M*U*S*H Town Meeting, 17 March 2001

Omphalos Park(#0RtAJ)
  The carefully-manicured park is designed as a series of concentric circles, a fitting geometry for the center of the town. Park Boulevard stretches out to the east and west, and Main Street begins south of here. The trees are lush and green, offering ample shade. Birds sing in their branches.
  At the very center of the park is a stone wishing well, and a beanstalk that rises up into the sky above.
Logging in Progress Sign
Wishing Well
Streets here:
 North <N> leads to Linden Grove
 South <S> leads to Market Blvd and Main Street
 West <W> leads to Park Blvd and Penn Street
 East <E> leads to Park Blvd and Shady Lane
Beanstalk <U>

NOTE FROM LOGGER:  Prior to the Town Meeting there was much revelry, eating, chatting, frisbee throwing and sack racing.  Those events are not reflected in this log.

Marretta shouts energetically atop her soap box. "Good afternoon! Welcome to the Picnic in the Park. This is a chance to get together, chat, engage in revelry, share some blanket space and good food and conduct a Town Meeting-like exchange so that the administrators of M*U*S*H can get in touch with the thoughts and concerns of the players. We will be logging this meeting and it may be posted to the Web so that those not in attendance can review what was discussed. Issues raised here may be further discussed on the Feedback bulletin board."

Cheetah hopes he doesn't get cut off at the end, else he'll have to watch the logs.

Intrevis will be back ASAP.

Sholevi supposes his face could use some feeding, and takes a seat down near the edge of a blanket.

Viila cheers at Marretta!

Intrevis claps politely as he idles.

Marretta says, "One of the goals of the admin at M*U*S*H has been to allow players to play a larger part in the scheduling of activities and the policy and procedure making of our game. During some discussion a while back on the feedback board, Taladan raised the idea of a Town Meeting to enable players to speak their mind and there were other players and admins that also liked the idea."

Marretta says, "The recent survey (many thanks to Trispis who designed the Survey Widget) had several questions regarding player input and balance, and there seemed to be a strong indication that while most respondants agreed that admin staff should be listening to players and seeking their input, there wasn't necessarily a need for an official player board. Most people expressing an opinion on the subject felt that activities such as a Town Meeting where any player could voice their thoughts would be of benefit to M*U*S*H as a whole. So that, in a nutshell, is why we are here today."

Marretta says, "If you are interested in learning more about the survey results, read +bbread 1/82."

Vexon has disconnected.

Vexon goes home.

Marretta voice gets even more boisterous. "Now, with that said, ladies, gentlemen, and everone else, "Welcome to The Picnic in the Park: M*U*S*H's first Town Meeting."

Kyieren cheers

Arathas cheers!

Viila cheers again!

Cheetah wooos.

Trispis whistles.

China whisles.

Vadiv does nothing at all.

Grinna applauds loudly and yays!!

Marretta says, "Here are the general guidelines:"

Grinna pokes Vadiv with a claw

Marretta says, "1) Today's Master of Ceremonies (MC) is Grinna. Aside from being a human-sized Cheshire cat, Grinna is also one of the three Head Wizards at M*U*S*H. I'll be handing the festivities over to her in a few moments."

Sholevi smiles

Javelin puts bunny-ears over Vadiv's head.

Viila snickers.

China snickers.

Grinna looks at Vadiv with a strange hunger

2) If you would like to address the audience with an idea or comment, please page Grinna.

Cheetah gives Vadiv a carrot.

Vadiv puts bunny feet on Javelin.

3) The MC will then set the order in which people may be heard and call on you when it is your turn. As each new topic is discussed, we will ask for people that have questions or concerns regarding that topic.She gets the final say in who gets called on and when we move on to new topics. There may be some bumps in this process until we get a chance to perfect it, since it is the first time she or I have tried to conduct such a meeting. Be patient with us, please!

4) Your ideas, comments, constructive criticism is appreciated and valued. That is -why- we are having this meeting. So please feel free to voice your opinions.

China nods. ;)

5) Please keep in mind that this is a public meeting in a public place and that all AUP policies will be enforced.

Marretta says, "Are their any questions so far about the guidelines that have been laid out?"

Trispis raises his hand to comment.

Vexon has arrived.

Vexon appears in a bright blue flash of light.

Grinna says, "Wb Vexon"

China shakes her head, understanding.

Marretta says, "T?"

Trispis says, "Thank you. I have one brief comment to make before this thing steamrolls..."

Marretta nods.

Trispis says, "Marretta has been very generous in acknowledging my hard work (and yes, sometimes it did get very difficult and confusing, cuz I'm not a statistician) on the survey widget. I'm grateful for that, but I also am grateful that Marretta put her own sweat into making that fine (very fine, from my layman's perspective) survey... the one this meeting is being based on/around. She worked for many days to make sure it asked the relevant points and such. Kudos to Mar for that."

Trispis says, "That's all. Thanks."

Vexon applauds :)

Grinna applauds Marretta. :)

Marretta blushes. "Thanks!"

Arathas applauds Marretta. "Woot!"

Niniane applauds them both :)

Kyieren applauds

China whistles for Marretta too.

Vadiv eeps!

Sholevi has disconnected.

Vadiv says, "That's not a question!"

Marretta says, "Before moving into the Open Floor portion of this meeting, there is one more issue to be dealt with. We would like to make Town Meetings a regular ritual at M*U*S*H. We'd like volunteers that are willing to act as the MC of these events. If we get two or more volunteers, we will ask our audience to privately vote on the next MC."

You say, "Some of the qualities we would expect of a future MC are:"

Kyieren boggles at the name change

Trispis pages: Wrong character, hon.

Marretta giggles.

Marretta says, "Mika is logging for me. Sorry about that!"

Marretta tries to recover. ;)

1) Willingness to schedule, organize, and run a Town Meeting

2) Ability to handle multiple pages

3) Skill in diplomacy

4) Ability to redirect inappropriate behavior

5) Serenity in the face of conflict

Marretta pretends she isn't in the least bit embarrassed and moves on.

Grinna adds 6...Ability to ask for help

Vadiv hrms. "3 and 4 let me out. ;)"

Marretta says, "The future MC will be working with the admin staff to set up a time, a place, and a theme for the next Town Meeting. Any questions before we open the floor for you to either volunteer or recommend a volunteer?"

Kyieren says, "Well, can we maybe do that at the end? You know, so volunteers can see how this one works out?"

