Weekend canoe trips, one a 30 miler and another 45 are the longest two but alligators in the water worry me. Being an Assistant BSA Roundtable Commissioner for a few years was fun. Playing a livingroom RP game with a gathering of friends is also a nice way to spend a weekend. And am currently learning/building a 45+ page website with a friend... topic not mentionable yet. :)


Created: Sun Apr 18 13:37:48 1999

Who is Walker?: Outside of our reality, Walker goes by the handle "Greg Millam." He is a Deaf geek of all trades. When not working at the computer, he can be found scaling cliffs, climbing up mountains, and sitting in a canoe playing a banjo.
Why is Walker on this webpage?: A freak accident involving an owl, a stick of bubblegum, and a quantum mechanic. An admin on M*U*S*H since late 2000, he uses his awesome powers of Pun-ishment for the good of the community... usually.
Walker's current online activity: Most of Walker's online time is spent on M*U*S*H, chatting with friends, or writing code.
Walker's interests: When not occupied online or by work, Walker can usually be found playing sports, travelling, reading a book, or dancing, among many other things.


Created: Fri Dec 11 19:07:50 1998

Who is Noltar?: In real life, Noltar is known as Ervin Hearn. He works as a software engineer for DAZ Productions, a small 3D graphics content and software company in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Why is Noltar on this webpage?: Well, Noltar joined M*U*S*H shortly after discovering mushes in the fall of 1998, but didn't really become particularly active until sometime during 2000. After that point, he would like to believe he has used his growing understanding of mushcode and general mush administration to help a number of other players. He finally accepted Javelin's offer to join the admin team in 2003. Since then he has also joined the PennMUSH development team.
Noltar's current online activity: Most of Noltar's online time is spent hanging around 2-3 mushes he's settled down on and participating in the ArtZone community. He also does some of the common things such as email and chatting via various messengers. From time to time he can also be found playing a game or two of Civilization 4 with friends or wasting some time playing Lord of the Rings Online.
Noltar's interests: When he's not online, Noltar loves to take part in sporting events, hiking, reading, writing, drawing, listening to music, and watching movies. He also enjoys taking every opportunity he can to improve his cooking and artistic skills. Finally, he enjoys to travel whenever possible.


Created: Mon Dec 16 19:18:27 2002

Who is Tanaku?: Since my earliest days of virtual living, a shroud of ambiguity has always draped itself over my presence, somtimes by accident, sometimes by design, and sometimes inevitably. A beam of pleasant sunlight striking through the leaves of a thick forest canopy mottles the muddy ground, revealing some things, and making others seem all the murkier by contrast.
In life, I'm 21 years of age, though I often act, look, and am perceived as being five to ten years older than I am. Usually I don't mind this fact, and on occasion I even like it. I have a very odd perception of time; my memory's strong, and I can often remember things that happened years ago as if they happened yesterday... And things that happened last week as if they happened years ago. The fact that hours, days, months, and years are all sometimes interchangeable parts to my time sense is something I'm used to. A few other basic vitals: I'm a low-level full time Wal-Mart employee, but this is fine for the moment as I require relatively little in the way of material comforts; it just doesn't matter much to me. I allegedly have noteworthy skills when it comes to writing, and aspire to make a career out of doing the same. But then, I may wake up one day and be 80, or maybe it'll just be yet another tomorrow in the endless marches of the passage of time.
The internet is divided by a blurry line from the 'real world', and could easily be called a facet of my life, a seperated part of my life, or a visualization from my being creating another life entirely, which merely requires my more physical self's presence at a keyboard to maintain it, to continue to breath life into it. If that is so, then this odd creature I've both created by my presence and maintained with my breath, she, is the one called Tanaku.
Why is Tanaku on this webpage?: Tanaku originally came to M*U*S*H because she knew it was the PennMUSH dev MUSH. To her, this meant that she'd have a place to check the bugs she'd been finding to make sure they were still present in the current source without having to go through an intermediary to submit them, a place where she could work with Penn in its most current form, and a community of coders she could grow in, as she was already among the best of her 'home' MUSH. At first she thought she'd maintain a character here and pop in at relatively frequent intervals, but she ended up just deciding to stick around on a more consistent basis... within a few weeks of her first logon. She's been connected to M*U*S*H the vast majority of the time she's been online ever since. As to why she's stayed, she found the community and the MUSH itself interesting from the start, and this on top of all the code goodies was more than sufficient reason to make her a permanent resident.
Tanaku's current online activity: Tanaku is alarmed to find that she's currently admin at every major MUSH on her mental autoconnect list (a total of three), the two most noteable of which are M*U*S*H and ShoujoAi MUSH, and totally fails to imagine how this is possible. She's also the administrator of the ShoujoAi Forum, which includes all its various boards and, effectively, the site in its entirity. She's also a global IRCOp on the midsized IRC server which houses #shoujoai and officially and unofficially affiliated channels, where she participates regularly in many channels. That's all of the (internet) responsibilities, though this list *should* already be enough to drive any sane person to the brink. She's almost always known as Tanaku wherever she goes, and is (almost) the only English-speaking person she's heard of who goes by that name, though occasionally roleplay characters may have other, more appropriate names.
Tanaku's interests: Tanaku's interests include PennMUSH and its softcode and hardcode, programming in general and in a variety of languages, Windows and Linux, computer hardware and software, all the MUs she's connected to more than a handful of times, MMORPGs in general, the ShoujoAi website and associated communities, IRC and mIRC, roleplay, recreational and professional writing, reading, administration, philosophy, English, Japanese, Spanish, anime, anime music, manga, .hack//'anything', Tae-Kwon-Doe, sleep deprivation, automobile tires, and an endless variety of other things about which she will on occasion happily converse for hours.


