M*U*S*H Town Meeting, 17 March 2001

Logfile from MUSH - Marretta's Point of View
This world is Pueblo 1.10 Enhanced.  See http://www.chaco.com/pueblo/
Welcome to... M*U*S*H (mush.pennmush.org 4201)
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Luau Arena [Isle of View]
Beautiful, sun-darkened islanders greet guests here with bright smiles and flowered leis. Drinks served in coconut shells or in festive glasses with little umbrellas seem to be flowing aplenty. Central to the arena is a fire-pit with flames that seem to dance in perfect time with the entertainers in swaying grass skirts. Wafting through the air is the smell of roasting meat. The rhythm of native drums vibrates in the chest and creates a palpable energy.
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Common sense(#6454On)
Moderator Assistant(#4691)
Drink Girl(#5844)
Volleyball Net(#5845C)
Buffet Table(#5528)
Obvious exits:
West, Southwest, and South

Kyieren taptaps, "Hello, come to order please."

Kyieren says, "Alright, it looks like we're all here"

Caelum says, "I'm not"

Kyieren grins.

Zetral has arrived.

Kyieren says, "Alright, then, I'd like to start off my welcoming everyone to the newly rebuilt Isle of View, which had disappeared from the main grid for a while there last year."

Viila cheers!

Kyieren says, "I'd especially like to thank Marretta for her help with some of the descriptions,."

Cheetah whees.

Caelum cheers.

Cheetah sits down at Beach Chairs.

Kyieren says, "As Marretta said, the Isle of View is part of the main grid of things now, and will be here as a tourist trap for you to come and chill or spend your precious ducats, so feel free to come back after the meeting."

Viila sits down at Beach Chairs.

Marretta chuckles.

Kyieren says, "I'd also like to thank all of you for appointing me and Vadiv to serve as your MCs for this event. I've had a great time putting this together, and it's been quite a bit of work, but I got it accomplished."

Kyieren says, "I'd also like to say thanks to those who took a few minutes to sit down and fill out the survey, which was a great help to me in planning the event and getting it set up."

Kyieren says, "So, without any further adieu, welcome to M*U*S*H's second town meeting!"

Vadiv claps.

Raveness applauds.

Aralla cheers!

Marretta woos!

Cheetah cheers.

The drummers being to play an island tune with the drums.

Trispis claps.

Cheetah laggs too.

Several island girls come out and dance to the beat of the drums.

Kyieren drops Fire.

Marretta wows. "How do they jiggle like that?"

Cheetah snickers.

Kyieren lights the fire for the event.

Viila throws some ducats around!

Viila oopses.

The drums music dies down a bit and fades out.

Trispis ogles the dancing girls.

Viila throws some ducats around!

Kyieren says, "Okay, then, let's move along to our first part of the meeting, our guests."

Kyieren says, "I'd like to begin by introducing the people involved with various projects and things here on M*U*S*H lately. As we all know there's been a surge in activity here as of late, so it was suggested that we showcase some of these people."

Viila throws some ducats around!

Kyieren says, "Each will get on the soapbox briefly and talk about what they've done, their current projects, things they plan to do, etc."

Kyieren says, "So, I'll start with smaller groups. Cheetah, you're up."

Kyieren steps down from the Soapbox.

Viila applauds!

Kyieren claps for Cheetah.

Cheetah stands and leaves Beach Chairs.

Trispis claps.

Cheetah steps up onto the Soapbox.

Marretta woos.

Raveness applauds.

Cheetah says, "Thank you.. :)"

Aralla claps.

Viila stands and leaves Beach Chairs.

Viila sits on the ground.

Cheetah says, "As you may, or may not know, I created a TV broadcasting system a bit back."

Cheetah says, "We haven't transmitted a lot over it yet, but we will in the future (when I get less busy)."

Cheetah says, "As a kickoff event, we devised a show, Little Sister."

Cheetah says, "It's supposed to be a MUSH cameo of Big Brother, the TV show."