Cheetah adds 7, enough time for it all, which counts him out.

Grinna says, "Hmmm"

Viila grins at Cheetah.

Javelin can see value to choosing one now, while everyone's here. Later, people will start dropping off.

Kyieren was thinking that as well.

Kyieren says, "How about leaving it as a survey?"

Vadiv says, "..because we've secretly replaced the lemonaide with a toxic substance."

Grinna says, "I'd rather have someone for MC today, Ky. For continuity"

Kyieren nods.

Niniane eyes bulge as she was just about to take a drink of her lemonade...

Arathas drops his lemonade glass. 'Eep!'

Viila takes a sip of his lemonade.

Vexon takes a sip of his lemonade.

Viila wonders what toxic substance tastes like lemonade...

Marretta says, "If you are interested...feel free to page Grinna with your interest. We will ask again at the end...and hopefully hold a vote of all candidates that expressed interest. So people leaving will not be left off the ballot."

Grinna says, "Which means the actual election of the next MC is put off until after the meeting portion of the picnic"

Marretta says, "Thanks for the suggestion, Ky. It makes a lot of sense."

Vadiv takes a sip of his lemonade.

Kyieren nods.

William is back from choreville.

Grinna says, "WB William"

William says, "Did I miss anything interesting or important?"

China nodnods.

Marretta says, "Excellent. This, then, leads us into the Open Floor portion of the meeting. Please, if you haven't done so already, feel free to page Grinna that you have a comment to make."

Grinna says, "No, we just elected you next MC, William... j/k"

William looks for two turntables and a microphone.:P

Grinna groans and drags herself up off her blanket and onto the soap box.

Bellemore crawls out of her corner and de-idles.

Marretta Steps off her Soap Box and bows to Grinna. "Ladies and Gentlemen, let's hear it for tonight's MC. Grinna!"

Kyieren cheers and w00

Trispis claps.

Vexon woos

Arathas claps.

Bellemore claps precisely once.

Viila aplauds.

William golf claps.

Javelin makes the sound of one hand clapping, but many times.

Grinna pulls out a rather large cushy pillow and plops it on the soap box and sits down.

Cheetah applauds.

Trispis chuckles at Jav.

Viila wonders how Jav did that...

Javelin's arrow has flown straight to hell.

William chorevill beckons again.

Vadiv claps negative two times.

Grinna says, "And with no further ado... Kyieren is called to speak. OH, before I forget... please try to keep your comments down to 2 minutes (if necessary that can be extended, but lets try for two minutes to start)."

Bellemore blinks... "Weren't you supposed to say something, Grinna?"

Javelin says, "Nah, she's just MCing."

Grinna says, "Right, I left the speachifying to Marretta."

William returns.

Niniane realizes she was standing through Marretta's whole speech, so she embarassingly rolls out a big fluffy green blanket beside Grinna's and sits down.

Bellemore tries to make up a rhyme including 'MC', 'Grinna' and 'Soap box', but fails.

Kyieren stands up, "Hi, everyone. I was just reading the comments from the survey, and I thought there were a lot of good thoughts in there. One that's been going on for a while is the admin being really idle sometimes. Now I know you have RLs and have things to do, but when there's 4 of you on and all 4 are idle, and someone needs something, it makes it kinda hard sometimes. I don't wanna come down on you though, realize that. I think that hiring more admin should solve this though, and Jav said on the radio that he'd been thinking of new candidates. Just a thought. One more..."

Vadiv says, "."

Bellemore quips, "Can I throw tomatoes now?"

Vexon nods

Vexon says, "er.. no"

Grinna says, "No tomatoes, thank you"

Bellemore awws.

Vexon nods AT Ky :)

Kyieren says, "Second, I was knocked flat on my back when I saw how many people wanted to see new things built. I mean, people wanted EVERYTHING. I think that was really cool, and I truly hope a lot of you take the initiative to do some of that building. I'm done."

rodregis walks up Main Street into the park.

rodregis has arrived.

Javelin snapsnaps in agreement.

Kyieren takes his seat.

Bellemore has really been working on her throwing arm just for this event. :)

Grinna says, "Thank you very much Ky."

rodregis says, "any more spam soon?"

rodregis says, "racesand such"

Grinna says, "First for offering to go first and second for being so nice and brief. :)"

Trispis says, "It's a town meeting, rod. It will be spammy here for quite a while."

Grinna says, "More spam rod. Town meeting"

rodregis says, "oh"

Grinna says, "Anyone else at this point? New topic or response to Ky's comment?"

Bellemore takes Logging in Progress Sign.

William gets the urge to ramble on for 3 hours but resists.muhahaha :>

Trispis raises his hand to respond.

Vadiv says, "I have a response."

Grinna says, "Please page me with requests"

rodregis says, "can anyone suggest a topic?"

Grinna says, "Long as you page it to me."

rodregis says, "is this for mush ideas/etc? or for the building section"

Vadiv says, "..why didn't someone @lock the Logging in Progress Sign? ;)"

Trispis says, "yes (both/all), rod."

Bellemore kicks Vadiv, "Doofus." :)

Marretta had faith nobody would try to steal it. ;)

Grinna says, "Okay. Trispis, you're up"

Trispis says, "I want to respond to the idle admin bit."

China takes a sip of her lemonade.

Trispis says, "In my experience, this tends to happen on almost every MUSH from time to time."

Kyieren nods.

Vadiv takes a sip of his lemonade.

Trispis says, "As for myself, I rarely idle when I'm on the MUSH. Sometimes, but rarely. I figure if I need to idle, I should just DC... and normally do. However..."

Vadiv takes a sip of his lemonade.

Bellemore sniffs the lemonade supply, "Since when is lemonade about 110 proof?"

Vadiv says, "That's not lemonaide, it's gasoline. Javelin's really trying to poison us."

rodregis says, "lol"

You must be on that channel to speak on it.

China says, "isn't MY lemonade if it's spiked. :)"

Bellemore ahhs, "Petrol."

Trispis says, "On the flipside, we have a couple admin who never disconnect (Raevnos, for example). These admin are actually doing the game an invaluable service, because they see *everything*... they see those players who login, cause trouble thinking no admin are gonna catch them, then leave. Raev has caught several players (logging his scrollback buffer as evidence). I know an idle admin isn't much use to you when you need them *right now*, but those who do connect for days at a time (and have to sleep sometime) are doing us a service we can never repay. Just my $.02 (and I do think we might be due for another admin or two, but I just wanted to defend the good things(tm) that our idling admin do do.)"