Created: Mon Jan 26 13:53:41 2004

Who is Sake?: When not on the prowl online, Saké is Gerred Dillon, a senior at Ponderosa High School, and not for much longer. He's going to be attending Colorado State University shortly for chemistry or chemical engineering. Friend to the masses, enemy to Walker's puns, Saké stands always willing to lend a hand where he can.
Why is Sake on this webpage?: Saké joined M*U*S*H in 2004 seeking help with something - he can't remember what it was now, for soon he got swept up into a terribly powerful subculture of wit and confusion. Unable to help himself, he put on his wizard hat and...wait, wrong story. He generally enjoyed the company of other M*U*S*Hers and is somehow friends with them to this day. On January 22, 2006, he was mugged, dragged back to Javelin's treehouse, and humbled when offered a place on staff. He never really knew what he was getting into when he accepted.
Sake's current online activity: On M*U*S*H, Saké can be seen flitting about the channels, offering knowledge on a wide range of topics. Though he is far from an expert at anything, really, he is informed in a wide range of topics. Otherwise, he enjoys spending time talking (and playing with) friends, reading, writing, and slapping together something that someone, out there, might just call code.
Sake's interests:


Created: Sat Oct 27 15:59:07 2001

Who is Zebranky?: Andrew Brockert, now (as of 2009) a junior at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Electrical and Computer Engineering and... well, this isn't a résumé. Talking to me yourself will yield a much better sense of who I am.
Why is Zebranky on this webpage?: In late 2001, thanks to some prodding from Cheetah and Viila on IRC, I connected to M*U*S*H. After being a nuisance for three years or so, with quite a few "memorable" moments, apparently I was both helpful and quirky enough to get a bit.
Zebranky's current online activity: Sitting in a chair, observing with interest an object composed primarily of polymer chains, upon which appear images and words. At a higher level, various MUSHing, MUDding (though not so much anymore), IRCing, graphical game playing and modding (NWN in particular), and the usual accompanying activities.
Zebranky's interests: Audio-frequency amplifiers, audio-frequency vibrations, radio-frequency communications (amateur radio callsign NE1X), radically innovative game design... again, talking to me will yield far more interesting (and up-to-date) results.