Cheetah says, "In case you don't know, in Big Brother several people are put inside a house which they may not leave for 100 days, and are under constant surveillance of cameras."

Cheetah says, "We're not going to run for 100 days, but we'll run :)"

Kyieren grins.

Cheetah says, "We were thinking of creating extra chars for those that will participate, and we'll broadcast that on the LS channel on TV."

Cheetah says, "And every time a major event happens, it'll be broadcasted on MGT, or M*U*S*H global Television."

Cheetah says, "For more info, +bbread 5/5"

Cheetah says, "We're still looking for contestants, so if you're online most of the days of the week, we want you :)"

Cheetah says, "Also, if you have any other ideas for TV shows, or want something on the TV text, let me know."

Cheetah says, "I think that's about it.. Any questions can be directed to me or Viila."

Marretta cools.

Cheetah steps down from the Soapbox.

Kyieren applauds for Cheetah.

Kyieren steps up onto the Soapbox.

Cheetah bows and sits back down.

Kyieren says, "Alright, thanks Cheetah."

Trispis claps.

Cheetah sits down at Beach Chairs.

Kyieren says, "I'd like to take a quick break here and apologize for the meeting running an hour behind schedule. I had some things come up and a few more problems to solve than I expected. Thanks for bearing with me everyone."

Kyieren says, "Alright, next we'll have the PPL people up."

Viila says, "Atleast this isn't 4am like the last one :)"

Kyieren Grins.

rodregis has arrived.

rodregis says, "if this is logged.. lemme know"

rodregis says, "the meat"

Trispis thinks . o O ( I hope it doesn't last til 4am, either )

rodregis says, "is this meeting on log"

Cheetah says, "Yep.."

Trispis says, "It is, rod."

Marretta yeahs

rodregis says, "good"

rodregis has left.

Trispis thinks . o O ( PPL ppl, heh )

Cheetah thinks . o O ( Am I telepathic all of a sudden? )

Trispis thinks . o O ( yes, you are )

Viila laughs!

Marretta chuckles.

Kyieren looks around, "Well, the PPL is basically the 5 of us, Vadiv, Rusty, Octavian, fil, and Kyieren. We came up with the idea after an evening of brainstorming, and that's what we've got now at #3028. As you know we've got KPPL, the radio station, run by Vadiv and fil (who are both unavailable now, fil offline and Vadiv experiencing connection problems). In the works is a radio drama as you may have heard, to be produced by fil and details released later."

Cheetah thinks . o O ( Okay, I was starting to think I lost my mind. )

Kyieren thinks that's about it for PPL.

Trispis raises his hand.

Kyieren says, "Yes?"

Trispis says, "I don't know how much advertising PPL has gotten, but it should be noted (logged here for posterity) that PPL now maintains the code museum stuff, formerly located in the beanstalk."

Trispis says, "If you've wondered where all that cool code went, it's now in the PennMUSH Public Library."

Kyieren nods, "Thanks, Trispis. Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention that PPL has since picked up 4 new librarians: Javelin, Raevnos, Trispis, and Cheetah. Let's give them all a hand."

Kyieren applauds.

Viila applauds :)

Marretta woos

Cheetah applauds for the others :)

Kyieren says, "You can be a librarian too, see our charter in #3028."

Kyieren says, "Alright."

Kyieren says, "Now, I'd like to introduce Marretta, speaking for the URP."

Kyieren steps down from the Soapbox.

Kyieren cheers.

Raveness applauds

Trispis tries not to URP.

Vadiv says, "If anyone has some important questions about KPPL, page me and I'll try to page back."

Trispis claps.

You stand and leave Blanket.

You step up onto the Soapbox.

You say, "The Urban Renewal Project was designed to give players a chance to showcase their hard work in building elaborate, interesting or amusing buildings, compounds, worlds, etc. Kyieren and Vadiv are the players that are doing a lot of the footwork. Raevnos and I do some footwork, too, and do the linking and final inspections and all. There is much detail available in +bbread 1/83. If you have something cool to share, we'd really like you to contact us."