Bellemore opens the jerry can, and drinks most of it.

Trispis says, "That's all for me."

Kyieren nods in agreement.

Viila nods.

Arathas nods.

Grinna says, "Thank you for pointing that out Trispis."

Cheetah nods and claps.

Grinna says, "Anyone else wish to speak on this point?"

William raises his hand.

Grinna says, "Please page me if you wish to speak"

Grinna says, "William, you may respond next"

Grinna says, "I mean, William, you may respond now."

William says, "Trispis, couldn't you just use a logging bot which records a log instead of having an admin always on?"

Grinna looks at T

Trispis would have to defer to Jav on that. It delves into his administrative territory as the game's god.

Javelin says, "Oops, you've found Raev out. He's really a bot."

Marretta giggles.

Grinna says, "LOL"

Trispis chuckles.

Cheetah snickers.

Kyieren says, "A bot that knows Java. I'm not buying it."

William nods, and is finished.

Javelin says, "More seriously, I'd rather not have a wizbitted bot running around."

rodregis nods

Marretta adds her own thoughts. "If a bot was logging, an admin would still have to review it. Raevnos does that for us through his own logs.

Trispis says, "(credit to Marretta for this point) -- Someone would still have to read the log... which is what Raev does with is buffer."

Cheetah nods, "Noone likes a priviledged automaton.

Trispis meeps.

Vexon thinks it's just a bit creepy to have logbot, as well.

rodregis says, "raev uses emacs? yuck"

Marretta grins.

Kyieren isn't seeing much being said, heh.

Grinna says, "Okay... Viila, I think you have a comment to add?"

Viila nods.

Viila says, "Now, we are looking this thing in a way that idle admins are bad. But why are they bad? I mean the alternative would be that they wouldn't be here at all. Would that be any better?"

Grinna says, "You asking Viila?"

Viila says, "Well, everyone can ask that question silently from themselves :)"

Trispis nods agreement w/ Viila, "That was my point. Our idle admins *do* pay attention... they just do it in delayed mode, so to speak."

Vadiv cheers no admin! Woo! ;)

rodregis says, "sleep 86400;ed mushlog"

Javelin thinks Ky's point wasn't so much that idle admin are good or bad, but that a lack of active admin can be a problem when players need help (although, IMO, a lot of help stuff gets done by non-admin too, for which I'm grateful).

Trispis nodnods.

Kyieren nods, that's it exactly.

Grinna is grateful too

Grinna says, "So anyone else on this topic?"

Grinna says, "Trispis?"

Trispis says, "One more bit of commentary, in reaction to Jav's recent input..."

rodregis takes Logging in Progress Sign.

Vadiv has disconnected.

rodregis drops Logging in Progress Sign.

rodregis says, "gotta love that ;p"

Bellemore says, "At least I didn't pinch it. :)"

Vadiv has connected.

Vadiv bahs.

Vadiv drops a ducat into the wishing well.

Trispis says, "One of my suggestions on the survey was to try to develop more 'cooperative gaming concepts' rather than competitive ones. Think in terms of charades (where a team has to work together) or so. M*U*S*H's theme is well suited to cooperative empowerment (that's sorta what we thrive on) -- players helping each other."

Vadiv says, "I wish I had a better connection."

Cheetah chains Vadiv's connection to the MUSH.

Trispis says, "I don't know what my specific point is, but there's a sort of loose connection to the way our game is themed, and the kinds of games I'd like to see more of."

Trispis says, "That's all."

Grinna says, "Thank you, Trispis."

Grinna says, "I think it's time to move on to the next topic for tonight."

Grinna says, "rodregis, the floor..er lawn, is yours."

rodregis stands

China takes a sip of her lemonade.

rodregis says, "what i want to say is that a group, or more, should make tutorials - room-based on things like: tf, unix, etc, on the mush, in a publicly accessable place.'"

rodregis says, ":wq"

Trispis glances around at the PPL and 101 folks present, "Interesting idea."

Grinna says, "Like in our new Public Library??"

rodregis sits down

Vadiv oohs.

Arathas says, "What's wq?"

Grinna says, "Anyone with responses for rod?"

Vexon says, "BRB"

Vadiv says, "We don't have any tutorials."

Vexon has disconnected.

Vexon goes home.

Grinna says, "Ky has a response."

Vadiv says, "."

Grinna waits for Ky.

Vadiv has reconnected.

Kyieren stands, "Well, I agree with that, I too think we have more of an emphasis on softcode here on the MUSH itself, and we should remember Penn is softcode -and- hardcode. Part of it, I think, is this being a softcode environment, where you can see if your softcode works or not, where you can't really do that sort of thing while connected. I think part of it also is basically hardcode being viewed as yucky and a 'don't touch' thing, and not just by people here. I think we'd see a lot of benefits from programs like that. I don't know much C, but I'd be willing to learn."

Vadiv has partially disconnected.

Kyieren says, "I also think the PPL folks would be interested in cooperating to work with hardcode and UNIX and stuff. We'll see about it."

Kyieren says, "done"

Kyieren sits.

Grinna says, "Very good, Ky"

Grinna says, "China, you're up."

China stands.

China says, "I'm commenting about the tutorials. I know we have the web lectures. But on one mush I was on..."

China says, "they had classrooms where you went in and the lecture 'played' for you..."

China says, "after several were done, you took a test. To see if you were able to progress on to the next level."

China says, "might be something to consider for newer people on basic stuff."

China says, "it certainly showed them .me were and what I 'didn't know'."

China sits back down.

Arathas says, "That sounds cool."

Kyieren didn't understand the last sentence.

Grinna says, "I've never seen the 'test' thing done before...sounds very interesting, China."

Niniane agrees

Viila nods.

rodregis says, "i think you shoudl be able to opt out of the test"

Grinna says, "You want to explain your last sentence China?"

Cheetah says, "Yeah, sounds nice.."

China re-says her last sentence. "it certainly showed them ...and me wehre and what I didn't know." ;)

rodregis leaves

rodregis has disconnected.

China says, "wehre= where :)"

Grinna nods. "I got it."

Niniane says, "Bad spellers of the world, untie! LOL"

China still is getting her fingers all jumbled up today.

Grinna says, "OKay, Marretta, you have the lawn."