Retired Admins


Created: Fri Sep 13 10:43:42 1996

Who is Matt?: I spend a lot of my days as a student in Portsmouth, UK, and a lot of my nights working behind a bar to pay the rent. That boring stuff aside, I tend to pop up here and there in the world of Muds. Not that interesting, really, but hey. :)
Why is Matt on this webpage?: I got my first taste of administration as a Judge on Battlestar Galactica many years ago, after which I founded (the first, I believe) Babylon 5 MUSH. I retired from staffing for some time, until Javelin asked me to help him with a project called Riverworld, which sadly folded, but, rising like the Pheonix from the flames came M*U*S*H. I've been here ever since. Then I retired, since I really don't have the regular time for a solid comittment, but hey, I still love it on M*U*S*H.
Matt's current online activity: Online, I don't do a lot. Or I try not to. I help out with MUSH 101 as much as possible, code on B5, and love to sit around on M*U*S*H chatting to all the cool folks there.
Matt's interests: I guess my particular interests are in improving Muds however possible.. feel free to give me a holler if you want to talk about it! ;)


Created: Fri Oct 02 16:34:43 1998

Who is Kyieren?: I am a 22-year-old computer programmer for an international consulting firm. Online I go by Kyieren, who can be easily recognized with his trademark creative spam and cool ideas.
Why is Kyieren on this webpage?: Some people decided I should be an admin on M*U*S*H one day, so here I am. I'm somewhat new to the online administration game but I'm confident that the quality team here will mold my potential into something great.
Kyieren's current online activity: Hanging out, chatting, building, planning events, pursuing projects. I'm currently involved with building the "main grid" and planning social events (among other things) on M*U*S*H, as well as the Andy Awards for excellence in online text-based gaming.I'm not big on RP worlds anymore, because the ones I play were more stressful than recreational. I try to MUD when I feel like it.
Kyieren's interests: I'm a HUGE Star Trek fan, Babylon 5, and several other TV shows. I enjoy movies, hip-hop and R&B music, being with family, travelling and chilling with friends. I like my computer (naturally) and endeavor to become a real expert in the field. I enjoy getting outside too, when I make the effort.


Created: Tue Feb 9 01:03:11 1999

Who is Marretta?: Mild mannered school teacher by day, Mary Brown teaches 6th grade Social Studies. Once fulfilling the needs of her daily work and social calendar, though, she becomes Marretta: The Admin that doesn't Code. She'll gladly chat with anyone about most any topic, answer newbie questions, and play devil's advocate to most debates if they are debated in the appropriate forum.
Why is Marretta on this webpage?: Javelin offered Marretta her roybit in April of 1999 and the wizbit soon followed. She built the Farm House as a sanctuary to all the different personalities of M*U*S*H, and keeps an open door policy there. Anyone is welcome to stop by and chat. Her favorite parts of the job are handing out quota, answering newbie questions, and checking out what other people have built.
Marretta's current online activity: Most of Marretta's on-line time is spent multi-tasking. She tends to surf through the news or through the occasional e-zine while chatting with friends via M*U*S*H, ICQ, and e-mail. Sometimes she convinces herself she is doing something useful by balancing her checkbook, making up lesson plans, or creating worksheets while she chats incessantly and spams her friends.
Marretta's interests: When she isn't on-line or at work, Marretta watches movies, listens to music, does needlepoint, reads books, journals, writes, walks in the park, does the elliptical, and pretends that her adorable cats are annoying. Marretta does not: Cook, wear jewelry, eat eggplant, or do aerobics.


Created: Tue Oct 20 18:48:30 1998

Who is Caelum?: Hi, my name is Rafael Kitover and I'm a MU* addict. By day, I'm at work insulting my fellow cow-orkers, deleting their files and breaking their systems, and generally telling them to go away so that I can MU*. By night, I sleep, make that night _and_ morning. By evening, I generally have to go to 3 hour evening classes; then/or I watch Law & Order reruns on the couch with my laptop, MU*ing all the meanwhile. Mu!
Why is Caelum on this webpage?: I was created on Tue Oct 20 18:48:30 1998, or so my player object says (damn, time flies, it needs to fly a bit closer so I can blow it up with my bazooka...) Anyway, I have endeavored to act as bizarre as inhumanly possible, and so Javelin gave me a wizbit.
Caelum's current online activity: MU* ing and reading slashdot, occasionally actually looking for information or writing code.
Caelum's interests: I'm interested in Perl and all things UNIX. Especially Debian Linux. I like food, sleep, and occasionally ride my bike :)