You say, "@mail works great..."

Marretta bows.

Kyieren applauds.

You step down from the Soapbox.

Trispis claps.

Aralla woos!

Kyieren steps up onto the Soapbox.

Cheetah cheers.

Kyieren says, "Alright. With that, the Guests part of the meeting is over. On to old business."

Kyieren says, "Last time, we talked about needing some new admin to help the idling ones out and other things. I've been informed by an inside source that the admin are discussing the issue, but as you know it's not something to be taken lightly."

Kyieren says, "In the meantime, though, they suggest that you continue to get coding help on the channels from the other players, and to feel free to @mail them with little requests like @linking, @quota, etc. They do pop in to check their mail and are always good about responding to your needs."

Kyieren says, "We also talked about a myriad of building projects that had been suggested, and people said they were working on a lot of different things. Anyone made any progress in that arena, and want to share?"

You paged Kyieren with 'If no one jumps in...let me highlight Viila and T's stuff.'.

Moderator Assistant looks down at his clipboard and says, "Marretta, you may now speak."

Marretta chuckles and stands up.

You say, "Since no one came forward...I'm going to highlight some stuff other people have brought to fruition."

You say, "One of the events that have come to fruition is Viila's presentation of Macbeth in the Theater. If you missed that and would like to see it, he tells me you can contact him for a private showing."

You say, "We also talked a bit about tutorials at the last meeting."

You say, "Trispis has the 101 Website up and running again at its new address:

One of its new features is a link to the New User's Curriculum. If you are struggling with learning softcode, this is a great place to start. I hope the work that has been accomplished offers some motivation to start moving on some of the projects that sounded really cool to do, but could use some folks to actually initiate them."

Marretta sits back down.

Cheetah kinda provoked a new entry :)

Trispis grins.

Kyieren says, "Thanks, Marretta."

Kyieren says, "Okay. Also on the tutorials angle (but not quite), I'd like to introduce to you Matt's MUSHcode development project."

Kyieren says, "He couldn't be here today to speak on it, but he's trying to create tutorials and examples and lectures and such to run."

Kyieren says, "He's got a webpage for it as well as a Yahoo! group. Check it out at:"

Kyieren says, "

               (  .      )
           )           (              )
                 .  '   .   '  .  '  .
        (    , )       (.   )  (   ',    )
         .' ) ( . )    ,  ( ,     )   ( .
      ). , ( .   (  ) ( , ')  .' (  ,    )
     (_,) . ), ) _) _,')  (, ) '. )  ,. (' )

Kyieren says, "whoops"

Viila yikes!

Kyieren says, "http://members.tripod.co.uk/mushcodedp/"

Kyieren says, "That's the right URL"

Cheetah laughs and wonders how one says that :)

Trispis says, "impressive fire."

Raveness says, "Nice"

Kyieren grins.

Kyieren didn't mean to breathe fire.

Kyieren says, "Anyway."

Viila laughs!

Trispis chuckles.

Kyieren says, "On to open houses. We talked about an open house showcase of sorts. Any progress from anyone on that?"

Kyieren wonders why there's nothing but chriping crickets.

Kyieren says, "Okay."

Marretta sits conspicuouisly quiet on that.

Kyieren says, "How about the scavenger hunts?"

Marretta spells it right, too.

Kyieren says, "Remember, we had agreed to run them monthly or something, with a variety of themes and objects?"

Kyieren says, "Anyone?"

Kyieren says, "..."

Cheetah says, "I'll do something once I get less busy.."

Kyieren nods, "Alright."

Cheetah says, "IE: School stops bugging me this much :)"

Viila notes to Cheetah that he (we) have LS and another MUSH to run too ;)

Trispis guesses we're not actually using the Moderator?

Kyieren says, "How about socials? Mixer-type events where we dress up and dance or eat or whatever?"

Kyieren says, "Any progress?"