Marretta says, "I think Rod's idea, China's idea, and Ky's point are great. If there were players that feel they have some real talent in a specific area, it would be great to see them develop these ideas. I hope that now...and when these logs are posted, it plants a seed in peoples minds. Perhaps we didn't realize there was an audience for this kind of stuff. Getting out the idea that there is a demand for such information might be the motivation some of our talented coders need to put some time into working on such a thing on their own or in collaboration and providing the supply."

Trispis chuckles belatedly at Niniane.

Grinna says, "From your fingers to gods (not Jav's) eyes, Mar."

Grinna says, "Vadiv, I believe you had a comment to add?"

Vadiv says, "And forgive me, I'm being attacked my lag."

Vadiv says, "Alright, I like this as much as the next guy, but a lot of these are just suggestions for 101 Schoolhouse, and I think they can decide what they want to for themselves. I'm sure they'd welcome your comments, but this is kinda a strange forum to do that. ;) On a serious note, PPL is going to be running a website, s does 101, so putting up hardcode examples (for 101) or patches (for PPL) isn't totally an bad idea."

Vadiv says, "Although Javelin already run pretty much exactly the site we'd want, for patchs. ;) But tf stuff isn't out of the question."

Vadiv says, "Okay, that's all I got."

Grinna says, "Thanks, Vadiv"

Kyieren says, "I think we're seeing a lot of people on the channels (like just a bit ago) who are wanting spacecode, combat, economy, etc, and I also think the hardcode stuff would be good to help those people too, since we all know large systems like that can be kludgy and massively slow, or even impossible in softcode. In response to China's comment, I don't want to sound like the voice of "me too" but I think she's got a good idea. Perhaps implement it as a series of rooms where players can learn different things, like a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level, which would give you a project to do, and as soon as you could complete the project using the help tidbits they gave you in the room, plus help from the channels, you could advance to the next one. Then at the end of your course, you could recieve a certificate in the @mail, provided you were carrying functional objects from your projects, that sort of "certifies" you as a novice, intermediate, advanced coder, etc."

Kyieren says, "That's all."

Grinna says, "Thanks, Ky."

Kyieren says, "Oh, wait"

Grinna says, "Yes?"

Briggs returns

Grinna says, "Wb Briggs"

Kyieren says, "One more thing, I think rodregis had misunderstood what China was saying about testing. I think he thought she was saying you won't be allowed to do something if you can't pass a test, and I don't think that's what she meant."

Kyieren is really done for now. :)

Vadiv oohs at certifcation.

Grinna says, "Thanks Ky."

Grinna says, "Javelin, you have a comment?"

China nods in agreement with Kyieren's opinion of her statement.

Javelin just wanted to mention that he's willing to help people who are designing tutorials. In RL, he's a professional educator (as are some other people here), and he'd be happy to help with educational design stuff even if he doesn't have time to write tutorials, etc. himself, given his other activities.

Javelin thinks the educational activities here go way beyond 101 and PPL, fwiw. :)

Marretta nodnods.

Kyieren nods, esp. like <SoftCode>, <Hardcode> and related channels

Grinna thinks so too.

Grinna has a comment also. If Javelin is done?

Javelin is.

China nodnods too, even though she's not a teacher.

Vadiv eats everyone alive.

Briggs says, "Hey Javelin, wanna help me with my C++ homework? :)"

Trispis thinks one of the big educational things we do here, in a very informal and unstructured way, is to help people learn to help themselves (in many areas even unrelated to MUSHing) and to learn to help each other and get help from each other.

Grinna says, "Well, most of the places I learned on had tutorial's in book for (on the mush). I do believe we have a book parent somewhere, if anyone wants to use that mode for a tutorial. I also think it fits in well with the LIbrary idea."

Javelin doesn't know C++, Briggs. He's not a computer science person.

Briggs arghs.

Grinna says, "Er... in book form."

Briggs taught himself how to Softcode...really the best way to do it.

Kyieren will ask you and your psychology degree next semester about my human sexuality class then, Jav. :)

Apocalypse has arrived.

Briggs says, "IMHO"

Kyieren waves.

Grinna says, "And now, methinks its time to move to another topic."

Grinna says, "Cheetah, if you will take the stand...er lawn."

Cheetah walks up to the soapbox and peers around somewhat nervously.

China roots, 'go Cheetah'. Your among friends."

Marretta smiles."Hey, when you did that at the poetry slam you ended up running right out the door!"

Cheetah says, "While doing the survey, I thought of a thing to encourage exploring a bit."

Cheetah snickers.

Viila laughs.

Vadiv says, "Luckily, we don't have a door here."

Morrell has disconnected.

Javelin has reconnected.

Cheetah says, "I think a MUSHwide scavenger hunt, maybe held monthly, would be a nice idea, where everyone gets a list of objects to find in logical places, for example, a balloon from the party hall."

Vadiv says, "Ooo."

Cheetah says, "That'll encourage you to explore and think where your item might be."

Grinna says, "Very nice idea, Cheetah. You planning on running it?"

China LOL

Vexon has arrived.

Vexon appears in a bright blue flash of light.

Javelin has partially disconnected.

Cheetah says, "Err, maybe I could give it a shot in the vacation."

Grinna grins.

China whisles, "sounds good!"

Viila cheers! "An exellent idea!"

China chuckles noticing she still has her lisp.

Grinna says, "Ky, you have a response?"

Kyieren says, "I think that's a cool idea, but instead of making it a repetitive, every month thing, where it would start to get old after a while, keep it fresh by changing it up every month to be a different sort of thing. Maybe add in object-hunts, or location hunts, and stuff like that. That way, you don't run out of places to look for things and you don't lose people's interest. Just a thought."

Trispis might be willing to assist you, Cheetah. Contact me later.

Kyieren says, "Just my $.02."

Grinna says, "Anyone else, please page me. :)"

Grinna says, "Trispis, you have the grass"

Cheetah nods to Tris.

Vadiv says, "Stop bogarting the grass!"

Vadiv says, "Oh, got confused there for a minute."

Javelin has reconnected.

Grinna says, "Hmmm, T knows how to immitate Bogart?"

Cheetah notes that his ISP has scheduled possible downtime somewhere around now, and might go into very unresponsive mode all of a sudden. (Client stays connected, screen.)

Trispis says, "I was thinking we might have some special items for the hunt. You'd never know which ones are 'out there' or where they were. By 'special items', I mean things like: Trispis's Peach (those who know I live in a peach crate will get the pun), Vadiv's Second Hand, Marretta's Wind Cock (or whatever that thing is that goes on top of a barn), etc."