Created: Tue Mar 31 20:34:18 1998

Who is Vexon?: Vexon is actually Matt Hackett, a non-plasmonic, living, breathing human. I'm mainly a student, but do occasionally work. Hopefully I will soon be taking a sysadmin job in the local area here (Portland, Oregon, USA). I am generally your average computer-addicted guy: listen to alternative and some techno music, drink lots of caffiene, etc. I also enjoy gardening and swimming (when I get the chance to).
Why is Vexon on this webpage?: I've been around M*U*S*H since Spring 1998, although I didn't become particularly active until 1999. In mid-1999 I joined the staff of the 101 Schoolhouse here at M*U*S*H. In winter of 1999, after Trispis resigned as Head Master, Paul, Matt and I became the co-cordinators of 101. I filled the position of Dean of Education, in charge of classes and workshops. Not long after taking up that position I became a royal, and now am a wizard.
Vexon's current online activity: I'm online on a daily basis, usually for at least several hours. Although occasionally I'm DARK or hidden, I generally am on M*U*S*H and available via page or channels.
Vexon's interests: I have many an interest, most of them technical. At the top of the list is likely to be programming (C, C++, et cetera). I am a big fan of Linux, and use it on both of my home systems. However, I do --gasp -- own a copy of Windows for when I need to play a strategy or adventure game. Aside from the computer, I have a hobby of reading and playing around with many concepts in number theory (nerdy, I know). Also, I have an unhealthy and as yet unexplained interest in everything medical. I'm a walking talking PDR and Grey's Anatomy, and honestly don't know how I got that way. Perhaps someday I will take a few more courses to get my EMT liscence, but for now all I have is a long-experied first responder/CPR certification. All in all, I'm a geek, and I know it. ;)


Created: Thu Oct 30 17:21:09 1997

Who is Cecily?: I am Kathy Dunn, long-suffering graduate student. This spring I intend to complete my PhD in Materials Science & Engineering, with a specialization in electron microscopy of thin semiconducting films. So. That should make everything perfectly clear.
Why is Cecily on this webpage?: A long time ago (1992) I started playing Aerin Ophelion @ DuneMUSH, where I subsequently became a Judge and Royal on Javelin's AdminTeam. A moderately long time ago (1995-7) I played Jeanne d'Arc in a RiverWorld PBEM run by Javelin. Some time later I played Enkidu at the RiverWorld MUSH run by Javelin. And so, as you can probably guess by now, I followed Javelin to M*U*S*H. Its not really as stalker-like as it sounds. Honest.
Cecily's current online activity: Well, my online activities have been severely curtailed by the desire to finish my PhD sometime this decade. I was King of Chaos for something like 4 or 5 years @ AmberMUSH, and can still be found there as Cecilia or Anastasia. I can occasionally be found as Sivona or Magda on PatternFall MUSH. Mostly, though, I hang out on M*U*S*H and TooMUSH, to chat with friends and wax nostalgic.
Cecily's interests: Well, most of these have been curtailed to varying degrees, on the altar of the PhD. I play guitar, sing and direct a church choir; I used to be in a barbershop quartet; I sew & quilt & knit & crochet & cross-stitch; I gardened when I lived in a house rather than an apartment; I pamper my cat Murple.


Created: Thu Jan 29 11:11:06 1998

Who is Paul?: Just another wannabe dotcom millionaire, walking the threads of cyberspace in search of something, but not really so sure what yet. The 'real' Paul how ever is little seen of late, hiding behind a dream like persona online, often quiet, with an odd out burst from time to time. - Paul is /not/ Javelin ;o)
Why is Paul on this webpage?: Having spent a couple of years bouncing about MUSHes on and off, Paul some how ended up on MUSH.. more then likely trying to find scoob who hosted his MUSH at the time, running on the same server as the origional MUSH-101. Or maybe not. Anyway, for some reason the gang had this crazy idea I was good for something, and here I am...
Paul's current online activity: Right now, hoping to start a new MUSH Guide and MUSH cookbook for MUSH-101, and stopping any incuresion of the stange place called Real Life effecting his work before it even starts. Other then that, time is spent fiddling with code waiting for his Linux server so he can do something worthwhile.
Paul's interests: Taking a step into the unknown and finding what lies beyond.