Viila was planning such an event, but got a little side tracked with the LS project and his MacBeth thingy.

Cheetah says, "Well, if I get out of school, I'll have lots of time.."

Kyieren says, "Oh, and yeah, feel free to look at the moderator assistant. I hadn't brought it up since nobody had much to say."

Marretta thinks we've merged Town meetings with the social thing, too.

Kyieren says, "Okay."

Cheetah put something on the queue for the lectures bit.

Moderator Assistant looks down at his clipboard and says, "Cheetah, you may now speak."

Viila grins!

Cheetah says, "As most of you have seen, I created some lecturer softcode, which is easy to use.."

Trispis says, "We seem to have completely missed any Easter Egg hunting this year. I sorta figured that Raev or Ky would dig out their old equipment and do one without much prep time."

Viila drats that and was looking forward to participate in his first MUSH egghunt :(

Cheetah says, "If anyone wants a lecturer, I have the code in uploadable format somewhere.."

Trispis says, "I'll see if I can come up with some sort of scavenger hunt idea as an ongoing project (ref: last meetings ideas)."

Kyieren says, "I was swamped the week of Easter though."
Cheetah will help on that too if he doesn't take up too many rojects at a time.

Cheetah says, "Projects rather.."

Kyieren says, "Oh, I wanted to mention I had transferred the Object hunt code to a builder character, so contact me with a good plan for it and I'll give you the password for it so you can modify it or whatever for your event."

Kyieren checks the list. "And the Urban Renewal Project, we had decided to expand the main grid. Anyone submitted anything new?"

chirp chirp chirp

Kyieren says, "Alright."

Marretta laughs

Kyieren says, "This is going a lot faster than I expected."

You say, "That's not a bad thing."

Viila is planning to build a movie theater though...

Kyieren says, "Cool, Viila."

Cheetah did his part last October, and is taking up a lot of projects now, so...

You say, "Excellent"

Kyieren says, "You guys all know we won the Andy award for Best Social MU* this time and that we're hosting it in October, right? Brody and T and I and some of his people have been chatting with them about how we can help and set things up."

Kyieren says, "Last Andy's saw about 100 people, and we're expecting twice as many in October."

Kyieren says, "Plus the regular MUDtoberfest crowd."

Viila cheers and is really looking forward to that! :)

Kyieren says, "So be looking for a lot o construction to be going on for the next few months, and for things to be rearranged."

Trispis is too, with much anxiety.

Kyieren says, "And if you missed the first Andy's, check +bbread 8/4 for the log's URL."

Cheetah says, "Wheee... Once my now taken up projects come to an end, I might work on that too :)"

Viila grins at Cheetah :)

Kyieren cools and finally sees some enthusiasm.

Kyieren says, "Okay."

Viila says, "Ky, too bad all the enthusisam is coming from two people ;)"

Cheetah grins.

Kyieren says, "I want to remind you guys that it's important to follow through with your cool project ideas."

Raveness applauds.

Raveness :)

Marretta chuckles. "Forget about real life. Neglect your friends and family."

Kyieren says, "We'd all like to take part in the things you create or do, since this is a social world. Feel free to ask for help if you need it, it's out there."

Viila can live with that ;)

Cheetah says, "I'm an IRC operator too, so I didn't have a life to start with :)"

Kyieren Grins.

Kyieren says, "On to new business."

Raveness pages: what if you think the things you do aren't really that cool at all?

Raveness pages: how do you know if it fits in with anything here? and what if you don't code as well as everyone else?

Grinna appears silently out of the wall.

Trispis looks around the beach for a wall. Weird.

Cheetah snickers.

Kyieren says, "...I've spoken (briefly) with Vexon and Matt about getting a joint 101-PPL series together on hardcode, since some people expressed an interest in that. Please submit suggestions to the PPL people or 101 coordinators if you have ideas. Note that flags and powers will be added in 1.7.5, so there's no need for those lectures. We'll do it if we have good topics."

Cheetah cheers. "We could use that.."