Trispis says, "The distribution could be randomized and such."

Kyieren nodnods

Grinna says, "Like with the egghunt?"

Trispis says, "Yeah, only a sort of ongoing thing... the hunt is always on."

Iria has connected.

Javelin has partially disconnected.

Cheetah oohs.

China says, "interesting."

Trispis says, "If you're bored, you can always go hunting for one of the special items."

Vexon ahhs

Vexon says, "Nifty."

Iria says, "sup"

Viila says, "Sounds nice."

Grinna says, "Town Meeting, Iria"

Trispis waves to Iria, "We're having a town meeting."

Grinna says, "That it T?"

Iria hmms

Trispis nods to Grinna.

Javelin waves, has to go. TAke care.

Grinna says, "Okie, Arathas, your turn."

Trispis waves to Jav.

Bellemore waves.

Cheetah waves.

Javelin goes home.

Javelin has left.

Arathas stands.

Redith is no longer listening.

China blinks.

Arathas says, "Thanks Grinna. This is quick. I really like all these scavenger hunt ideas. I wonder if we could try some hunts with teams, instead of alone, so we can work together and make it fun and social."

Arathas says, "Maybe have a rule..."

Arathas says, "So that the whole team (maybe 4 people?) has to be present with the objects in the winning room, in order to win?"

Trispis says, "Hrm..."

Grinna says, "Interesting idea, Arathas. ;)"

Arathas smiles.

Arathas sits back down.

Grinna says, "I believe Niniane has been waiting with a comment..."

Niniane rises.

Niniane says, "I just thought that, since the subject of a scavenger hunt was brought up, I'd let everyone know now that my friends and I are planning on making a treasure hunt that we hope to finish soon."

Grinna applauds.

Arathas says, "Woot!"

Trispis cools.

Iria says, "hmm"

Vexon nodnods

Grinna thinks Cheetah had another comment to make

Niniane sits down.

Grinna says, "And then we'll move on to another topic"

Cheetah says, "Yes, I also thought of another MUSHwide game, but it's very undefined :)"

Cheetah says, "It consists of several people working in teams, communicating etc, possibly something like hide and seek."

Iria says, "like capture the flag"

Cheetah says, "Yeah.."

Trispis says, "oooh. capture the flag. interesting."

China smiles.

Grinna says, "Very interesting, Cheetah...and different from what's been done here (I think)"

Vadiv says, "Or it could just be *really* hard."

Niniane thinks it sounds a lot more organized than her treasure hunt ;)

Cheetah says, "I mostly thought of the teams working together, needing good communication, preferably doing something sneaky :)"

Grinna says, "Sneaky eh?"

Marretta grins. "Sounds like fun."

Cheetah says, "Yeah, like sneaking into some place capturing the flag, hiding, etc.."

Apocalypse has disconnected.

Iria says, "in capture the flag you could design walkie talkies in witch you can only talk to your team"

Grinna says, "Sounds like a lot of fun."

Cheetah says, "Possibly needs less softcode, though probably more organisation."

Marretta says, "Exactly."

Grinna nodndos

Iria says, "the point is to get back to your side so we would have to have a certant room for the flag"

Marretta says, "Everything we do doesn't have to revolve around code."

Vexon begs to differ ;) -- JK

Iria says, "we need a way to do the taging system"

Grinna grins.

Trispis grins at Vex.

Iria chews her pen

Marretta's lip twitches in Vex's direction.

Grinna says, "I think we should let you continue to discuss this among yourselves, Iria and Cheetah."

Grinna says, "And we'll move on to Viila's topic, which is closely related."

Viila nods and takes the stand... err, lawn.

Vadiv says, "And set everyone fixed."

Iria keeps chewing on her pen

China takes a bite of her sandwich.

Trispis had an idea for 'hide and go charades' the other day. You play it like charades, by dividing into teams. one team picks a location. the other team sends one of their players there. the player then has to give clues to his team to describe his location. etc....

Vadiv says, "And I already have somethink you can use as walkie talkies, if people want to contact me beforehand."

Iria says, "i like your ides trispis"

Grinna waits for Viila to speak

Viila says, "Now. As a continuation on the events here. How about more sosial ones, and I'm not meaning team games, but things like the Poetry Slam, or this town meeting (but less 'serious' :) or for example a party at the party hall. Basicly an excuse to get people together and have some fun and get to know each other, etc. Maybe even have the visitors perform a small shows of their own during."

Trispis says, "a mixer?"

Grinna says, "Ooo. Skit night at the Party hall?"

Viila says, "Sure. :)"

Iria says, "i like"

China grins and nodnods.

Niniane cools

Marretta oohs at a Mixer.

Iria chews her pen

Grinna says, "And how would you feel about organizing such an event, Viila?"

Bellemore says, "A Serpent guard, a Horus guard, and a Setesh guard meet on a distant planet..."

Viila says, "Well, sure. :)"

Grinna says, "At your leisure then. ;)"

Marretta will help with that if you need anything. I love such things.

Cheetah whoos. "I have a party hall you can use :)"

Viila says, "Ok, I'll talk with you later then Marretta."

Iria says, "bellemore that was random"

Marretta says, "Just @mail me..or chat on line with me."

Grinna giggles

Grinna says, "Anymore comments on this topic?"

Bellemore isn't really here, it's just her idlebot.

China will bring food. :)

Grinna says, "Niniane, you have the grass."

Niniane stands up.

Grinna says, "And our attention."

Iria says, "i can't work with this much quota"

China LOL

Iria says, "sorry for the od coment"

Niniane says, "I know there are some people that have really beautiful 'houses' on this Mush, but they aren't connected to the main grid. What if we had a showcase night where everyone could walk through the houses? Like 'Open House'?"

China says, "ooooOOOooo. :)"

Grinna says, "Like connect them to the grid and then have the 'open house'?"

Iria says, "i don't know how much im used to no quota and being able to build as much as i want"

Niniane says, "Yeah! And I know you could do that anyway when the player that owns the house isn't online, but IMO that seems kinda... sneaky. :) I think it would be nicer to have a formal get together to look through a home."

Iria says, "cool"

Arathas says, "We could have wine and cheese!"

Grinna says, "That's an interesting idea Niniane. We'd have to get permission from people to allow"

Grinna says, "ER, allow 'tours' thru their private homes first."

Niniane nods. "Of course. :)

Iria says, "when i finish i could have an open house"

Kyieren grins at wine and cheese. It'd give me a reason to fix up my old shack.