Created: Wed Aug 12 21:08:00 1998

Who is fil?: fil is an interesting character. Known as Chris to the real world, he is a Manager of Computer Support for the Division of Professional Education and Training at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. His online persona can best be described as "a wacky dude" and "a total goober". But, honestly? He's just a normal guy spending his PC time online with great friends. And if he's able to cheer someone up with a witty remark or snappy line, then he's done his job.
Why is fil on this webpage?: In 1996, after becoming a bit disenchanted with the local hack 'n' slash MUD, fil moved on to "bigger and better things", namely, an ElfQuest MUSH named TwoMoons. After a long stint of RP (roughly 2 years), he expanded his horizons, and found M*U*S*H in 1998, as well as some other RP-based MU*s. He was pleased with the friendly atmosphere, and has been a cornerstone ever since, taking a brief break during 1999. In 2001 he was offered an admin position, which he accepted.
fil's current online activity: fil is Marretta's Public Relations manager, and dutifully sends her to photo shoots and other wonderful opportunities for her to use her incredible fame as M*U*S*H Head Wizard to better the lives of others. But no, really, fil is learning (and teaching when possible) softcode, always willing to discuss Role Playing, and likes to think of himself as a friendly assistant when needed. fil has ALSO been named "The Pickiest Admin", and hopes to live up to this lofty title. For now, he and his pet goat Greta will just wander Marretta's Farm House looking for a bit of cheese here and there.
fil's interests: Wow. Umm, I'm interested in Roleplaying chiefly, although coding/programing, as well as developing new ways to incorporate pure game with technology fascinates me. As far as in reality? He is many things -- a workaholic, a roleplay fanatic, a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (, a father to a new bulldog puppy, a new home owner, and I'm just beginning to learn how to mountain bike.


Created: Fri Feb 13 18:14:30 1998

Who is Rhysem?: I'm Jonathan Booth, geek of computer science. I'm online as Rhys unless drug away by schoolwork or friends for a game. I've been stuck in the time sucking vortex of the net for about 7 years now, and am not looking forward to getting out in the real world where I might not have a dedicated line to the net.
Why is Rhysem on this webpage?: My presence here is a long story but can be summarized as follows: I was a player, then an admin, then booted as the admin. My brain said, "Thou shalt code." So I looked for a good social MUSH I could get on and code. I found 101 and M*U*S*H, and hung around the latter more. I was a player two places, and it was good, for it was not stressful as being an admin elsewhere. Sometime back though, Javelin, with the other staff conspiring with him went and hired a bunch of us who went and took the red pill, and here I am today.
Rhysem's current online activity: In terms of MUSHes, hanging around here and RPing Rhys at Star Wars 2. Not so much to either case due to homework pressures though. I hope that after this year that will ease up some. I also participate in the requisit geekly reading of slashdot, userfriendly, and freshmeat. Online time also often is homework time in another window.
Rhysem's interests: Code code and more code. MUSH, Tcl/Tk, C(++), Perl, anything. If a computer understands it, I'd like to. I'm working on writing a coder's client at the moment in Tcl/Tk. It is progressing well but not perfectly.

Windmill Harderwijk
Updated: June 29 2001
Who is Halatir?: I am Luuk de Waard from The Netherlands. Both pictures were taken in that country. IRL I am a web developer, sysadmin, programmer, and sometimes a student. Most of my spare time and vacations consist of calling Lyna and visiting her in Malaysia.
Why is Halatir on this web page?: Late 1997 I came to MUSH 101 where I became first an honor student, and then an admin. When MUSH 101 moved to M*U*S*H as the 101 Schoolhouse, I moved along. Later I was asked on the M*U*S*H admin team.
Natuurpark Lelystad Halatir's current online activity: I retired from M*U*S*H adminning and hardcode development because Real Life turned out to be a bigger adventure than MUSHing. Occasionally I roleplay or softcode on Elendor MUSH. My best known piece of softcode is Scrabble, developed on M*U*S*H. I can still be found on M*U*S*H, idling, chatting or occasionally playing a M*U*S*H game, like Scrabble and Corpolitick.
Halatir's interests: Bahasa Melayu, traveling, online gaming

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