Kyieren says, "Any other new business? New ideas, topics, things to talk about? Problems, complaints? Congratulations?"

Kyieren says, "Type REQUEST to enter a request to speak."

Kyieren says, "There must be something."

Moderator Assistant looks down at his clipboard and says, "Cheetah, you may now speak."

Cheetah says, "Well.. Partly an iteration of before perhaps, but the TV system is currently very underused :)"

Cheetah says, "There are three things I can offer to entrepreneurs :)"

Cheetah says, "1: Own shows, or stuff."

Trispis says, "Is one of the 'money'?"

Trispis hushes.

Kyieren grins.

Cheetah says, "2: Entries on text pages."

Cheetah says, "3: Possibly, your own TV channel."

Kyieren cools, "Sounds good."

Marretta is anxious to see the TVs implementation in Little Sister.

Cheetah says, "Last one I will not give out lightly.."

Cheetah says, "I'll permit one to start with, if you have good ideas.."

Kyieren says, "And no requests for Adult channels will be accepted, I'm sure? :)"

Cheetah says, "If it goes well I'll be happy to add more."

Grinna says, "Better not be on this MU"

Kyieren says, "Okay. Anyone else?"

Kyieren says, "Anyone at all?"

Kyieren says, "All these people and nothing to say!"

Trispis thinks . o O ( No PlayboyMUSH channel? *hrmph* )

Viila grins :)

Kyieren says, "How about general topics?"

Cheetah notes he might charge money for own channels, depending on how much it'll drain his money.

Marretta assumes that means everything is just fine...and we've covered what needs to be covered. That's a Good Thing. (tm)

Cheetah notes he can't spell either.

Kyieren says, "Okay, then."

Grinna says, "Very good thing."

Kyieren says, "I guess we're at our conclusion stage then."

Trispis says, "Wait!"

Kyieren says, "Yes?"

Marretta looks at T with great anticipation.

Marretta ohs!

Octavian ponders . o O ( Is Trispis pondering what I'm pondering? )

Viila raises an eyebrow?

You say, "Yeah, actually, I do have something to add."

Trispis nods to Mar for the input (It was hers, I just didn't want it to slip away)

Kyieren says, "Okay.."

Kyieren says, "Mar?"

Cheetah taps his foot as Mar types up a big block of text :)

Viila takes a drink from his beer.

Viila says, "Great stuff this Jav's home brew..."

You say, "We've had a recurring incidence of some of our Site Banned players trying to log back on with alts and new ISPs and all that good stuff. We could use some help identifying these folks. If you know of it happening, feel free to drop an @mail to the admin."

Kyieren nods.

Cheetah knows your pain :>

Kyieren says, "Ok, anyone else?"

Moderator Assistant looks down at his clipboard and says, "Trispis, you may now speak."

Trispis says, "I'd like to add a few words to Mar's comment."

Trispis says, "When she asked me if I thought it was appropriate to make such a public request, I worried about it appearing even remotely similar to those Militant Youth Corps groups which have kids ratting on kids in the schools. That's not what this is about. (continued...)"

Trispis says, "when we implemented our new sanctions policy (specifically to make punishment consistent from one incident to another and from one admin to another) -- see: news policy sanctions -- we also implemented a special bbgroup (admin only) to track these things... so that all the admin were aware of what was happening with all individual offenses. ... so there'd never be any question about who was being bad and what they'd done and such. (just a bit more...)"

Trispis says, "In the first few months, that bbgroup nearly burst open at the seams... it approached a hundred messages in the first 2.5 months. // On the upside, though, we were able to remove some serious 'thorns in our sides' from M*U*S*H by having a consistent tracking method. The last 10 or so bbposts to that group (almost 3 months worth of messages, so as you can see the frequency of trouble has reduced enormously) have been about 'banned players trying to secretly return'. (conclusion next...)"