Grinna says, "China, you have a question?"

Iria says, "dont expect the most realistic though"

China says, "yes ma'am."

Niniane sits back down.

China says, "Niniane, you mean each night of an Open House would be at a 'differnt' house?"

Kyieren thinks an open house for an entire neighborhood would be cool.

Niniane says, "I suppose it could be that way... like there could be a section on the main grid where you go to a 'featured house' of the day...."

Vexon hms

Grinna says, "It's a very nice idea. Someone will have to look into doing that."

Niniane says, "Cool. :)"

Grinna says, "Cheetah, you had a comment?"

China says, "a party 'each' night might get hard.. perhaps one per week. :) Everyone isn't on at set times each day."

China oops. and sits down.

Grinna wonders if Cheetah is still there?

Cheetah says, "Yes, I was thinking about every month or so we could vote for a 'nicest place of the month' or something."

Cheetah says, "I was thinking a bit like this:"

Trispis winks at China. Good point, anyway. (;

Iria says, "that would be good"

Kyieren says, "Better M*U*S*H Homes and Gardens :D"

Trispis grins.

Grinna says, "LOL"

Viila snickers...

Niniane laughs!

Marretta thinks people are always welcome to put in suggestions for M*U*S*H spotlights. If you like a place you see...let us know and we can contact the owner about spotlighting it.

Cheetah says, "We announce it, and PPL can recomment locations of others (with the concent of the owners), then we make a list out of that for everyone to vote on."

Marretta will happily take @mails on the topic and follow up.

Iria grinns

China don't know any people who have houses. :p

Grinna says, "You know Marretta"

Kyieren nods

Bellemore has a treehouse. :)

Grinna says, "Good idea tho, Cheetah."

Iria is working on hers

Niniane has a hidden house ;)

Vadiv has a madhouse.

Cheetah says, "Then the winner gets a nice entry in his/her awards thingy :)"

Grinna nodnods.

Grinna says, "Okay, Arathas?"

Arathas stands.

China chuckles, "your right. Some how I din't hink of hers as a 'house'. It's more of a 'hang out', rec area. :)

Arathas says, "I think it's cool to have a mix of competitive and non-competitive activities. Like if people are showing their homes, we might not necessarily have a competition, more like a social show case."

Kyieren says, "say social showcase 5 times fast :)"

China nodnodnods.

China LOL

Arathas sits.

Grinna says, "Thank you Arathas"

Niniane says, "Say it? I can't even type it 5 times in a row LOL"

Grinna says, "Now lets move on to another topic."

China takes a sip of her lemonade.

Grinna says, "Vadiv. You had something you wanted to discuss?"

Vadiv says, "Yeah, it's kinda what we were just talking about."

Iria chews her pen

Grinna says, "Oh?"

Briggs says, "Hey Frank, isn't that your car?"

Vadiv says, "The Urban Renewal Project. Apparently, no one is listening to us."

China laughs.

Iria looks at her mangled pen

Trispis says, "no one is listening? explain?"

Grinna thinks you need to get together with Marretta and Ky and discuss it Vadiv.

Vadiv says, "No, it's more then that."

Grinna says, "Okay, spill your guts then."

Grinna says, "But on the grass, good fertilizer"

Viila says, "Not literally I hope :)"

Grinna giggles

Cheetah says, "If you do, I'm not cleaning up.."

Vadiv says, "At *some* point, the players have to help out. None of us have time to wander around checking out allt he place, especially if we don't know how active the owners are. (It's poitless to check out a house, if ou can't ever reach the owner.)"

Vadiv says, "So we really need, oh, the players to @mail us or something."

Iria says, "what is this all about Warning 'exit-msgs' for garage(#6879E):"

Grinna says, "And maybe renewing posts so that players know they should @mail you?"

Vadiv says, "Well, the *first* time that the posts were on the bboard we didn't get very many people, either."

Trispis says, "Did you get *any*?"

Kyieren thinks maybe we should put up a sign in the building nexus to notify people of it.

Vadiv says, "We've done..what? About 3?"

Trispis has a suggestion for you, then.

Grinna says, "Go T"

Iria has disconnected.

Vadiv says, "What's wrong with my typing, sheesh."

Marretta says, "Actually, We've done more than that...Raevnos and I have both added things to the grid as we've been asked to. But you are right. We were hoping more players would volunteer themselves for linkage...when many have great places...but are a bit shy about asking."

Trispis says, "The recently revised bbgroups can now be used to your advantage in keeping the UR alive. The M*U*S*H Showcase, M*U*S*H Works in Progress, and M*U*S*H Upcoming Events can all serve as redundant advertising mediums. (example to follow....)"

Vexon hmms, "Can I get in a tiny comment?"

Vadiv says, "So, my idea is to assault the player's places with SWAT teams."

Vadiv says, "Just kidding."

China LOL

Marretta says, "That might just work."

Marretta says, "I look lousy in camoflauge, though."

Kyieren thinks people have the right to bear arms here, so the SWAT team may encounter heavy resistance. :P

Marretta says, "With cannons and laser guns, no less."

Grinna believes that T has the floor...grass...ground...whatever

Trispis says, "Try to overlap things in a way that allows lots of reminders... Let's say you're showcasing my crate this month, and Marretta's farmhouse next month (you have two working showcases). On M*U*S*H Showcase, you mention my crate as the hilite of the month (or whatever), where it is, blah blah blah... with references to 'instructions on how to get your place showcased'. Then, on M*U*S*H Upcoming Events, you can have another post saying that Mar's farmhouse will be the next showcased location and that you're taking applications for the following month, with instructions on how to apply blah blah blah... those bbgroups age (45d), so a monthly showcase with duplicated references to instructions would be adequately appropriate (IMO)."

Trispis says, "That's all."

Grinna says, "Thanks T."

Grinna says, "China, you have a comment?"

China says, "yes."

China stands up.

China says, "I'm not sure how this urban renewal project is suppost to work, but I'm hearing things like getting nice places attached to 'somewhere'..."

Grinna says, "The main grid?"

China says, "I'm not sure how many floaters are out there, but they're constructions too. ..so"

Vadiv says, "(And some of them are just bad. ;) )"

China says, "why not make one street ...go off to a residentual grid, which all attache to ...but only IF.."

Trispis resembles that remark.

China says, "they can some how lock their doors to just anyone walking in. I'm not sure, but couldn't the first room be a 'porch'"

China says, "which then the inter door coudl be locked to and ..as sign cojld be placed on the porch which says 'visitor are welcome' or not?"

