Family Feud: A M*U*S*H RP event

On Oct 1, to help kick off Mudtoberfest 2002, Javelin ran an original RP event that he wrote called Family Feud. Here's information about the game for posterity.

The initial bb post:

Something strange is happening in the universe, and the focus of that strangeness centers on M*U*S*H!

Family Feud is a LARP (live action roleplaying) event. During the event, participating players on M*U*S*H will take on new roles and goals and attempt to roleplay their way to achieving their objectives, under the watchful eye of the GM (Javelin).

Unlike past LARPs, players will not be logging in with precreated characters. Instead, you will be playing *yourself*, but with some extra secrets (and unfortunately, I need to be vague about what those are, but I assure you, it'll be a wild time). For example, Javelin might learn that he's really Private Investigator Sam Spade, who's been logging in as Javelin in order to track down an international jewel thief. As a result, players will generally not know which M*U*S*H players are involved in the LARP (and M*U*S*H players who don't sign up and receive characters are welcome to get drawn into the LARP playing themselves!)

Yeah, it sounds weird, but trust me. :) Or ask me on a chat channel if you need something else explained.

To play in Family Feud type '+signup familyfeud'. If you change your mind or can't make it, please remember to +unsignup. Character information will be emailed out a few days before the event so please be sure that your EMAIL is up-to-date!

The characters

In fact, the game was about Armageddon, and the characters consisted of four groups:

GM notes

Highlights of stuff that happened

Well, stuff that I happened to see...

Nammyung asked Maestro for the guitar very early on, and Maestro gave it to him.

Marretta's sword was much admired when she whipped it out to ice some cookies. Though many tried to get it from her, she eventually agreed to play Scrabble for it, and Oog had a higher score when 30 tiles were left, and thus won it from her.

Elvira organized all of the angels, and several mortals, to band together and follow her against an attack by twinks from within the MUSH. Oog, however, was busy in Omphalos Park, where the Principalities of Evil were organizing, and didn't join in.

The book was more problematic, as Stoko refused to give it up to Teliver. Eventually, when the forces of good faced evil in the Park, Stoko gave it to Vadiv instead. Paul was upset at Maestro's trumpet playing, but it was Nammyung's guitar that heralded the final battle, a free-for-all in which the angels seemed to think Cheetah was the Beast.

Eventually, however, all of the chosen mortals were following the side of Good (or following Marretta) and Good triumphed, 26-10. (So I rolled a d26 and a d10 and compared the results. The d26 rolled a 17, a Good omen.) Good won. This time.