Trispis says, "So, we aren't asking you to rat on people doing bad stuff.... our playerbase tends to naturally shun 'bad players' (it's a beneficial side effect of weeding out the bad elements over time)... kudos to you all for that, too ... But, we do appreciate reports of banned players (distruptive folks who've earned their leave through repeated troublemaking) attempting to return here."

Trispis says, "Thanks. And sorry for the windyness."

Kyieren grins. Quite alright.

Moderator Assistant looks down at his clipboard and says, "Viila, you may now speak."

Viila says, "One small question. How are we to recognise such players?"

You say, "You can drop Jav an @mail...or use @mail +HW...that sends the @mail to all three headwizzes."

Kyieren says, "Well, most of the time they'll identify themselves after a while."

You say, "nods."

Trispis says, "If you don't know of them, don't sweat it, Viila."

Kyieren nods, Good strategy.

Kyieren says, "Alright, anything else before we wrap this up?"

Viila was just wondering :)

Kyieren says, "Okay, I'd like to discuss something briefly with you."

Trispis says, "We're not asking anyone to become an 'undercover spy' for us. Just sort of a neighborhood watch (e.g., Joe_Weird pages: By the way, I'm TwinkFOO who got banned from here. Don't tell anyone. // <--- We hope you'd tell the admin about )this."

Viila grins :)

Trispis says, "Shift that paren to the right 4 places."

Joe_Weird says, "Damn."

Kyieren says, "Alright, after getting the survey back, there was some concern that there wasn't anything to talk about on monthly meetings."

Raveness laughs.

Joe_Weird is shown politely to the door.

Joe_Weird has disconnected.

Kyieren says, "So I brought up the idea of maybe a 3-month (or 4, or 6 month) interval instead."

Kyieren says, "I'd like to know what you think, or should we keep it monthly?"

Viila says, "Bi-monthly might be good?"

Viila says, "Err..."

Kyieren says, "Okay. Any other thoughts?"

Dave says, "Dont leave too long between em - else they might run on till the wee hours."

Marretta raises her hand.

Viila says, "I of course mean one every too months."

Kyieren nods, "Okay. Marretta?"

Cheetah says, "Yes, once per two months."

Kyieren says, "Well, what I could do is talk to Trispis about setting up another survey if you'd like?"

You say, "I like the idea of getting together monthly for a shorter period of time. I mean, I know you worked your butt off to set this up, but the meeting doesn't have to be all that elaborate. Get people together...chat...update what has happened since the last meeting...look for new concerns, and be done. A meeting doesn't have to last 2 hours. In fact, most of us would be grateful if it didn't."

Kyieren nods, "A good point."

Dave has partially disconnected.

Grinna says, "I agree"

You say, "Also, getting a moderator that can commit two months ahead of time might be iffy. One month is hard enough."

Raveness says, "I concur"

Viila says, "Ok... I can live with monthly meetings :)"

Kyieren says, "Alright."

Trispis watches the moderator, eagerly.

Moderator Assistant looks down at his clipboard and says, "Trispis, you may now speak."

Trispis says, "I talked to Mar about this one, too."

Trispis says, "One thought I had was to alternate somehow..."

Trispis says, "Have a meeting every month, but every 3rd meeting would be an official quarterly meeting. The monthly ones can be simple, less frilly... informal... perhaps at the Salvador Deli. The quarterly ones can be bigger events.. with more detailed summaries and presentations. Something like that."

Cheetah hmms.

Viila kinda likes that idea!

Kyieren nods, and sees the sense in it.

Kyieren says, "Well, do we want to decide this right now, or table it for a survey or something?"

You say, "Table it for the survey."

Raveness says, "I had a question"

Kyieren says, "yes, Raveness?"

Trispis says, "The monthly ones could almost be automated. Meet, chat, have a beer balancing contest, go home, pass out. Whatever. The quarterly ones would have to have a beer balancing sack race or something."

Cheetah says, "Survey! :)"

Trispis says, "just a silly example of differentiation."

Kyieren nods.