Marretta nods. They can do it as they wish...but the idea is to get people to offer permission to make their construction a public part of the M*U*S*H...if they want to lock part of it to just themselves, they can.

China says, "I have two rooms, both float, and are attached to a friends floater."

Grinna says, "It's a thought China."

China says, "I'd be willing to attach mine and make one a portch if I can locd th door so the others can be private"

China says, "the rooms are built... which won't take anythign away or add much to the sturcture I'd think."

China says, "so the bad ones you don't visit anyway. It's only a doorway/exit into their place. And you shojudlnb't be wlakling into them anyway without permission. Which is why I mentioned the inter locks."

China sits. "yeah. :)

Grinna says, "Cool"

Grinna says, "Vexon, you had a comment?"

Vexon says, "I hate to be Mr. Code Advocate and all, but in response to the URP not getting many requests, why not have a simple global (where players fill out a few fields with information) requesting their building be linked to the grid? This would make it much more "impersonal", so players aren't intimidated, scared to @mail or what-have-you. The review/attachement process would be much the same, but the initial step would be much easier for players to get past."

Grinna says, "Hrm"

Trispis hrms.

Grinna likes the idea of a sign in the Building Nexus. ;)

Vexon says, "It could even be a form on the web site, for that matter."

Vadiv looks around with his beanie hat spinning, his hair standing on end out under it, and his fake bulging eyeglasses. "Intimidated! By *ME*? THOSE FOOL! I WILL DESTROY THEM!"

Vexon chuckles

Viila grins...

Cheetah snickers.

Vadiv then starts spinning around and around, flailing wildly with his arms.

Grinna says, "Okay. having beaten this topic to a pulp. I believe Trispis has one more topic and then well go back to electing the next town meeting MC"

Intrevis has reconnected.

Trispis says, "Yeah..."

Vadiv says, "No, wait, I have something to say about this,."

Intrevis has partially disconnected.

Grinna didn't see a page

Grinna says, "Do you mind waiting for one more comment, T?"

Trispis will type while he waits.

Grinna says, "Okie, Vadiv,you are on"

Bellemore says, "Hasn't everyone left yet/"

Vadiv says, "China, no offense, but we aren't really trying to get *your* room on the grid. If people want private rooms/areas, they can have them. The people we're after are people who build huge areas, like the Bren Fans, but are just hard to get ahold of/don't make any motions towards us to get their nice public areas on the grid."

Bellemore says, "?, rather."

Grinna says, "I don't think you know if you want China's place on the grid or not, Vadiv. Have you inspected it?"

China says, "aahs. As she didn't understand what you were wanting attached."

China sighs as her POSE is spoken. :p

Grinna smiles

Vadiv says, "Well, I personally don't want it if all it is is a front porch and a locked door. There's not really a point to that."

Vadiv says, "We'retrying to get *public* areas on the grid."

China says, "I was getting the impression you were wanting to do away with floaters."

Vadiv says, "Oh, not at all."

Grinna says, "Floaters can be connected to the beanstalk/building nexus."

Vadiv says, "We're just trying to move some of the nice ares up the beanstalk to somewhere where peole can find them easier, and will even stumble across them."

China says, "if I think they're private places I don't go near them. I don't walk into other peoples houses uninvited. :)"

Grinna nodnods

Vadiv says, "And, as a metagoal, reduce @telling to places, but that's just my personal goal."

Vadiv says, "Well, I kinda assume that anything on the grid is either going to be a) public, or b) locked."

Vadiv says, "Which I think would actually make a good offical policy, if we're going to go scavenger hunts and whatnot."

Grinna says, "Okay, Vadiv. I think you made your point."

Vadiv nods.

Grinna says, "So on to T's topic"

China says, "I've heard some remark that the appartment rooms can't be locked. True or no?"

China oops, and sits down.

Intrevis has reconnected.

Trispis says, "Brace for spam, because I've been typing while Vadiv made his point."

Intrevis has partially disconnected.

China LOL

Trispis just wanted to comment on the instructions Marretta gave for accessing the results of the survey, "First, let me apologize for not getting the +qresults command into the +qoptions list. So, let me give the instructions now...


 +qresults <#dbref>/<q#>

 +qresults <#dbref>/all

The first form shows the results of question number <q#> on survey <#dbref>. The second form is very spammy and shows the results of *all* questions on survey <#dbref>.

To get you started try this one:

+qresults #2465/17

And I'd like to draw your attention specifically to questions 17, 18, 19, and 20 on that survey. They're very relevant, IMO, because they tell us a lot about *who* *actually* *responded* from our population. Specifically, they tell us that many (most?) of the respondents were members of what we call our "regular crowd". Thus, they responses are very important to us (not only the admin, but you... the players, too). So, to those who took the survey, thanks a million... and to those who didn't, please get involved in the next one.

Grinna says, "That it, T?"

Vadiv hehes, and didn't do the survey for no apparent reason. ;)

Trispis says, "That's it for me."

Grinna will beat you soundly later, Vadiv

Grinna says, "Any comments, please page me"

Cheetah did do the survey, for the same reason Vadiv had :)

Viila did the survey also.

Grinna says, "Okay then!"

Grinna says, "Now comes the time to elect the next town meeting MC"

Trispis wonders if anyone volunteered yet.

Vadiv says, "I'll do it!"

Grinna asks Marretta to refresh our minds on the qualities of an MC

Cheetah says, "You said you couldn't, dimplomacy, remember?"

Vadiv stares at everyone with his bulging eye glasses.

+finger fred

Marretta says, "Some of the qualities we would expect of a future MC are:
1) Willingness to schedule, organize, and run a Town Meeting
2) Ability to handle multiple pages
3) Skill in diplomacy
4) Ability to redirect inappropriate behavior
5) Serenity in the face of conflict
6) Ability to ask for help when needed."

+bash vadiv

Grinna says, "LOL"

Niniane tries to laugh and ends up swallowing her gum O_O

Cheetah says, "You still forgot to add time :)"

+shoot Bellemore, who I know did that even without being nospoof.

Grinna says, "Alright, NOW, with I'll ask for volunteers. With the understanding that all town meetings don't have to last this long. Time allotments are up to the person running the show."

Vadiv says, "Diplomacy is just the art of saying 'nice doggie' until you find a stick...but I already have a stick! A *boom* stick! Mwhahahaha!"