Raveness says, "Are monthly meetings held during a particular week each month? like every 3 Saturday or something? I never knew there were monthly meetings before."

Kyieren says, "Well, the first meeting was last month around this time."

Kyieren says, "I just aimed for this day because it was about a month later."

Viila says, "That 3rd saturday sound good..."

Trispis says, "No, Raveness. This is the 2nd (and it's actually worked out to be almost 7 weeks interval, btw)."

Grinna says, "7?"

Viila says, "Has it already been that long?"

Cheetah says, "Whoa.."

Kyieren says, "Not quite, has it?"

Viila says, "Ye gods how the time flies!"

Trispis says, "Okay. 6"

You say, "3-17-01"

Kyieren says, "I have 5 weeks on my calendar."

Raveness says, "I think it would be a good idea to have them scheduled that way.. like every nth Saturday."

Grinna says, "And it's 4-21-01"

Kyieren says, "I was swamped last weekend."

You say, "Last weekend was Easter."

Kyieren says, "I appreciated the flexibility."

Trispis says, "Okay 5."

Trispis says, "Whatever."

Raveness laughs.

Raveness says, "No meeting has to be set in stone."

Grinna says, "We tried to leave it up to the next moderator, so it's fit into their schedule"

Trispis embellished a bit unnecessarily.

Kyieren grins.

Raveness says, "for instance.. my sorority meetings are every last Sunday.."

You say, "When we choose a new host each month, we have to be flexible about their schedule."

Raveness says, "sometimes holidays and stuff fall round then and it can't be done.. we just announce it's going to be held at a different time this time."

Raveness says, "but over all it works out.. because we come prepared with things to discuss.."

Viila has reconnected.

Viila says, "Damnit... My modem disconnected :("

Viila has partially disconnected.

You say, "At some point, we are also going to need to seriously consider setting up a meeting for the Non US timezones...perhaps get one of our players from Australia or from Europe to host and set up a prime time (for them) meeting."

Kyieren nods. "Yes, their timezone's SO different from ours."

Kyieren says, "I mean, I know that goes without saying."

You say, "It might be have a lower attendance, but it will have another perspective."

Kyieren says, "But seriously, it could be 3-4 am in their time."

Kyieren nods.

Viila says, "It's only 1:18 in Finland (GMT+2) right now..."

Viila says, "The last one was at 4am my time."

Kyieren says, "Okay, this is officially tabled for the next (?) meeting, pending results of a survey."

Viila says, "So, are we going to hold the next meeting in a month then?"

Cheetah says, "It's 0:00 back here."

Kyieren says, "Now, I'd like to say again it's been my pleasure to serve as your host and I hope you had a good time here."

Cheetah says, "Err, 0:30.."

Kyieren says, "Vadiv would agree."

Cheetah says, "On Saturdays that's no prob.."

You say, "Yeah, let's set it up in a months time...and then announce the decision on timing there."

Kyieren says, "So, let's hear your nominations for the next MC. You may @pemit/silent ky=<name>."

Kyieren is !nospoof, so it's secret balloting.

Kyieren says, "I have 2 people nominated."

Kyieren says, "Alright."

Kyieren says, "Nominations are closed."

Kyieren says, "We have Vadiv and Viila. You may now vote for either using the same method."

Raveness says, "What was that?"

Kyieren says, "@pemit/silent ky=<name>"

Vadiv says, "Huh? Me?"

Marretta hrms.

Kyieren grins, "Well, by an overwhelming majority, the votes are for Viila."

Vadiv says, "Good!"

Kyieren says, "Congratulations to the MC of the 3rd Town Meeting!"

Kyieren cheers!

Dave fears anything run by Vadiv.

Raveness applauds!

Cheetah wooos.

Viila hehs... "Unexpected and delightful surprise :)"

Vadiv phear me!

Marretta cools.

You say, "Thanks Ky for all the hard work."

Trispis says, "Yes. Thanks, Ky."

Raveness applauds Ky.

Kyieren grins. "I had a good time."