Viila grins.

Marretta ties David's shoes together while he mwhahas.

William says, "Remember speak softly, and carry a big stiff.:)"

Grinna says, "I'll take volunteers or suggestions via page, please"

William says, "err stick.:P"

+crush_kill_destroy vadiv

Viila laughs!

Cheetah snickers.

Grinna will also take nominations via page.

William says, "I feel that my mind went momentarily in the gutter when I said that.:)"

Vadiv puts down th small, lightweight boat he was carrying. "Oh,a *stick*. I thought you said *skiff*."

William says, "I nominated my half-brother living in Spokane.:P"

Vadiv says, "Although a 'large skiff' is an oxymoron."

Cheetah says, "Lucky you, you're being logged too :)"

Grinna says, "Lets keep it to people here"

Trispis puts away his big nose glasses, "I thought you said schtick."

Vexon eyerolls

Vadiv becomes convinced this keyboard is dropping charactors.

William says, "Uproar uses MS Java, can someone show them the error of their ways?"

Grinna says, "Okay people. Anyone else??"

Cheetah says, "Vadiv, it also seems to have swapped a few :)"

Vadiv says, "No, those are typos. But just because I typo bad doesn't mean I'm totally at fault. I normally never have 'th' for 'the'. I might have 'teh' or 'th e' or stuff like that, but that e just vanished."

Grinna gives the players a few more minutes

China says, "I type that too for teh. :)"

China reaches into the plastic wrap, gets a grape and pops it into her mouth.

Viila takes a sip of his lemonade.

Cheetah sweps da 'a' and 'e' e lot.

China looks at her sandwich she only got two bites out of so far.

Vadiv takes a sip of Villa's lemonaide too.

Viila says, "Vadiv, now it's adding characters..."

Grinna says, "Attention!!"

Grinna says, "I have two nominee's for MC for the next town meeting"

Cheetah says, "Hmm, who's in control of the k101 radio station? It's still broadcasting the meeting stuff."

Intrevis has disconnected.

Cheetah pays attention.

Grinna says, "Vadiv and Kyieren"

Intrevis has connected.

Vadiv says, "Eeek!"

Intrevis says, "Will someone please superglue me to the MUSH (flaky connection...)"

Grinna says, "I'd like everyone to page me ONCE with their choice for MC. I'll tally the votes and let everyone know the results asap"

Vadiv superglues the MUSH to Intrevis.

Grinna dumps a bucket of superglue on Intrevis

Marretta wants to thank everyone for the great comments, contributions, ideas, and willingness to get involved before she poofs to take care of the company that has come to visit her this weekend.

Marretta poofs.

Vadiv says, "Have fun."

Trispis waves.

Cheetah waves.

Trispis says, "Thanks again, Mar."

Arathas waves.

Viila waves and cheers!

China waves, "Thanks Marretta.

Bellemore says, "Except me. :)"

You say, "Anyone else wish to place a vote?"

Bellemore says, "Don't thank me, I did three-tenths of **** all. :)"

Vexon thinks you should give it another min

You say, "It's a very close election players. Anyone else that hasn't voted?"

William says, "I'll vote twice.:P"

William says, "J/K"

Grinna grins

Bellemore belles.

Trispis says, "Let me know if you need a tie breaking vote. I have several alts I can login for that purpose."

Cheetah cheats.

Vadiv says, "Hey! So do I!"

Grinna says, "LOL"

Grinna says, "No alts allowed to vote"

Kyieren unidles

Vadiv and Ky log into Library-BC and fight over the vote. ;)

Bellemore could pull in Stargate-BC in an emergency. :)

Niniane could always drag in her friend from her house to vote ;)

China notes she gets to wear her Shamrock pin for two more hours. :)

Vadiv says, "How about we co-host it?"

Kyieren says, "That wouldn't be a bad idea"

Grinna says, "No it wouldn't"

Vadiv says, "Like you'd know a good idea, you fool! ;)"

William says, "How about we get another person to vote?"

China says, "that's an idea. Like Marretta and Grinna did."

Grinna nods

Bellemore notices she never voted in the first place...

William says, "Vote Belle."

Vadiv says, "To make it even funnier, we could do it in one body. ;)"

Bellemore says, "For what? ;)"

Grinna declares the voting to be over

Bellemore yays. :)

China says, "OHOH... we'll all know who Bella voted for. :)"

Kyieren cheers :)

Bellemore didn't vote. :)

China says, "IF it was a tie breaker vote, Bella. :)"

You say, "Having tallied the votes I find that Ky wins by a hair. However, if Ky and Vadiv wish to run the town meeting jointly as Marretta and I did taht would be great."

Vadiv says, "I don't understand why I was lagging earlier. That's just weird."

You say, "One of you needs to be "IN Charge" tho...and that by popular results should be KY. Okay??"

Vadiv says, "Fine with me. :)"

You say, "Great. Then you two need to work out the details. Let the admin know when the next meeting is, etc."

You say, "Oh, and WHERE the next meeting is. Doesn't have to be here"

Vadiv does't really care who runs it. He just threw in his hat as a backup, in case no other good people ran, so he would be more likely to win, cause he went first. ;)

Kyieren says (not really), "In 50 years."

Vadiv was actually just thinking that, Grinna. ;)

Bellemore says, "Bella Vista..."

Vadiv says, "Let's run it last week, and preempt this meeting! Mwhahahaha!"

You say, "I think it helps to have a team for this. So good luck guys, and see you in a month or so (as a spectator)"

China grins, and applauds Grinna's work.

Vadiv claps also.

Viila cheers!

Arathas applauds.

Vexon woowoos!

Niniane claps.

Bellemore trips over her own feet, and crashes to the ground.

Viila places all his trash a plastic garbage bag.

China places all her trash a plastic garbage bag.

Trispis cheers Marretta and Grinna for this one, and cheers Ky and Vadiv encouragingly for the next one.

Grinna blushes and thanks you all.

Vadiv throws plastic bags everywhere.

Arathas places all his trash a plastic garbage bag.

Vadiv places all his trash a plastic garbage bag.

China LOL "I missed the 'in'. :p

Viila grINs :)

Vexon places all his trash a plastic garbage bag.

Vadiv says, "This sentence is missing a proposition it."

Grinna grins.

Kyieren says, "It's also missing a preposition."

Grinna stops logging.

Vexon wonders if we have a sanitation department..

Kyieren says, "But I'm not anal."

China says, "YOU noticed too? :)"